Tuesday 4 June 2024


In the images you can see steles, megaliths/monoliths found in Tiya (Ethiopia).

The Tiya archaeological site is in the Gurage area, in southern Ethiopia in the Soddo region, a place where there are 160 archaeological sites and Tiya is one of them.

Declared a world heritage site in 1980.

The steles and various figures, structure, have carved figures of swords, plants, various objects and anthropomorphic figures.

The place also houses several tombs that are located near the steles, whose occupants are all men and women of adult age and some teenagers.

Among other funerary ornaments, there are multicolored glass beads, bracelets, ceramics and pieces of obsidian.

Some research has dated parts of the site to the 12th and 13th centuries, although Stone Age tools have been found, it is considered that more research should be carried out on Tiya.

The figures of swords, daggers, phallic symbols, snakes, letter symbols, masculine and feminine of the place have been associated with traditional pre-Christian and pre-Islamic elements, others with a warrior and hunter class, especially the symbolism of weapons.

- Text by Oumar Xavier.


- Book The Archeology of Ethiopia by Niall Finneran.

- Book Material Explorations in African Archeology by Timothy Insoll.

- Oumar personal research. #Africa

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