Saturday 15 June 2024

The book that will change everything you know about African history

When We Ruled by Robin Walker.

In 700 pages of groundbreaking research, Walker uncovers the hidden story of Africa's past.

If you don't have a couple of months to read it yourself, here are 10 important things I learned:

(1).  The Nubian Kingdom of Ta-Seti is the oldest kingdom on Earth.

(2). Sudan has more pyramids than Egypt.

(3). The libraries of Timbuktu housed more books than any European collection during the Middle Ages.

(4). In 951 AD, a cheque was written in Aoudaghost (Ancient Ghana) worth 42,000 dinars.

(5). Ile-Ife (Nigeria) had streets paved with maize cobs in 1000 AD - But maize comes from America and Columbus didn't get there for another 400 years 🤯

(6). Malian voyagers set sail for America in 1311 AD, 181 years before Columbus.

(7). The Malian Emperor, Mansa Musa, is the richest man in recorded history - On his journey to Mecca, he stopped in Cairo, and spent so much of his gold that Cairo's economy crashed due to the inflation, and didn't recover for 12 years.

(8). In the 14th Century, Timbuktu was 5 times larger than London.

(9). 15th Century manuscripts from Timbuktu show the planets revolving around the sun.  They were written over 150 year before Nicolaus Copernicus discovered this in 1543.

(10). The longest earthworks in the world carried out prior to the mechanical era are the Ancient Walls of Benin and Ishan, located in Edo State in present-day Nigeria. #Africa

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