Tuesday 18 June 2024

8 Most Powerful Women in Old Oyo Empire, the Alaafin Kneels for 1 of Them

(1). Iyamode While Alaafin of Oyo cannot kneel for anyone, he is permitted to kneel before Iyamode. Due to her role in the old Oyo empire, the king calls her Baba. Iyamode also kneels for the Alaafin whenever the latter goes on his knees for her. She is one of the most senior priestesses inside the king's royal household.

(2). Iya Naso: The Aláàfin of Oyo is worshipped as the living incarnation of the Sango, the god of thunder. 

Inside the palace, the Aláàfin has a private place where he worships Sango. Iya Naso's is in charge of this spiritual room. She has to do with Sango.

(3). Iya Kere Whenever the Alaafin of Oyo is being coronated, Iya Kere performs the function of placing the crown on his head. She is in charge of the treasures and paraphernalia of the Oyo empire, including the crown.

(4). Iya Oba:  Iya Oba IS the official mother of the king. After the demise of the Queen mother,any other of the ladies of the palace is then made the Iya Oba and she is one who then supposed to play the role of a biological mother to him.

(5a). Iya Monari Iya Monari's role is to strangle any Sango worshipper that has been condemned to death. Sango worshippers sentenced to death cannot be killed by the sword. 

(5b). Iya Monari; it is the role of Iya Monari to execute by strangling any Sango worshipper who has been condemned to death.

Sango worshippers condemned to capital punishment cannot be killed by the sword. She is also the first second-in-command and assistant to Iya Naso.

(6). Iya-Fin-Iku; She is referred to as the king's Adoshu Sango meaning the King's devotee to the Sango mysteries.

It's the normal practice for all Sango worshippers to devote one of their children to the worship of Sango and that is the role. Iya-Fin-Iku fulfills for the Aláàfin. She is also in charge of the Sango ram which is allowed to go everywhere and around the market without anyone molesting it and the ram can also eat with impunity anything it so desires from the seller.

(7). Iyalagbon; she's the mother of the crown prince (Aremo) in a case where the mother of the crown prince (Aremo) is deceased, then another woman is promoted to that office and she becomes the mother of the crown prince (Aremo). 

Iyalagbon enjoys massive Influence and privileges and controls a portion of the kingdom.

(8). Are Orite; She is the Aláàfin's personal attendant. It the Are-Orite who sees to it that the royal meals and royal bed is properly made. She also makes sure that the royal chambers are neatly arranged when an Aláàfin is enthroned. It is the Are-Orite who places the umbrella-like sliken parasol over his head as a canopy and she is constantly by the side of the Aláàfin to see to his needs.

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