Saturday 22 June 2024

Peter Tosh – One of my Heroes

The Toughest. Bush Doctor. Stepping Razor.

Peter Tosh Interview:

Journalist: What do you think of the fact that now that Bob Marley  is dead people are saying that you are the king of Reggae?

Peter Tosh: I am not no King of Reggae. It was me who put Bob Marley’s first finger on a guitar. I said, “This is C, this is G, this is A.” It is I who taught Bob Marley to play music. I was born with music to me. Bob Marley has exposed himself and has become international superstar or whatever you call it. I am not a superstar.

 "I'm an architecture, I'm a messenger" that's what exactly are you arguing about??? And to my knowledge there's no better than the other Rastaman. All equal before the eyes of Jah. Of course like any other man, have different tasks to accomplish and different personalities."

"Don’t want to be a superstar, there are no Kings. “In my father’s house are many mansions.” And all of them is beautiful. So I am just doing what I am here to do. I am a messenger, see? I am a missionary, see? Bob Marley’s a musician or a superstar, so they say. I am a missionary preaching the words of righteousness decorated by music."

Peter Tosh: “I am not here to be competitive. My music, my father's music is not up for competition, because if you go inside the Garden of Eden there are many beautiful flowers, each of them has a different colour, and each of them is a different species. But they do not compete. So music should never compete because it comes from the same divine mind”.

Peter Tosh: “Bob do his work and leave, I have my work to do. The three hands that symbolize “Tuff Gong” on the label each symbolize one of us, the original Wailers. We did pledge as a group to continue the work of Rastafari, whatever happen. So I just continue the work, I not replacing no other worker. Bob use his style to give his message, I have to continue with mine."

Babylon journalists likely reflect my personal view of media figure whom sensational Peter Tosh was while alive.

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