Saturday 22 June 2024

20 Things To Keep In Mind When Visiting Ghana 🇬🇭

(1). Respect local customs and traditions.

(2). Learn some basic Twi phrases (e.g., "akwaaba" for "welcome").

(3). Be prepared for vibrant markets and bustling streets.

(4). Try local cuisine like fufu, banku, and jollof rice.

(5). Explore Accra's historic sites like the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park. Visit the Cape Coast Castle in Central region of the country.

(6). Visit the vibrant neighborhoods of Osu and Labadi.

(7). Take a trip to the scenic Kakum National Park.

(8). Learn about the Ashanti kingdom's rich history and culture.

(9). Be mindful of your surroundings and keep valuables secure.

(10). Bargain when shopping at markets (it's part of the culture!).

(11). Stay hydrated and bring sunscreen.

(12). Respect the local dress code, especially when visiting religious sites.

(13). Try to avoid public displays of affection.

(14). Learn about Ghana's complex history, including the slave trade and colonialism.

(15). Engage with the friendly locals and ask questions.

(16). Be prepared for occasional power outages.

(17). Try some local drinks like sobolo (hibiscus tea) and palm wine.

(18). Explore the beautiful beaches along the coast.

(19). Take a tour of the famous Kente cloth weavers.

(20). Embrace the warmth and hospitality of the Ghanaian people.

Remember to approach your visit with an open mind, respect, and a willingness to learn. Enjoy your time in Ghana!

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