Friday 21 June 2024

Rendille tribe Kenya 2024

The Rendille, also known as Rendile, Reendile, Rendili, Randali, Randile and Randille, are popularly referred to as "The Holders of the Stick of God" and inhabit an area that lies precisely in the Kaisut Desert in the western Marsabit District. They are closely related to the Samburu. Around 64,000 Rendille people live in Kenya.

The men wear colourful shukas (clothes wrapped around the body) and dye their hair with a mixture of mud and minerals. Western clothing is becoming increasingly popular, but more among the men than the women.

The Rendille settled in Laisamis Division in Marsabit District, mainly in the Kaisut Desert, which lies east of Lake Turkana and west of Marsabit town.

The Rendille people are traditionally pastoralists keeping goats, sheep, cattle, donkeys, and camels. The Rendille get milk and meat from the camel. As a semi-nomadic pastoralists who consider the camel most essential animal; their camel are the best suited for adaptability to the arid conditions of their territory.

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