Wednesday 8 June 2022

THE MISERY OF EWE IMI ESU (White-Weed/Goat-Weed)

The botanical name of this leaf was known as Ageratum conyzoides.

➡️It is known as IMI-ESU or RERIN-KOMI in Yoruba

ℹ️Goat weed has many benefit aside from protecting one from devil, here in Dr Roots herbal we used it to treat constipation, infective hepatitis, eczema, epilepsy, dizziness, diarrhoea, dysentery, sore eyes, fever, headaches, intestinal worms, vomiting and nausea in which I'll tell you few in this post.

ℹ️More importantly, the juice of this plant is used to treat cuts, wounds, bruises and as an antidote to treat snakebites.

ℹ️In fact, according to my research, when the juice mixed with shrink of red oil it can treat coughs and chest pain. Without exaggeration, its juice with black oil and Bitter orange can cure thunderbolt.

ℹ️I don’t know why a local children born with herbal pot quickly neglect their origin to the extent that, something is moving in your body or you ate in your dream and feel the taste in your mouth the other day, then you plan to go to hospital, the doctor will just tell you that, you have TASTE PHOBIA DISEASE. This is idiocy of the first order, how will doctor use medical pill to remove spiritual propensity. Instead, stop wasting money, get this leaf, if you can remember, our father will just squeeze it and filter the juice out of it, if mixed with black oil, I can stand on my feet that six spoons will dismantle the food of evil that you ate in your dream.. Let me go further to tell you more medicinal uses.


✅Manpower (to enhance sexual performance) Extract juice from fresh leaves and take a tea cup thrice daily. 

✅Ear defects (middle ear infection) Extract juice from fresh leaves and drop about 2 or 3 drops into the infected ear. Do this for 1 week.

✅For the baby that is crying in mid-night, use the juice of this leaf to rub their head and see the miracle of God.

✅For the patient of heart attack, use 6 spoon in the morning, afternoon and night.

✅For the woman that is having sexual dream, use the juice to rob your stomach and that spirit will never come to near you.

✅If the juice mix with original honey, it can cure ulcer.

✅If this leaf grand with black soap, and using to bath every morning , it will not only prevent one from spiritual encounter but also smoothen the skin.

⚠️🚫This leaf contains toxin and must not be used more than 2 teacups at a time. But one can boil as many as they gathered to bath day and night.

ℹ️I want individual to appreciate the work of Almighty who endowed limited power for the wicked one and enriched this leaf with unlimited control to overwhelm their sagacity. 

ℹ️There are more to this plant more than what you can possibly imagine, both spiritually and medically.

The Professor


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