Tuesday 31 August 2021


Recognising the four building blocks of creation is of great importance in present day humanity. From the pinnacle of creation down to the last precipitate of the cooling off, the building blocks of fire, water, earth and air are measured in systematic accommodation to suit the various species of life. For example, the fire element in Valhalla (Olympus) are in a much purer form and scintillating light of brilliance not perceptible to human eyes. You can’t even view the sun directly without burning out your retina how much more “the eternal flame” in the sanctuary of Valhalla that spits a fraction of its brilliance to generate the atomic power of the sun which gives life and warmth to our solar system. Same with the 3 other elements in their purer states. I cannot even dare to venture into their purest states in the divine spheres of existence and supreme intelligence.  Valhalla is close and the blessed ancients could sense it and some even told stories of their activities and adventures in the various cultures of the world with todays civilised man receding them to fables, mythology and fictions…. 

In Nigeria for example the Urhobo people were guided under the elements of fire and earth, while Itsekiri and Ijaw people were under the guidance of water and air. It is no accident that the ancestors in migrating to the lands allocated to them by the entitials, dedicated their shrines to fit the substances of the activities of the guardian beings. Every ethnic or group around the world have their primordial models. For example, sticking within Nigeria, Igbo spiritualism was centred on fire and earth, whilst Hausa Fulani was linked to fire and earth. Yoruba had stronger linkage with water, air and earth whilst Benin had linkage with all four building blocks of creation.

In the time of the Ogisos of ancient Benin empire, these four elements had become visible. Early man was able to recognise the influence of fire, water, earth and air. The universal Titans had laid the foundations of these elements. In my last write up, I had mentioned that these four elements sensed with the four senses of man are in their heaviest forms or precipitates from their primordial heritage in the highest spheres of Primordial Creation. Chemistry students of science will know from the periodic table, that “elements” in their finest forms have various subsets of finer substances. 

However, in the pinnacle of “life” forces, the four basic spiritual elements of creation are centred on the four axioms mentioned above: Fire, Air, Water and earth. In the Hindu religion there is a slight addition to these four elements called “Akash” otherwise in every spirituality and religion, the four elements are the same from Zoroastrianism, Egyptology depiction of creation, Christianity, Islam, Tao to mention a few, these elements are the same and their Lords are the same only bearing different names in the various culture, religion and history.

In Christianity for example: The Holy Spirit sent forth the guardians of the four elements to map out the size of the universe and fashion life: They are: Archangel Raphael for air, Archangel Michael for fire, Archangel Gabriel for water and Archangel Uriel for earth. These four archangels for eons of years toiled alongside a retinue of millions of beings in building the expanse of the 7 universal parts of visible and invisible creation. Do not try to imagine or measure their works else your little brains will fry not able to comprehend the working machinery and the majestic grandeur of the specialized activities of these beings.

Today’s Royal fathers must first recognise their primordial elements and reverting to the old ways of continual upbuilding clean up the environment which have been desecrated by dirt. Naturalness is the way forward. Whether you are a Christian, Muslim or pagan, you must wrest your gaze in understanding the building blocks of creation. 

It is a duty of every Royal Traditional ruler to acquire deep insight by approaching their elements in which their various ethnicities was built. In this upbuilding they will once more resonate with the tones, colours and blessings from on high.

Farmers should approach earth and give thanks before thrusting a shovel into the soil, Fishermen and leaders of oil communities must strictly task themselves and the federal government to setup a team for dredging and cleaning up spillages in the local water ways. The greed for money through oil has destroyed our marine peacefulness and beauty. In those days, mermaids could be seen sat on the beaches and creeks laughing and combing their hair. The waterways were enchanted in peaceful rhythm of dreamy like paradise. Presently, they are sunk in death, oil stench and foul odours.    Not one marine creature must be caught without the express permission from the deities of the water ways. It is a task for you to approach the elementals not to worship them but to work hand in hand with them. Some persons may find this approach unnecessary and even make a mockery of it, let us ignore them and turn forward in making our home a paradise once more for the betterment of our children and children’s children. Then you royal fathers will have come full cycle in atoning for the guilty past when you allowed your people to fall into the darkness of ignorance and apostasy.

Written by Gavwaine Ak Gaw


Last week I had spoken about the cosmetic approach of king making in the present. I had barrages of attacks through my inbox and WhatsApp messages and read posts that catalysed my spirit to explain on the old ways which I boldly stood for. I will explain myself in clearer terms so my antagonists may understand better…..if only they can throw out their bias….

For starters, the old ways was centred on naturalness and the activities of the four building elements of creation which are fire, water, earth and air. What we see of the four elements with our physical senses are the last precipitates of their heaviest forms.

In ancient times when men walked in full naturalness of their being and when the connection of the elementals (entitials) had not been broken, Kings and Queen mothers were chosen rightly in the purest initiation rites anchored in the Light.

If we observe the races of the world, we can discern that each race was fashioned in sync with their religions. For example, the Tao as preached by Laotse to the Chinese, The Vedas and the Indian consciousness also the teachings of Krishna, Moses and Judaism for the Jews and the peaceful prophet of Arabia in the emergence of Islam, Abdrushin and Sudan/Egypt Africa etc. Most of these religions in the primordial era was pure and synced with the naturalness of creation. These religions are no longer in their pure state and the biggest culprits in the adulteration of their texts are from their followers themselves. Christianity has not fared better. Africa was given the heaviest blow of confusion even though it was first anchored by the Cross of Truth in Egypt and Sudan. Even at a point Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him ran to Africa when he was being persecuted by his people. Is it not heart wrenching that it is this same continent that the confusions of the confused have fused even greater amongst her people? 

Let us take the cross emblem of Christianity. Most Christians do not understand that the cross emblem was borrowed.

The cross is not a Christian sign per see. The Christian founders borrowed it from the original Egyptian/Sudan emblem called the Ankh which signified “the key of life”, £the cross of truth”. In the old ways of African kings and queens, their crowns depicted the sign of the cross. Hence any African king who signifies the sign of the cross on his crown is perfectly in order! 

When Christ was on earth, he spoke to the lords of entitials of the four elements. For example, there was an occasion he was at sea with his disciples who were gripped with fear at the raging storm and thought they were going to die at sea. Christ was fast asleep and when the disciples woke him up screaming: Master we are going to die, and you are sleeping? At that point Christ got up and told Poseidon to calm the storm. The moment the sea calmed down; the disciples who were stunned at the calmness of their master wandered amongst themselves that he spoke to the sea to recede wandering what sort of man he was? The second was when Mermaids lifted up Peter to walk on the sea to Christ and the moment Peter realised, he was walking on the sea and fear gripped him, the mermaids sensing the fear energy of Peter quickly dived deeper into the sea allowing Peter to sink.

Our ancestors did nothing wrong in walking alongside the forces of nature. Civilised man has over the incarnations, destroyed that bridge of connection to the entitials that presently, they have receded them to fictions, mythology and paganist rites.

Man will never get access to the higher realms if he does not approach the entitials presently. It is presumptuousness to think your rights were evil and throwing them away for cosmetics lifeless Pentecostal nonsense.

If there is going to be true liberation of the African self-consciousness, their kings and leaders must have to do a critical unlearning to relearn to begin to feed the followership the living bread instead of stones. Therefore, I am severe on them. To whom much is given, much is equally expected. Unfortunately, we have the wrong persons in this position of responsibilities because man has made it so and the sinking continues even faster in this judgement.

Written by Gavwaine Ak Gaw

Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa knowledge banks and civilizational goods is our key to heaven on Earth

It's been stated that the only way to effectively challenge Northern Afroasiatic hegemony and Western neocolonization, both Abrahamic civilizations that arrest our economic and political development, is through a civilizational sociopolitical and cultural alliance of South and Middlebelt groups, who share the same genetic and cultural origins of Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa, the world's first knowledge bank and religion, the foundation of Original African civilization.

We have been able to unify the political aspirations of the South and Middlebelt on restructuring for devolution of power, which is our collective aspirations to return to the pre-Abrahamic imperialist period when we were citystates and every local government was more or less in control of its culture and resources, however some question how do we expect to unify our civilizational economic and especially cultural sectors on Original African foundations of Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa?

First, culture is the way we do things, politics is how we organize to do things, and economics is the means to achieve things. Every civilization is propagated and uplifted by its cultural products, dignified and propagate by the cultural leadership, and normally captialised by the masses for personal interests.

We know how the Cross, the Scimitar and other Abrahamic paraphernalia propagated their civilizations. The Ife  Original African civilization was disseminated with Segilola beads and kolanuts, which linked Original African civilization, especially the largest African groups, Yoruba and Igbo, among other things. The kings used elaborate beaded crowns, the chiefs used them for identity and the traditional theocrats used them for divination. 

When the English colonists came with their cultural imperialism, they imitated the beads and created a whole industry in Bristol that sabotaged and destroyed the economics of our civilization. The kolanuts, they adapted to the production of the world's first softdrink Coca Cola. They built railways to change our dynamics of trade by building North-South railways to empty our raw materials and dump their cultural goods on us. And just like our Original African political linkages and powerbase are prevented from crystallizing, they continue to sabotage the East-West Lagos-Calabar railways that would boost our civilizational economic linkages and manufacturing base. 

The British themselves, when they wanted to strike a new path away from Roman Catholic Empire after the 1494 Treaty of Tordesillas, they converted the Latin Bible into English in the same generation of the likes of William Shakespeare, and went on converting everything else through anglicization.

The point is that you have to win peoples mind with culture, economics and politics. You claim God and all goodness to rise. This is actually a more important weapon than using weapons to capture people. The Americans used Hollywood to propagate their industrial military complex. Chinese films filled our global consciousness in the Seventies as they were about to launch their industrial takeoff.

Now, it is a fact that Nigerias Nollywood and especially Afrobeats has launched a cultural advancement that has not only made it world contenders, but our most successful sectors. The question is how do we spread the global excellence to all other sectors to uplift and prosper our huge youth populations, the fastest growing youth population this century?

First, the simple answer is that logical sciences and projections shows that the digital economy will takeover.

Afrobeats/Nollywood is catching up to the West that has  over exploited its own civilizational arts since Nigerians have a wealth of unexplored cultural knowledge. From our vast array of herbs and traditional medicines, to adire clothing and sculptures, we also have quantum physics and can explore electromagnetic frequencies of our Orisha system for personal use, like the current computer technology used the 256 electromagnetic pulses of Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa. As the world switches to solar energy and automation, physical work in agriculture, manufacturing and most of today's professions will be negated, and the cultural and spiritual abilities and intelligence will attract more income.

As Nigerians break barriers like they have with Afrobeats ability to send out drum rhythms (toque) and vibrations to stimulate the world like never before, Nigerians that are Eurocentric or Abrahamic would realize they can't gain a comparative advantage selling Shakespeare and other Greco-Roman civilizational goods to the the West, so will naturally switch to their civilizational products. A Nigerian trying to sing Southern USA country music to USA will realize he can't compete with his contemporaries selling new African stuff. This will result in Nigerian Youth digging deeper into their civilizational foundations and knowledge banks to compete and get a niche on the global digital market. They will design game and various apps based on their civilizational base to become global leaders.

This is Black Renaissance since we launched the world global civilization from at least 12,000BC to 2200BC, then suffered reversals from 2000BC to present during the violent Ogun era of brutal wars followed by that of the 2000yr Olokun Era of religious dogma. In this incoming era of Shango and social justice and information processing, we are destined to rise to global racial parity. With a global economy based on solar energy and infinite knowledge banks in different versions of the 2240 Original African ethnicities, Africa will be heaven on Earth. Original African cyclical spiritual science believes in reincarnation and not the Abrahamic linearity notion of a heaven and hell.

Source: ASHE Foundation



Ooni of Ile-Ife

Alaafin of Oyo

Awujale of Ijebuland

Alake of Egbaland

Olowu of Owu

Olubadan of Ibadan

Soun of Ogbomoso

Oba of Benin

Owa Obokun of Ijesha

Osemawe of Ondo

Alara of Ilara Epe Kingdom

Ebumawe of Ago Iwoye

Ataoja of Osogbo

Deji of Akure

Timi of Ede

Orangun of Ila

Alapa of Okin-Apa

Eleko of Eko

Aresa of Iresa (Aresapa of Iresa apa, Aresadu of Iresa Adu)

Olugbon of Orile Igbon

Onikoyi of Ikoyi

Alaje of Ilu-Aje

Okere of Saki

Aseyin of Iseyin

Onilala of Lanlate

Eleruwa of Eruwa

Alaketu of Ketu

Alepata of Igboho

Oluwo of Iwo


Olugbo of Ugbo

Olowo of Owo

Ajero of Ijero-Ekiti

Alara of Aramoko-Ekiti

Alawe of Ilawe-Ekiti

Ewi of Ado-Ekiti

Ologotun of Ogotun-Ekiti

Oloye of Oye-Ekiti

Owa Ooye of Okemesi-Ekiti

Olu of Itori

Alaga of Aga-Olowo

Olusi of Usi

Olofa of Ofa

ọwá of idanre


Akarigbo of Remo

Olu of Mushin

Alaperu of Iperu

Onisaga of Isaga

Olubara of Ibara

Ogiyan of Ejigbo

Lalupo of Gbagura

Alaye of Aiyetoro

Olota of Ota

Olu of Ilaro

Olufi of Gbongan

Attah of Ayiede Ekiti

Ebumawe of Ago-Iwoye

Onjo of Okeho

Ayangburen of Ikorodu

Ogoga of Ikere

Orimolusi of Ijebu-Igbo

Akaran of Badagry

Akire of Ikire

Osolo of Isolo


Oniwere of Iwere-Ile

Apetu of Ipetumodu

Olu of Mushin

Alaye of Efon-Alaye

Onisanbo of Ogboro

Aare of Ago-Are

Olojee of Oje-Owode

Asawo of Ayete

Onigbeti of Igbeti

Olokaka of Okaka

Onipopo of Popo

Onitede of Tede

Onisemi of Isemi

Onipapo of Ipapo

Alageere of Ofiki

Ajoriwin of Irawo

Onimia of Imia

Onidere of Idere

Obaro of Kabba

Olore of Ore

Onpetu of Ijeruland

Osile of Oke-Ona egba

Orimolusi of Ijebugbo

Onido of Iddo

Onigbaja of Igbaja

Onibeju of Ibeju-Lekki


Oloja of Epe

Alaawe of Awe

Oba of Agboyi land

Olugijo of Ogijoland

Alabere of Abere Ede

Ologobi of Ogobi Ede

Olu of Sekona Ede

Olu of Owode Ede

Owa Ale of Ikare

Omola of Imala

Alara of Ilara-Mokin

Akibio of Ilora

Olofun of irele

Jegun of Idepe

Jegun of ile-Oluji

Orungberuwa of Ode-Erinje

Halu of Ode Aye

Laragunsin of Iyasan

Lapoki of Igbolako


Alara of Igbokoda

Lumure of Ayeka

Sabiganna of Igana

Afonja of Ilorin

Owa of igbajo

Onijaye of Ijaye

Oloro Of Oro

elesa Of Oke Ode

Ogunsua of Modakeke

Oluressi of lressi

Olojudo of Ido-Ekiti

Owa-Oye of Oke-Imesi

Olokuku of Okuku

Olunisa of Inisa

Oloyan of Oyan

Onijabe of Ijabe

Onigbaye of Igbaye

Afaji of Faji

Akosin of Ekosi

Alaje of Ilu Aje

Olokua of Oku

Alagbeye of Agbeye

Onila-odo of Ila-odo

Atapara of Iyeku

Elekusa of Ekusa

Olojudo of Ido Faboro Ekiti

Alase of Ilasa Ekiti

Sano of kogga

Alasaba of Asaba

Alasi of Asi

Olopete of Opete

Olopanda of Oponda

Aromolaran of ijesaland

Olu ifon of ifon

Odemo of Isara

Aringbajo of Igbajo Ijesa


Alamodu of Ago-Amodu

Onigbope of Igbope

Obalufon of Sepeteri

Alagbole of Agbonle

Olowu of Telemu

Odemo of Ishara remo

Olaogboru Adimula of Ifeodan

Aragbiji of Iragbiji

Olororuwo of Ororuwo

Olona of Ada

Alaagba of Aagba

Are of Ire


Alageere of Ago Are,

Oloto of Are

Oloba of Oba Osin

Oloru of Oru Ijebu

Olu of Ile-Ogbo

Olokuku of Okuku

Oluressi of lressi

Ajalorun of ijebu ife

Oloko of ijebu imushin

Elese of ilese ijebu

Moyegeso of ijebu itele

Owa-akinfin of ikinfin

Oloko of oko

Oloba of oba-oke

Oniluju of Iluju

Onifaji Of faji

akosin Of ekosin


onigbaye Of igbaye

olokuku Of okuku

olunisa Of inisa

Owa Oroo of Agbado Ekiti

Aree of ireeland

Owa of Otan Ayegbaju

Aragberi of Iragberi

Alayegun of Ode-Omu

Owatapa of Itapa Ekiti

Oloro of Oro

Eleju of Sanmora

Onikoko of Koko

Oniganmo of Ganmo

Olupo of Ajassepo

Elesie of Esie

Elese of Igbaja

Aala of Ilala

Oloyopo of Eggi-Oyoipo

Oludopo of Okeyapo

Aboro of ibese land


Olu of sawonjo

Eleyinpo of Ipapo

Onisemi of Isemi-Ile

Oluigbo of Igbojaye

Awaraja of Iwaraja

Alana of Oke-ana

Alatori of Atorin Ilesha

Alada of Ada

alaigbajo of arigbajo

onifo of ifo

Olorile of orile Ifoland

Oni ilepa of ilepa ilepa

Edemorun of kajola


Olomu of omu aran

Aloffa of ilofa

Olosi of Osi

Elepe of epe

Ekesin of ora igbomina

Olobaagun of Obaagun

Olugunwa of Oke Amu

Ololo of Oolo

Onimaya of maya

Onidada of dada

onidiemin of idi-emin

Onipara of Ipara

Olokua of Okua

Alaaye of Oke-Ayedun

Oniroko of Iroko land

Owatapa of Itapa Kingdom


Olowu of Owu-Kuta

Elese of Igbaja

Oree of moba land

Oree of otun

Ẹbùrù of ibà.

Agbolu of Agbaje

Olu of Afowowa Sogaade

Oloto of Ofiki

Aare of Sando Ofiki

Oloba of oba

Alakola of Akola

Olora of Ora-Ekiti

Olopete of Opete

Alakanran of Araromi

Alararomi of Araromi Aperin

Oniye of Iye-Ekiti

Olowu of owu-isin

olusin of isanlu-isin

olusin of ijara-isin

olusin of iji-irin

oniwo of oke-aba

oniwo of odu-ore

oloba of oba-isin

elekuu of odo eku-isin


alala of ala-isin

eledidi of edidi

onigbin of oke-onigbin

onigbesi of igbesi

Onikole of ikole kingdom

Elegboro of Ijebu-Ijesha

Abodi of ikale land

Olokaka of okaka

Akinyinwa of ikinyinwa

Oluaso of iberekodo land

Oniwere of iwere ile

Salu of Edunabon

Olubaka of Oka land


Onikereku of ikereku

Olukoro of Ikoro Ekiti

Onidofin of idofin

Obawara of iwara-ife

Awara of iwara-ijesa

awara of iwara- Iwo

ogogo of ifewara

Olu of Okeamu

Onigbope of Igbope

Asigangan of Igangan

Olusin of Isanlu Isin

Alaremo of Aremo

Olubosin of ifetedo

Asaooni of Ora Igbomina


Olosan of Osan Ekiti

Elerin of Erinmope

Ajalorun of ife ijebu

Aale of Okelerin

Alabudo of abudo

Onigbamila of gbamila

Alaaye of aye

Olokusa of okusa

Onilai of ilai

Gbelepa of gbelepa

Alaboto of aboto

Onidigba of idigba

Agura of gbagura

Oshinle of okeona

Oloyan of Oyan

Olubaka of Oka land

Aboro of Ibooro land

Olojoku of Ojoku

Onika of Ika

Olomun of omuaran

Onilogbo of Ilogbo

Olumoro of Moro land

Onimeko of Imeko land


Oloola of Ilara

Onidofa of Idofa

Ooye of Iwoye

Obaladi of Afon

Olu of Imasayi

Oluresi of lresi

Obaro of Kabba

alado of ado awaye

alawaye of awaye

Onisan of isan Ekiti

Elero of ilero

Olomu of omupo

Alaran of aran orin

Oluware of iware land

Aganmo of ganmo

Oloola of Ilara-Yewa

Onidofa of Idofa

Ooye of Iwoye

Onipara of Ipara - Remo

Odemo of Isara - Remo

Alakaka of Akaka - Remo

Alara of Ilara - Remo


Agbowu of Ogbaagbaa

Owa of Igbajo

Elerin of Erin Ile

Onibereko of Ibereko

Oore of moba land

Oloba of obaile

Onirun of irun Akoko

Ologbagi of Ogbagi Akoko

Oni lrun of lrun Akoko

Elese of Ese Akoko

Deji of Arigidi Akoko

Ologbagi of Ogbagi Akoko

Oni Irun of Irun Akoko

Elese of Ese Akoko

Eleyinpo of Ipapo

Onidofian of idofian

Alamonyo of amonyo

Onijoun of ijoun

Alagutan of Abegunrin land

Onífẹ̀dẹ̀gbó of Fẹ̀dẹ̀gbóland

Aláyégún of Ayégún

Alie of Ilie

Onitabo of Itabo

Alado of Ado-Awaye

Asu of Fiditi

Olupako of Shaare

Alapomu of Apomu

Alakire of Ikire

Oliyere of Iyere

Oniro of Komu

Akirun of Ikirun

Onidere of Idere

Alajinapa of Ajinapa

Onitewure of Tewure

Arinjale of Ise Ekiti

Olute of Ute

Olopete Of Opete

Elerin of Erin-ile

Alara of ilara Remo

Elese of Ilese


Let’s continue learning. Please drop the traditional title of a Yoruba king in the comment box below.

Let’s continue learning. Please drop the traditional title of a Yoruba king in the comment box below, we’ll keep updating till we have a concise compilation of Traditional titles.

Add your town if it's not on the list.

Yoruba/Fulani collective intelligence, importance of name on culture, politics

When Lamido Sanusi called Yoruba politicans areaboys, I wrote him off as a financial jihadist, but overtime I settled down to analyze the message and not the messenger.

Individually, an average Yoruba is more educated and intelligent than an average Fulani. However as a collective and organization, I am beginning to wonder whether Fulani are not ahead of Yoruba in terms of collective intelligence, based on their current outing planned for 16yrs, even if we choose to ignore their historical imperialism across west Africa.

When they were compelled to give up power in 1999 and 2003, and sold a dead on arrival Yar Adua presidency, they came together in 2006 and planned a route back to power, unlike the Yoruba, Igbo, Ijaw that would have gone into a separatist frenzy like a boy fouled and says he is taking his ball home during an ongoing football match. Instead of tribal bigotry and separatist ill feelings, its high time Yoruba and Southerners psychoanalyze their collective psyche to find answers against Northern hegemony.

The Fulani have organized their sociopolitical sphere that they can confidently choose a non-Fulani to push their collective Northern interest, like with Gowon, Murtala and Abacha, while the Yoruba haven’t articulated and united their sociopolitical sphere that cuts across the South and Middlebelt, so the leadership can’t trust a non-Yoruba to push their interests.

Now, the pertinent question is what determines collective intelligence and why is Yoruba comparatively low, if at all? The measure of collective intelligence is the percentage of the collective that understands their origins, linkages and aspirations, and have the means and motivation to achieve the collective aspirations.

The difference between Original Africans and Afroasians is while Fulani hold onto their Arabic culture to mould their collective, Yoruba the largest original African cultural group has confused its cultural identity and allowed itself to be restricted by outside definitions of Yoruba, imbued through Abrahamic dogma and academia. The miseducation of the highly literate Negro. As we know on the family level, those who forget home and culture are doomed to suffering. Omo tio gbagbe Ile so apo iya ko.

First and foremost is the issue of cultural identity attached to the word Yoruba. The term Yoruba is a recent collective term for peoples from culturally related city states – Ekiti, Oyo, Akure, Ijebu, Ikale, Ilaje, Igbomina, Ijesha etc but were given the foreign inspired name of Oyo. Some of the city states used to be under Oyo Empire, some under Edo Empire while a lot were autonomous.

Though the peoples that inhabit from Rivers Volta to Niger were not previously given a single collective label, they shared a common origin tied to Ife and most important the same 16 sector (Odu) information retrieval system that told their history and set their moral and cultural values and organization. The subregion was known as Guinea on maps by outsiders, then the slave coast, then the Nigger Area, aka Nigeria, of which 70% were Original Africans.

With British colonization bringing together a larger piece of original African culture together than Oyo and Benin political empires since they didn’t cover the whole cultural sphere, our cultural origins and linkages dictated our cultural identity, regardless of the names given by our colonists. This cultural identity and foundation dictated by Ifa should have been our rallying point across what became known as Yorubaland, Edo, Ndigboland and the entire South and Middlebelt. As the Attah of Igala stated, Ifa is the connecting link between all Indigenous people of Nigeria, it is our identity! Unfortunately we were miseducated to see Ifa as a religion, instead of a complete advanced social system and knowledge bank that included not only religion, but science, history, medicine etc.

Moreover, the British promoted cultural disorientation by breaking up the Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa based Southern Protectorate into Western and Eastern regions in 1935. Not only did this result in the split between the Niger Congo ethnolinguistic groups and cultural sphere, but inspired infighting like the revolt of Oyo and Benin against their common cultural origins. If Edo had not challenged Ife, the cultural linkages of Yoruba to Edo, Igala and Ndigbo would have been crystal clear and inspire unity.

Ultimately, Edo was broken off as another region, while the Northern protectorate remained untouched and presented a false unified cultural identity despite 40% of the Northern protectorate being of the Southern cultural complex. Unfortunately the South was busy balkanzing itself and couldn’t challenge North leadership over their control of Original Africans in the Middlebelt. At the core of the Omoluabi, ‘Gods creations’ according to IFA, now labelled Yorubaland, Oyo fought to wrestle power from Ife since its twin sister, Benin now had its own region.

Our history and cultural foundations were limited to the citystates that became empires by being winners in the European slavery arms race period from 1500 to 1800AD, while the previous tens of thousands of history were conscripted to the dustbin of history. The only authentic history permitted was those witnessed by the Whiteman. Not the Ifa corpus shared among all groups in South and Middlebelt that covered our history from evolution of humans, which has now been proven right by DNA and other modern sciences. We became Yorubas without a single reference to our history encoded in our information retrieval system. There is nowhere in Ifa corpus that mentions the word Yoruba.

Despite the post-1935 Southern Protectorate supremacy battles, Ooni of Ife managed to wrestle sociopolitical power through Awolowo and became Governor of the Yoruba area just like the Sarduana of Sokoto headed the Northern protectorate. With the break off of the Eastern region, the Igbo politicians were sent home from Yoruba land and other regions, and without Igbo cultural custodians able to authenticate their relevance, the Western culturally miseducated elite took power.

However, Oyo was not contented with the status quo, so used its Aare Onakankanfo Akintola backed by the Northern caliphate to sack the Ooni and imprison Awolowo. Shortly afterwards, our economic and political freedoms were arrested with military coups that changed the terms of our independence into a centrist neocolony.

For us to leave this centrist neocolonal stranglehold, we must correctly articulate our cultural identity, from a meaninglessness tag to what really defines us, according to Ifa amd genetics, which is the Omoluabi, Gods very first creations of South and Middlebelt Nigeria: Original Africans of the Niger Congo ethnolinguistic family, a continuum of dialects. This does not advocate for the change of the name Yoruba, especially because of its brand value, but in addition to the Yoruba name we must also adopt and inculcate the true meaning of its Omoluabi tag as God’s first creations, the Original Africans. This would enable them to understand the difference between Original African and Afroasian spheres.

As long as we are restricted by the foreign tag of Yoruba, our perception will be limited and our collective intelligence will be lower than the Fulani that accept their Futa Jallon homeland thousands of miles away, and even further to Medina to create a single school of thought, a bona-fide branch of Islam known as Maliki. An understanding and acceptance as Omoluabi will enable a global perspective, especially of the Niger Congo ethnolinguistic family that spreads from Gambia to South Africa, a much larger sociocultural sphere than those of the Afroasians. The Omoluabi mantra will reduce the Southern schism of Ife versus Oyo and Benin, Yoruba versus Igbo, Igbo versus Ijaw, Tiv versus Kwararafa that only serves to provide enough cracks to be exploited in the Original African cultural and political platforms.

The restricted Yoruba cultural perspective restricts its political influence and have never been known to select beyond their tribe or even clan. Instead they select their wives, friends and family to push personal interests second to the Fulani or Oyinbo platform that backed them into power. It is now rumored that a Yoruba governor backed by Fulani and British interests has employed a professor from his home state to sabotage the 2023 Yoruba agenda of restructuring pushed through the South and Middlebelt alliance.

If Yorubas can’t increase their collective intelligence to make certain sacrifices to build an Original African South and Middlebelt alliance over the next 16 years, like the Fulani did to get Buhari into power, we shall continue the status quo for the next 84 years, and hopefully by 2100 the future generations would be collectively wiser. If we don’t give ourselves brain according to local parlance, based on the 250yr cycles since Afroasiatic imperialism started in Bornu, there might be no Yoruba or original Africans left in West Africa by 2250. The homeland of Original Africans would gradually become Afroasiatic or annihilated like the blacks of ancient Egypt and North Africa over 2,000yrs.

All hope is not lost if Yoruba can shun immediate short-term power play benefits and behave like an Omoluabi to build the South and Middlebelt sociopolitical platform over the window of opportunity from 2023 for 16yrs. This involves a massive public awareness program to change public opinion and perceptions about our cultural identity and linkages.

Our collective intelligence was not moulded from birth but through huge investments in propaganda. For example, $100m was disbursed by MacArthur Foundation for propaganda to get Buhari into power. Fulani have Gamji and other think tanks to proactively mould public discourse and opinion. So we must find tangible resources to counter the age long propaganda that started a thousand years ago in Bornu.

The good thing is if a lie travels for 1000yrs, it would take truth just a few years to catch up and at less cost. Instead of the trillions already spent on our cultural disorientation by Islamic and Western cultural imperialists, to disseminate the truth of our true Original African cultural origins and linkage would cost about a $100m.

Failure to proactively increase our collective intelligence on our true identity, by 2023 and when the window closes in 2041, might mean we would have to wait till 2099. 

By Prince Justice Faloye



The Central Bank of Nigeria e-Naira Wallet

The Central Bank of Nigeria has revealed the official wallet for its digital currency, e-Naira, the Speed Wallet.

The Speed Wallet according to the Central Bank is to enable the Central Bank to meet it’s October 1st timeline.

The wallet will not serve as a competition to existing banks but serve as a means to transact value, pending when banks and other innovators can provide their own wallets.

Transaction Limits & KYC on the Speed Wallet

The Speed wallet has three tiers. The first tier allows users with no bank account to use the Speed Wallet. However users will have to submit a passport photograph, name, place & date of birth, gender, address and phone number.

With a daily limit of N50,000, for Send & Receive, the minimum requirement for using the Wallet at this level is telephone number which will be validated as a National Identity Number (NIN). Cumulative Balance Daily is fixed at N300,000.

Tier Two wallet users must own an account with an existing bank. Users at this level can only send and receive N200,000 daily with a Cumulative Balance Daily of N500,000. Minimum requirement for this level is the Bank Verification Number (BVN).

The third Tier allows transacting daily to the tune of N1,000,000 with Cumulative Balance Daily of N5,000,000. BVN is the minimum requirement.

Merchant Level allows this user type to transact daily (SEND/RECEIVE) N1,000,000. However, merchants will have no limit to the amount of money they can move to their bank accounts. Minimum requirements is the KYC requirement stipulated by the CBN AML/CFT Regulations.

Cost of Using the Speed Wallet 

The Central Bank has revealed that both the Merchants and Customer wallet users will not be charged for using the wallet.

However, there were two question mark responses to two cost questions which are Transfer from Wallet to Bank Account and Cash withdrawal at Agent/Merchant location. It’s unclear why these two cost centers weren’t explicitly stated. 

The e-Naira has been declared a National Critical Infrastructure and will be available to Corporate accounts.

Sunday 29 August 2021

We'll Stand By Buhari To Achieve His Programs For Niger Delta Region - Olu Of Warri

The Olu of Warri, His Majesty, Ogiame Atuwase 111, has declared his support and that of his kingdom for the programs and plans of President Mohammadu Buhari, for the development of the Niger Delta Region.

The Monarch, who was last week installed as the 21st Olu of Warri, stated this while receiving in courtesy, The Minister, Niger Delta Affairs Ministry, Senator Godswill Akpabio, in his palace in Warri on Saturday.

In his words, "let me assure and also encourage you to know that when things are being discussed at the highest level in this country about the Niger Delta Region, please see us as a staunch ally andi a firm supporter.

"Let  President Buhari know that, as he communicates his visions and plans for the people of the region through you, that he has a strong ally and supporter here that will help him actualize all those plans. We shall give all our best to ensure those programs succeed."

Speaking further, he stressed  that "when the Niger Delta region functions optimally, Nigeria will get it right, not when Lagos or Abuja functions. When the region truly fulfills its potentials outside Oil and Gas, with our Seaports fully operational, good road network for communication and economic development, the economy of this nation will blossom".

He noted that peace in the region was very important if development must come to the people, saying, " what is top on the agenda in this palace is peace, unity and prosperity. We will not visit old wounds and division. All that would be expected of us to make the economy work, we will do that.

"If it is spiritual work, if it is to speak it into existence, we will do that. If it is to use our good offices to re educate, re orientate our people to see these things that we have in the region as belonging to all of us because we are all one, we will also do that.

"When we achieve this unity and peace in the region, most of our children living in Lagos and Abuja and even outside the country, will relocate and help further develop the region because there is no place like home."

Earlier in his remarks, Senator Akpabio congratulated the monarch for the successful coronation ceremony, saying," my visit here today is to congratulate His Majesty for peaceful ascension of the throne of your forebears. At the event, I was only represented but I decided to be present today as a sign of brotherhood and to register my loyalty to the crown."

Akpabio charged the monarch to continue his peace and unity agenda in the kingdom asserting that, "with these eminent Nigerians who make up the Council of Chiefs as counsellors, their wisdom and experience given to them by God, you can never go wrong, and that is why the Warri Kingdom stands out in the Niger Delta region."

" I know I must get directive from you as the Minister in charge of the Niger Delta region, on what and what should be done for the people of your kingdom. Our job is to support you to succeed as the Olu through provision of infrastructure and other needs. Work on the abandoned Okorie road, I can assure you, will commence in September this year. My request is simple, you should also help with what you have already started which is the spiritual aspect.

"You would recall, Your Majesty, that shortly after your coronation, you handed over the entire Warri Kingdom to God Almighty, cancelling all curses that was placed on the kingdom by past Olus because of how they were treated by government. You used the authority given to you by God. Do not depart from your set goals because you have a mission".

Akpabio promised to work with the monarch as a son for the development of the Niger Delta region, saying " I will work with you as the president's representative to develop the region. I don't want to be a guest in the palace. I am speaking as a son of the kingdom, who can come at anytime to discuss issues affecting the region".

Senate receives constitutional amendment proposal to create Sharia courts in South West

IS FULANISATION THE PROBLEM FOR Yoruba of South West? Or Cows and Herdsmen can be removed, what about Islamisation?

The group says the Sharia courts will cater to its Muslim population in the region.

A memo submitted to the Senate Committee on the Review of the 1999 Constitution has proposed the implementation of Sharia in the south west region.

The Islamic religious law is implemented in Muslim-majority states in the northern region, despite the constitutional provision that states be secular, but is alien to the south west region with an almost equal population of Christians and Muslims.

The Senate commenced its zonal public hearings on constitutional amendments across the country on Wednesday, May 26, 2021, months after soliciting suggestions from the public.

While presenting its memo at the Lagos hearing on Wednesday, The Muslim Congress (TMC) said it wants Sharia implemented in the Yoruba-speaking south west to cater to its Muslim population.

"We want to partner for the creation of Sharia courts in the south west because of our population of Muslims," TMC representative, Abdulganiyu Bamidele, said.

The faith-based organisation also proposed amendments to the constitution focusing on gender equality, local government autonomy, state and community policing, and judicial and legislative autonomy.

Dozens of other organisations and individuals also presented their memos at the public hearing on Wednesday, with the most common topics revolving around gender equality, restructuring, and devolution of power from the Federal Government to the State and Local Governments.

Some also proposed that the 1999 constitution be completely scrapped and replaced with a new citizens-led constitution.

Senator Oluremi Tinubu (Lagos Central - APC), who chaired the public hearing, said the Senate will take all the public submissions into consideration to create the perfect document to address everyone's concerns.

By Samson Toromade

Copyright: May 26, 2021 5:36 PM



President Muhammadu Buhari condoles with family, friends and associates of legendary musician and multi-talented artiste, Sir Victor Uwaifo, who passed on Saturday, leaving a legacy of successes in many areas of life, including academia and administration.

The President joins the Nigerian music industry and performing artistes, home and abroad, in mourning the former first Honourable Commissioner for Arts, Culture and Tourism (Edo State), who was also the first musician and instrumentalist to be given National Honours Merit, Member of the Order of the Niger (MON) in 1983.

President Buhari believes the renowned musician, with global appeal and recognitions, lived for many firsts, which include invitation to the State House by four presidents and Heads of State, and winner of a gold disc in Africa for his song, “Joromi’’, released in 1965 at the age of 24.

The President notes the glory that Sir Uwaifo brought to Nigeria through his international tours, and the active role he played in national development, returning to school to get a first degree at age 54 with first class honours, masters degree at 56, and a doctorate at 77.

President Buhari prays for the soul of the departed musician, writer, sculptor, musical instrument inventor and university lecturer, knowing the entire country, particularly the music industry, will sorely miss him.

Femi Adesina

Special Adviser to the President

(Media & Publicity)

August 28, 2021

Saturday 28 August 2021


1 OGUN OJU: Ti Oju re ban se pin, tabi ti o nyun o, ti o pon . Po Oyin ati alubosa funfun po mo ara won. Maa kan si oju mejeji.

2. INU RIRUN: Lo Ewuro po mo Oyin, ma lo sibi meji lehin onje ale.

3. EGBO: Ewuro po mon Oyin ma fi si oju egbo na.

4. EYIN OMODE: Oyin Igan ati Omi Osan wewe mo ara won. Ki o si fun Omo na ni sibi kan lemeji lojumo leyin ounje.

5. IKO IFEE (TUBERCULUS): Lo Atare, Ayu, Iyo ati Orogbo pelu Oyin Igan sinu Igo. Ki o da ni agbo, sibi meji ni igba meta lojumo.

6. AIRI ORUN SUN: Maa mu Oyin Igan sun. Sibi meji lalale.

7. AILERA NINU OSU OBINRIN: Nkan osu to nse segesege tabi to ndudu (STOMACHPAIN) Lo sibi Oyin Merinmerin ni eemerin lojumo.

8. AROMOLEGUN: Lo Ewuro po mo oyin Igan, fi pa ibi ti o nro e. Ki o lo sibi meji ni ojojumo ni owuro kutukutu.

9. AKANDUN TABI EEWO(BOIL):  Lo Ewa ati Kaun po mo Oyin Igan. Ma fira ibe.

10. OGBE INU(ULCER): Maa mu sibi Oyin meta ni owuro kutukutu ni wakati kan ki o to jeun aaro.

11. FUN ATO KIKI(SEMEN BOOST): Po eyin tutu po mo Oyin sibi marun. Lo gbogbo re leekan naa.

 12. IKO EGBE: Po Omi Igbin ati Oyin po mo ara won .Sibi nla meta leemeta lojojumo. Omode sibi kan laaro ati lale.

13. JEDIJEDI: Lo efirin, Omi Osanwewe po mo Oyin Igan. Sibi meta laro ati lale lojojumo.

14. ARUN ETI: Ti eti ba nse oyun tabi ti o nrin eniyan, fi omi gbigbona po iyo die ati oyin mo ara won ma kan si eti mejeji laro ati lale.

15. KOKORO ENU: Po Oyin Igan po mo Osan wewe fifo enu ni igba meta lojojumo.

16. ILE GBIGBONA: Lo ewuro po mo Oyin Igan fi pa gbogbo ara, mu sibi mejimeji, lemeta lojumo.

17. INU DIDUN LEHIN TO BINRIN BA BIMO: Obinrin naa yio malo oyin sibi mejimeji lemeta lojumo.

18. OMO TI O NTO SILE: Ki o maa mu sibi Oyin Igan mejimeji sun titi tiko fi ni to sile mo.

19. IKO: Lo orogbo ki o daa sinu Oyin Igan lehin na bere si laa tabi ki o maa lo sibi kookan ni wakati metameta. Omode sibi kekere.

20. Maafi Oyin Igan mu Ogi tabi Tea. O dara.

21. OGUN OJUPIPON: Ma kan oyin si lemeta loojumo.

22. ARUNSU: Lo ewe ejirin po mo oyin igan sibi merin lemeta lojumo.

 23. ATOGBE: Omi ewe ewuro po mo Oyin Igan sibi merin lemeta lojumo.

24. ROPAROSE: Fi ito re lo Oyin Igan lale.

25. EJE RIRU: Lo ayu po mo Oyin Igan sibi meta lojumo laro ati lale.

26. OKO LILE: Ma fi ogede dudu sisè kan oyin je.

27. OGUN EJE: Lo omunu ewuro po mo Oyin Igan sibi meta loojo.

28. INU RIRUN: Po iyo mo Oyin Igan sibi meta lojumo.

29. FUN ARA DIDAN; Po Oyin Igan mo adiagbon ma fi pa ara.

30. FUN IFA IRUNGBON: Po etu mo oyin igan ma fi pa.

31. FUN KOKORO: Lo eru awon ka imi ojo etu po mo oyin igan mafi pa ara.

32. FUN ARAN: Omi osan wewe po mo oyin igan sibi meta meta lojumo.

33. TI INU OBIRIN BA NGBONA: Lo ayu po mo oyin igan sibi merin lemeta lojumo.

34 FUN IBA REFUNREFUN: Lo ayu po mo omi osan wewe eyin ati oyin igan sibi merin ni igba meta lojumo.

35. BI INA BA JO ENIYAN: Ma fi oyin pa ni gbogbo igba.

36 BI OMI GBIGBONA BA DAJO ENIYAN. Ma fi oyin igan pa.

37. ALEFO LARA OMODE: Lo eru awon ka etu imi ojo po mo Oyin Igan ma fi pa ni gbogbo igba (mase te fo rara).

38. OGUN EJE: Omi csan wewe eyin tutu mo oyin igan sibi merin ni igba meta lojumo.

39. BI ARA BA NGBONA:- Omi ewuro ti agbo la ifi omi si ale fi iyo gbo a po mon Oyin Igan sibi meji lee meta loju mo fi pa gbogbo ara.

40. BI INU BA DUN OBIRIN: Lo ayu po mo Oyin Igan sibi meta lee meta lojumo.

41. OGUN ARUNSU: Fi iyo gbo efirin po mo oyin igan sibi meta lee meta lojumo.

42. NKAN OSU OBIRIN TO NSE SEGESEGE: Lo ayu po mo omi osan wewe ati oyin igan, sibi meta leemeta lojumo.

43. OGUN ATOSI: Omi jaganyin ;kun die, ayu po mo Oyin Igan .sibi merin lee meta lojumo.

44. KI ENI TO BA NI ATOGBE: Ma fi Oyin Igan mu Ogi ati Tea. O ma din sugar ku lara.

45. Ki eni to ba tile ni OGOJI ODUN Ma fi OYIN IGAN mu Ogi tabi Tea.

46. OGUN DIDIN ISANRA KU: Ki afi omi se haha agbado ki oma fi oyin igan mu bi tea ni aro ati lale.

47. Ki agbalagba ma lo oyin lati mu tea tabi ogi ni araa ro, o ma jeki opolo jipepe. 

48. Mimu oyin igan leemeta ojumo a ma jeki ara okunrin ji pepe. Ko sini jeki iru okunrin bee kuna lati le ma ba obinrin ni ajosepo.

49. Iwulo Oyin fun opolo omo akeko: A o wa oyin gidi, omo akeko yio ma la sibi meta meta siwaju laararo toba koko ji.

50 Eni ti ko ri orun sun: Ko lo ra epo igi asufeyeje lodo awon alagbo, ko lo die kunna po papo mo oyin. Ki o ma la sibi meji lalaale.

Jowo pin lori platifoomu elero pupo ki won le je anfani Oyin.

Notes on the new Olu of Warri

The story of the recent emergence of the Olu of Warri is an amazing cobweb that cannot be touched without the soul of the Yoruba people all over the world.

It is a story that should touch the heart of any Yoruba leader that is conscious of Yoruba history and who understands what power is.

From last Friday to Monday, I barely slept for three hours, all night it was calls and calls and meetings because of this issue-Just a small  me!!!

The newly picked Olu Prince Olusola (Tsola) Utieyinoritsetsola Emiko from the Ginuwa 1 Ruling House has a Yoruba mother. But there was a stiff opposition on that note from the conservatives.

One of the, a highly respected leader and Chief, Emami and  others were opposed to him. When the President of Itsekiri Congress called me that I should do something, so that they would not stop the man with Yoruba mother, I knew the meaning. I am a student of history, culture, power and politics.

 Itsekiri has some 25 to 30 percent of Nigerian oil. The land is about two hours on sea drive to Lagos. That there is not regional cooperation between Itsekiriland and Lagos is a big shame, either from security, cultural or economic perspective.

 Historically, there are 5 clans in Itsekiri- three of them from Yoruba and two from Igala and Edo. The Itsekiri law says any Olu MUST have Itsekiri or Edo mother. I love this. The idea is to preserve the purity of the royal blood so that you hardly would have someone that will enslave or sell the people now or in the future.

The new Olu has Yoruba mother, so they opposed him.That was too bad. The late Chief Obafemi Awolowo never joked with Itsekiri. His last public assignment was the installation of late penultimate Olu of Warri in May 1987. I remember seeing him on NTA and a report that someone nearly stepped on his feet among the surging crowd. When Awo died, Warŕi received his body to lie in state on the extension of his ancestral land. No Yorubaman has ever been given such a rare privilege. I suspected some forces outside Warri may be behind attempts to stop the new Olu with Yoruba mother.

Since Awo died, we have largely had leaders without any sense of history. They don't know the history of the people they claim to lead. This week, election will hold in Benin Republic. The contesting Yoruba people there came to me. We tried to reach those politicians who could help. They do not understand. There are some 1.5million Yoruba people in Benin Republic who are indigenous to that country, same with Togo and the Ga people who own Accra. Yet, these leaders read about Sokoto state signing security agreement with Niger Republic and the bilateral relations between Bornu State and Chad. They do not know the significance of a Yorubaland emerging the President of Benin Republic. In Ivory Coast alone, there are some 3million Yoruba people. Our political leaders do not  care about them. In any case, do they even care about some 10m Yoruba people in the North? No. I was in Bornu, Kaduna and Kano. In the North East, no one cares about the many Yoruba people killed by terrorists and their anguish.

They are not even smart enough to appreciate the electoral value of such a huge population of Yoruba in the North, if only for their own interests.

This would never happen to any Fulani leadership. The Fulani are smart, keen and efficient when you are talking of power equation.

On this Warri issue, they would have sent five Emirs to Warri until their own emerged.

Too bad. So, when I got the frantic call, I didnt know what to do. Who would I call? No Yoruba think tank. Every leader sees himself as a thin god, no coordination, no Lowest Common Factor, amidst several naive advisers who think only of wealth and not sustainable livelihood and not even protection of the same wealth.

The Yoruba link with Itsekiri had been severed after Awo's demise though sustained by Pa Adesanya and Pa Ajasin, two last icons who had a deep sense of history, same with Yoruba link with Oworro-the owners of Lokoja-Ilu ko Jo and Ogohi, Okun all in Kogi, and Olukunmi in Delta.

I met one of the last titans of Oworro, Baba Hassan. He is now late. He told me in the days of Awo, they used to attend Yoruba meetings but the link was lost after Chief Bola Ige's death, he said.

So I started making calls amidst depression caused by Yinka Odumakin and Innocent Chukwuma's sudden death.

I could not reach LASG. The Chief of Staff, an excellent man could not be reached. He was the only one I knew could spin something.

I have no access to the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo. Even If I have, does he recognise the strategic importance? Will he ever do anything? I was not  sure!

I sent a mail to Ooni not sure he would see it. Then I called his Director of Media, Moses Olafare, a deep, young man who is my honorary Professor on Yoruba matters.  Olafare is an exceptional character and I thank God he occupies such important position to the Ooni.

I was lucky. He took the case immediately to the Ooni. Olafare deserves a trophy.

Thank God. The OONI got the message. He is a remarkable Oba who has an impressive knowledge about his people. The request of Itsekiri was for Ooni to assert the Yorubaness and also send high powered delegation to the Itsekiri General Global Congress slated for Monday, the second day after Ooni was contacted.

Impossible, I thought, less than 24 hours notice. Alas, Ooni got the message and rose to the occasion in a remarkable manner.

He forgot about everything and faced the critical issue at hand. Mogaji of Ibadan had also risen to the occassion when I called him, a very articulate and intelligent man.

Few hours after, Olafare told me two Obas would attend. I could not believe it.Would they use Egbe? Warri was far by road.

Ooni had delegated Oore of Osun, HRM Oba Adekunle Adeagbo, a wonderful natural leader and another Oba from Osun, HRM Oba Akinola Akinrewa to represent Arole Oduduwa, Adimula Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi Ojaja 11.

I went down on my kneels: God, thank you. You did not disgrace Yoruba people. 

May God honour Oore and  Oba Akunrera. Oore travelled immediately through the night. They called me from Warri that Oore had arrived.

The second Oba, who was HRM Olubosin of Ifetedo left Osun 3am and reached Warri 9am. They attended the event and asserted that Itsekiri are Yoruba in the face of thousands of Itsekiri people.

Seeing the Ooni sending powerful delegation, the opposition went into coma.

May God bless Yoruba Nation with the right leadership at this critical time. Amen

By Adewale Adeoye

Friday 27 August 2021

Before the religious adoption of Christianity and Islam by many Africans, there have been religions in Africa

Religion everywhere is a product of CULTURE (the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society).

In ancient time, African ancestors were polytheist of numerous deities while the modern-day Africans monotheistic belief in one ‘Supreme Being’ was a latter claim in rivalry of the ‘Almighty God’ of Abrahamic religions... The ancient African establishment of religions in the diversity of deities began when ‘power and influence’ questions the Native Leadership of African People. 

African deities are numerous, so are the African people populous, and practically all ancient African native family compounds, communities, districts, villages, towns and regions — diversely worships different deities. So, individual deity worship, then becomes individual religion, followed by inter-religious rivalry... and from that moment onward, an African child's ‘religion of birth’ and language becomes his/her first form of identity before any other cultural values. 

Till date in Africa, there are millions of shrines anciently attributed to numerous deities, and all the shrines practice their religions diversely with different religious doctrines & customs.

S.L. Akintola, His Politics and His Nation: The Reminiscences of an Associate by S.A. Tinubu (1992)

The Genesis of the Crisis

We were in one of our Action Group meetings sometimes in 1959 when the party leader Chief Awolowo dropped what to us was a bombshell. He announced that he was on his way to the centre. Most of us could not believe our ears for we opined that by leaving the Premiership of Western Region, he was vacating certainty for uncertainty.

Of course, we knew that his chances of winning the à Ministership of the Federation were remote. We were worried at the almost sure possibility of our Party Leader becoming the Federal Opposition Leader. This was more so as he had declared that he would not serve under Sir Abubakar Balewa, the then Prime Minister, whom he said was inferior to him in learning and experience.

Besides we were uneasy about the task of finding a worthy replacement as the Premier. We knew a vacuum would be created since we also knew that none of his ministers in the Western Regional cabinet could adequately fill such a vacuum and be an asset to the party. Meanwhile, the N.C.N.C, the opposition party in the Western Region was becoming more and more virile in the region, stronger than they were after the 1956 regional elections.

To our surprise, Chief Akintola withdrew from the Federal House and contested a bye-election to the Western House in order to become Premier. A member of the house in Chief Akintola's constituency had resigned his seat in order for Chief Akintola to be elected and face the challenges the N.C.N.C. would give us in the region. 

By the constitution of the Western Region, no Premier could be appointed from outside the Parliament. He must be an elected member of the House of Assembly or House of Chiefs. Chief Akintola had to resign his seat at the Federal House of Representatives before his qualification to contest the bye-election to the Western House. No dual membership of parliament of the Regional and Federal Houses was possible.

He became Premier of the Western Region while Chief Awolowo was elected to the Federal Parliament and became the Leader of Opposition as we had feared. Initially the Leader, Chief Awolowo was so serious about the election that the reports we got during the campaign tours assured most of us that our party, the Action Group, would win. But to our utter dismay, even we of the Action Group won in the West only by a narrow margin since we could not retain many of the seats we controlled at the Regional election in 1956.

We later learnt that some party leaders in Lagos were the backers of Chief Akintola for they felt he would be able to meet the challenge and fill the vacuum. We learnt also that Chief Awolowo was not in favour of Chief Akintola succeeding him as Premier of the Region. But since Chief Akintola was his Deputy, it was appropriate that he should step into his shoes as the Premier of the Region, even though Chief Awolowo had some of his Western Ministers in his mind for the Premiership.

But they were not favoured by the financiers and backers of the party, so he had to consent. Later, during the rift between the two men, Chief Akintola stressed that his Leader was not happy about having succeeded him Chief Akintola also said that Chief Awolowo wanted a Premier who could not use his initiative, or one who would always take the Leader's dictates.

Chief Awolowo too confirmed part of these claims when he said openly (during the rift between them in his famous 24 charges against Chief Akintola) that he had not supported Chief Akintola to succeed him.

* circa 1960, The Honourable Samuel Ladoke Akintola, Leader of the Action Group in the House of Representatives in Lagos, Nigeria, He is of the Yoruba and bears the tribal marks of his people on his face, now holding the post of Minister of Labour.

By H/T Adegoke Adedamola

The Salvation of YORUBAS is the establishment of the NATION OF ODUDUWA

When Adolph Hitler started his plans against the Jews in Germany there were many Jews who couldn't bring themselves to believe that such a scheme against them was possible.

People with far-reaching vision saw the early signs, from the written and spoken words of Hitler.

They heard rumours too. They saw the handwritings on the wall and alerted the Jews of Germany to get out quickly.

But such such stories were so wild you could never rationalize them.

It was impossible. How could he dare such?

They reasoned like Nationalists, it was such a "parochial" argument by those who carried the "rumours" and traded in "primordial sentiments".

They thought within themselves and argued that they have been in Germany and indeed other parts of Europe for CENTURIES and were fully assimilated therein. They considered themselves no less Germans than the Hitler's Aryan race which he claimed to be a superior race over theirs.

They were WARNED AND ALERTED but they refused to believe.

There were many men like the great  Scientist,  Albert Einstein who stayed back until it was nearly too late. He managed to escape by the hair of his teeth, rescued by the allied forces and that was because he was a terribly important person need to finish the work of the Atomic Bomb.

Then it came and it caught millions unprepared. It is said that over 6m Jews, many from the very cream of Jewry,  eventually got caught in the insanity of Adolph Hitler and were killed in a wave of genocide.

Same thing is playing out in Nigeria right under our noses.

We are seeing it but we are too unprepared to believe it is happening.

Even with the benefit of hindsight and the MANY SIGN POSTS we see roundabout us we fail to understand the clear dangers of an approaching Genoc.ide on the indigenous people of Nigeria especially the Yorubas and Igbos.

The FULANIZATION AND ISLAMIZATION AGENDA started a long time ago when the Federal Government of Nigeria took over the Missionary schools and at about the same time encouraged a proliferation of  warped Doctrines of Christianity and Islam which have totally changed the configurations of the social balances all over the country.

The signs are just too obvious. It is so amazing that we refuse to learn from History, history is full of all the ways and styles of operation of the Fulani ethnic group, even history as recent as what happened in the Congo, Sokoto, Ilorin, Zango-Kataf, Jos, Benue, Igangan etc.

The FULANIS have never bothered to cover their tracks, not until recently when they are desperately trying to discourage the study of HISTORY in the curriculum of our schools.

1. By clandestine overtures, the Fulanis have taken over the EXECUTIVE, LEGISLATIVE AND JUDICIAL ARMS OF NIGERIA.



4. They have taken control of the NATIONAL REVENUES majorly determined by NNPC and FOREX.

5. They are in firm control of FOOD by using the Ministry of Agriculture and CBN to encourage the farmers of the North while frustrating those of the South and middle belt by the unceasing incursions of Herdsmen Militias and their cattle roaming all over the place.

6. By a dangerous play of the highest CONSPIRACIES, they have FLANKED a network of a  group of barbarians masquerading as BANDITS, HERDSMEN MILITIA AND BOKO to cover the entire Northern region from the NW through the NC to the NE. It is only too obvious that these guys are getting prepped up for their eventual entries down south which is already happening.

7. Over the last 10years there has been a VERY NOTICEABLE mass movement of foot Soldiers all over the south, very funny looking People of no fixed addresses and no identity, who are currently masquerading as Okada riders, Alms beggars, Mai guard, scrap metal pickers etc.

Those guys are all over the place studying every inch of the land and neighborhoods.

The Fulanis inter-mingle quite pretentiously as though they were assimilating while in actual fact they are erecting a FULANI CIVILIZATION right under the noses of our people and altering the demographics of these areas.

While all these are going on our  forest reserves are said to be  full of heavily armed Fulani Militias who are constantly harassing farmers away from their lands, taking People hostages for ransom payments, raping women and killing innocent citizens who happen to be unlucky to meet them.

The combination of these actions further IMPOVERISHED the people, poverty is worsening at an alarming rate and the people are consequently now more malleable and easier to conquer.

8. Although our local people are still very much  capable of rising up to the challenges of security around, they are restrained by the Political leaders. POLITICAL LEADERS who have themselves been caged through the instrumentality of POLITICAL EXPEDIENCY and GREED which have blinded them from reason and the FEAR OF EFCC, SFU AND ICPC [controlled by same Fulanis] keeps them in check.

The same Political Leaders prevail on our TRADITIONAL INSTITUTIONS, KEPT THEM ON TIGHT LEASH, and our people are rendered impotent.

9. Meanwhile, ISA PANTAMI, a man who is heavily sworn to ISLAMIZATION, is the one in charge of our data. He knows every of our information. He got us into SIM Registration, NIN and very soon, PHONE REGISTRATION.

The skills and resources available to him haven't been able to detect how the Bandits and Boko Haram are able to manage their communications FOR YEARS.

10. Very so often we hear from AGF Abubakar Malami, SSA Garba Shehu, MIYETTI ALLAH, HISBAH,  FUNAM, GUMI, EVEN ONION SELLERS  and a host of others talk freely, threaten as much as they wish, sometimes they issue ultimatums  and they simply go to bed.

Ahmad Gumi can  publicly accuse Christian SOLDIERS of killing Muslim BANDITS and warning us that we MUST NEGOTIATE with Bandits if we ever hope to find peace.

Garba Shehu can publicly tell Benue People that they MUST give lands to Herdsmen for their private businesses if they want to live in peace.

Nasir El-Rufai, a sitting Governor told us publicly that he took money to FULANI BANDITS to beg them to stop killing People.

Aminu Bello Masari, another sitting Governor was happily posing for pictures with an arm-bearing bandit even as a soldier of the Nigerian Army stood beside them.

We hear of "repentant boko haram" who are now getting better treatment than the families of the thousands of slain soldiers and civilians they had killed mindlessly.

11. Governor Bala Mohammed even told us on Live National TV that Fulanis ALL OVER THE WORLD are citizens of Nigeria, they have legitimate Rights to be citizens of Nigeria, must be captured in our NIN and of course they are duly qualified to carry AK 47 about "to protect themselves".

And the STATELESS Fulanis have been flocking in ever since.

We have been told recently by Dr. Awwal Abdullahi that the Fulani Population has miraculously reached 40m.

12. But Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho do not have the right to talk freely about their desires of SELF DETERMINATION ON THEIR ANCESTRAL LANDS even when they hadn't carried arms.

Even as the Army, DSS and Police know the locations of the Bandits all over, they don't go there but will rather visit the homes of Kanu and Igboho WITH SOLDIERS to "deal with them".

13. Even as Hisbah can stop the sales of BEER IN KANO, publicly destroying the goods of a trader, and the same Hisbah Perverts are telling Tailors to stop using Mannequins for display on their clothes, THE COMBINED DECISION OF 17 GOVERNORS OF THE SOUTH TO STOP OPEN GRAZING will not be allowed by the Northerners!

Even when Zamfara and many Northern State Governors can implement Shari'a and their Hisbah Police to PROTECT RELIGION, the same people will not allow the Governors of the SW to have ÀMÒTÉKÙN to PROTECT THEIR CITIZENS.

Oh My God!!!

14. A small Okada rider in Sángo in Ibadan must not hurt his foot otherwise you will have to receive many Governors from the North accompanying the local Seriki of the area to go BREATHE DOWN THE NECK OF THAT STATE GOVERNOR.

The "Hausa-Fulani" man starts a fight in Ile-Ife and he got beaten by his Yoruba opponent,  the immediate reaction of the police is to send invitation to the Yoruba man and chiefs of Ile-Ife TO REPORT TO ABUJA immediately.

Iskilu Wakilu is said to have been openly terrorising the people of Igangan for years, even quoted to have boasted that he owned his part of town and no one could remove him. Even when he was heavily armed, some brave sons of Igangan went after him, got him and took him to the Police. The men who thought they were bringing peace got themselves locked up for over three months.

If you as much as have an argument with an "aboki" in Abeokuta here you will get MOBBED in matter of minutes by his fellow "abokis". If you attempt to take the matter to the Police station, you will only be wasting your time because you may yourself end up in the cell if you are not careful. They will NEVER be the ones in cell, NEVER!

15. Suddenly, Abba Kyari was handed Powers of Government-approved terrorist in the course police work so he can be storming anywhere anyhow in commando style like gangsters, violating police procedures and executing dirty jobs totally out of records.

When a PEOPLE get to the 15  points listed above, they are ripe for any other things that will hit them.

We have now reached the stage where the Fulanis are just short of proclaiming themselves a Superior race/ethnic group in Nigeria.

We are  a few years away from TOTAL SUBJUGATION, especially the Yorubas.

These things are happening at a very alarmingly fast rate in the last 6years of Buhari but we are just too UNREALISTIC AND BLINDED BY THE PRIDE AND FOOLISHNESS OF "CORRECTNESS" to see the clear sign posts of dangers they stare at us.

There will never be a RESTRUCTURING in Nigeria, banish the thought because it doesn't serve the interest of the emerging agenda.

Nothing short of a breakup of Nigeria will save us.

I can assure you that they are still swelling their Population and only waiting till they get the right numbers.

By that time, we will not be able to do anything.

They are going to use our POLITICAL AND TRADITIONAL LEADERSHIP AND OUR MUSLIM BROTHERS against us. After they are through, they will then eliminate all of those three set of fools they use.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu will be amongst the first set of casualties.

Our people are so funny, who will ever trust a man who betrays his Kinsmen and sides with him against strangers?

My history reminds me that it was the folly of Afonja and the Hausas.

The YORUBAS of SW are particularly the most endangered ethnic group in Nigeria, the earlier we know this the better for us.

By Adedamola Adetayo

Thursday 26 August 2021


Itsekiris saw the light very early through their early contacts with the Europeans by virtue of Warri being a veritable seaport. They are essentially Yoruba but their monarchy is Bini. A prince of Bini kingdom, Ginuwa, was the first Olu of Warri. They had early western education and thus became civilised before their neighbors. Rewane, Alinson Ayida, Boyo, Alele Williams (maternally), Awani, Amuka Pemu, Prof Bajah, Prof Oritsejolomi Thomas are Itsekiris. They were strong action group members. Their capital was at Ode Itsekiri, a settlement on water. The king's title was Olu Itsekiri. Awo told them to let their king build his palace in Warri and change the title to Olu of Warri.

He said you have Alafin of Oyo, Ooni of Ife, Oba of Lagos etc. Kings in the wester region were identified with towns and not tribe. The Urhobos and Ijaws with combined overwhelming majority in Warri town were very bitter. They kicked against this move. They were NCNC supporters. But AG was in power in the title west. Itsekiris were fervent Awo supporters.

And so the Olu moved to Warri in 1952 from Ode Itsekiri and the title was changed to Olu of Warri from Olu of Itsekiri. Without this move Itsekiris would have been almost anonymous in Warri today.

Okotie - Eboh, a prominent Itsekiri, was NCNC. Rewane, another prominent Itsekiri was AG. Itsekiris voted AG which made Okotie - Eboh and other Itsekiri NCNCers uncomfortable. At the referendum for the creation of the Midwest Region in 1963 Itsekiris voted against the new region. They felt being with the Yoruba will shield them from the 'hawks' - Urhobo and Ijaws.

Midwest came to be, courtesy of the federal NPC/NCNC alliance. So the Olu of Warri who championed 'No Midwest' must be punished. He was exiled to Ogbesse a settlement between Benin and Owo. Okotie - Eboh had their way. Awo could not be of help because he was in prison. The Olu on his way to exile branched to see his cousin, Oba Akenzua. They both caused the land (Nigeria or whatever you may call it).

A man called Igbene 'reigned' during the exile period. His son in Edo College then was my elder brother from another mother.

Gowon came into power and released Awolowo. He became the nation's number two. Trust Awo he will take a revenge. All those kings who were pro Akintola, Olagbegi of Owo, Oba Akran of Badagry and Zaki of Arigidi - Akoko were deposed. The Olu of Warri who was a friend was returned to power. The exile was from 1964 - 1966. But the "Curse" remained. It was this curse the new Olu of Warri claimed he reversed.   

By Osagie Jacobs, FCA

How Azikiwe, an Ibo, deposed the grandfather of the new Olu Erejuwa III, who was re-instated by Awolowo, a Yoruba

The newly crowned Olu of Warri, Ogiame Erejuwa III, reversed the curse of his grandfather, the Ogiame Erejuwa II.

In 1963, Ogiame Erejuwa II, had taken the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Mid-West Government to court over the inclusion of Itsekiri in the newly created Mid-West region.

Ogiame Erejuwa II told the court that the Itsekiri Kingdom is part of the Yoruba nation and should have remained as part of the Western region and not included in the Mid-West region.

He argued emphatically that the Itsekiri people would like to be a part of the Western region and backed the Action Group led by Awolowo and rejected the NCNC led by Nnamdi Azikiwe who controlled the Mid-West. 

Angrily, NCNC leader Nnamdi Azikiwe deposed Ogiame Erejuwa II and deported him to Ogbesse. The king then put a curse on all the Itsekiri who supported Ibo to bring the Itsekiri kingdom into disrepute. Okotie Eboh, an Itsekiri who supported the Ibo to depose the Itsekiri King would later be assassinated by the Ibo soldiers involved in the January 1966 military coup.

In 1966, Awolowo was set free by Yakubu Gowon and named the Federal Minister of Finance and the de facto Vice President of Nigeria. The first thing he did was to reinstate Ogiame Erejuwa II as the Olu of Warri. But Ogiame Erejuwa did not revoke the curse. His grandson, Ogiame Erejuwa III, has just removed the curse on the Itsekiri people.

The Itsekiri Kingdom is one of the twenty-six Yoruba tribes.

Gbemisola Aduke,

Director of Research and Development, 

Young Yoruba for Freedom (YYF).

The Story of the Sheep and the Dog

In the olden days, Aguntan, the sheep, was the most respected animal in the entire Yorubaland.

Aguntan was the embodiment of Iwapele (gentleness of character), suuru (patience) and iforiti (perseverance).

The entire world decided that Agutan was the best fellow to be crowned the king because of his wonderful character.

They made Agutan the king, and the world was happy and prosperous.

But Ijapa did not like the idea.

Ijapa went to Agutan, and said, “Kabiyesi, you are a very bad person.”

Agutan, surprised, asked, “Why?”

Ijapa replied, “You know more than anybody that Aja, the dog, is very lonely.”

Agutan responded, “Well, he would have more friends if he would stop eating feces. Nobody like anybody who eat faeces.”

Ijapa, looking annoyed, said, “That is why you are such a bad fellow. Can’t you help Aja to change his ways? Can’t you just teach him to be like you?”

Agutan thought about it, then said, “You think Aja can change?

“Oh, certainly,” said the Agutan. “Anbody can change. Aja just doesn’t know any better. If Aja is given the opportunity to learn from you, then Aja could also be a better individual.”

Being such a kind one, Agutan agreed, thanked Ijapa for being so considerate, and sent a message to Aja to come to palace.

When Aja arrived at the palace, Agutan asked him, “Will you be my friend, Aja.”

Aja was surprised. “Yes, but only on my own terms.”

Agutan, being a nice fellow, agreed. Agutan was sure he could persuade Aja to become a better individual. Aja would quickly understand learn right from wrong, Aguntan thought, and turn into a fabulous being that everybody would admire. Aja might even be made the next king, Aguntan imagined, with a smile.

No sooner did Aja arrive did he began to complain of hunger. Aguntan offered Aja a piece of roasted yam. Aja declined, saying he wanted his delicacy.

“Where is this delicacy,” Agutan asked?

“At the common refuse dump,” Aja replied.

“Is it faeces?”

“Sure,” Aja replied. “Have you tried it before.”

“Áyàmá!” Agutan shuddered, “Olodumare forbid the thought!”

“My friend, you have no idea what you are missing,” Aja told Agutan.

“I don’t want to know,” Agutan responded.

“As my friend,” Aja said, “you could at least come with me to the refuse dump. I will eat my delicacy, and you could try it if you want. But I won’t be offended if you don’t”.

“Fair enough,” Agutan said. “As a good friend I will come with you.”

The refuse dump was at the other end of town and Aja with Agutan strolled down to the site.

People were horrified to see both their highly esteemed Agutan strolling with the most despised Aja. They knew Aja was taking Agutan to the dump. But they kept their peace.

When Aja and Agutan got to the dump, Aja quickly found the delicacy he was looking for. “Ha,” said Aja, “this is the best.” Aja buried his head in it, lapping it up.”

Agutan looked on in disgust, saying, “It stinks to hell. Let’s get out of here.”

Aja said, “Won’t you even take a tiny bit?”

Agutan shook his head, saying, “Oh, no. I can’t even stand the look of it.”

Ijapa was watching them. He saw that Agutan declined Aja’s offer.

Ijapa quickly went to the center of the town, where the market was located, and started shouting at the top of his lungs, “Hey, everyone, Agutan and Aja are now the best of buddies.”

“Yes,” they responded, “we saw them going to the refuse dump.” 

A moment later, Agutan and Ijapa were strolling back from the dump.

Ijapa said, “I told you so. Here they come. Àgùtàn tó bájá rìn á jẹ̀gbẹ́!

When the Mr. Sheep forms the habit to walking around with Mr. Dog, Mr. Sheep would learn the habit of consuming Mr. Dog’s delicacy!”

Everybody all agreed. “Agutan is now a faeces eater!” they shouted. We don’t want a faeces eater as our king!”


“But I have not even touched the faeces,” Agutan protested.

Ijapa shouted again,  “Impossible!. Àgùtàn tó bájá rìn á jẹ̀gbẹ́! When the Sheep forms the habit to walking around with the Dog, the Sheep would form the habit of consuming faeces!”

That was the end of Agutan’s reign. He and his entire family and all their descendants were banned from ever wearing the crown.

That is the beginning of the proverb, Àgùtàn tó bájá rìn á jẹ̀gbẹ́.

When an industrious people, with a rich tradition of being hardworking, persevering, hopeful and gentle, willfully select or elect their leadership from a group that is associated with begging, not educating its youths and sending them to street to panhandle and sleep in the forest, what will happen?

You must remember that when Chief Obafemi Awolowo was the leader of the Yoruba Nation, the Yoruba people balanced their budgets, built the tallest building in Africa, and by 1959, had a television station in Ibadan, even ahead of many European nations.

Now where is the Yoruba Nation. Àgùtàn tó bájá rìn á jẹ̀gbẹ́!

Lati ọwọ Ọmọwe Àgbà Moyo Okediji

Wednesday 25 August 2021

The practice of Ebo (sacrifice) is not the same as the sacrificial rite performed by Babalawo

The sacrificial rite is a public performance initially intended to demonstrate a social commitment on the part of the devotee to change his/her life for the betterment of the community. 99.9% of the time, the food sacrificed was eaten by the community (the 0.1% of the time it was left in the forest for small animals to eat).  It was never meant to be literally for the spirit of orisa.

The various elements included in the ebo were symbolic of the actions you need to take...the sacrifice you need to make in your real life. This is why Eshu (the deity of decision making) is the central orisha concerned with all ebo; he is concerned with change thru your decisions in LIFE not at the altar.

However, with the murder of the many elders who opposed the "slave trade," a new class of theocratic hierarchy rose and the people lost the knowledge of the symbolic meaning behind the rituals. Now they confuse the ritual act for the real-life act of ebo. They are unfortunately being encouraged by con-artist priests who want to make money off of their ignorance.

True ebo (sacrifice) deals with the sacrifices & taboos you must make in your real life, not on an altar!


We have been overrating food Rituals in the African Traditional Religion. It is time for us to start expressing the true principles of the ÒRÌSÀ, especially the key ones. 

If you have been told to always feed Òrìṣà ogún, IFÁ is not telling you to feed Ògún with food alone. IFÁ also want you to resurrect or invoke or Nurture the force of "COURAGE TO TAKE ACTION" that lives within you. 

There is a reason why ÒGÚN is being described as the "King of Pantheon", it is because he is the force behind "The COURAGE TO TAKE INSPIRED ACTIONS".

The force of Ògún plays an important role in the lives of humans. The other irunmole wouldn't have experienced ìkọ̀lé ayé (earth) without ÒGÚN, yes! He cleared the way for them to walk through. He is a PATHFINDER! 

This speaks about COURAGE TO TAKE ACTIONS!

Nobody succeeds without courage. In order to achieve success, every being must have the courage to take required actions.

The force of Ògún must be invoked when you begin to notice that you are becoming too lazy to take actions that will enhance your being. For example:

i. When your goals are sleeping right in front of you and you are too lazy to take actions that will bring them to reality.

ii. When you always procrastinate without a genuine reason. 

iii. When you are too weak to live above a false nature(IRỌ́) 

iv. When you are too weak to Embody the nature of ORÍ 

v. When you are too weak to enhance the universe. 

If you notice the above, please the Ògún inside of you must be invoked and nurtured.

In ÈJÌOGBÈ, IFÁ told a story of a man named Olokira who experienced Àsetì because of his inability to align with Ògún. He experienced Àsetì because he wasn't managing his Life in ways that corresponds with his Orí(The Divine Self). His "Ìwà àì bìkítà"(Unexamined attitudes), birthed factors that affected his growth. Procrastination, Lack of focus and Fear were part of these factors, and as a result of this, he experienced Àsetì.

Àsetì is a yoruba word that is used to describe a situation whereby, you start a project and you stop halfway without a genuine reason, and then you begin with another one, you stop halfway again, you pick up another one, you stop half way again, again and again... And at the end of the day you are not successful with any of these projects.  Olokira experienced same situation in this verse.

So Ifá advised him to align with ÒGÚN. Also, he should feed Ògún on a walkway. 

When you feed Ògún on a walkway, it is known as "Bíbọ Ògún ojú ànà". Olokira was told to do this with fish, rat, Kolanut, cutlass, Palm oil, and other items.  He was also told to cultivate some spiritual discipline as well, and he compiled. Thereafter, the force of Ògún within him was activated and Olokira became successful in everything he laid his hands upon.


A walkway is a busy place and what makes it a busy place is series of passers-by. It is less busy when everyone had gone to bed. 

A walkway is never a dull place, therefore the spiritual significance of performing the rituals there, is to keep your mind & body awake. When the Mind is awake it will influence the body, and strength will be released. When this happens, you will have the courage to always act upon what matters to you. As long as people walk on the walkway, your mind and body will always be awake. This is the significance of Bíbọ ogun ojú ànà.

If you are always feeling lazy to do what is right for yourself, this type of ritual will enhance you if done properly.

If you have goals, and you are willing to make the right move in order to manifest them, it means you are willing to ALIGN with "ÒRÌSÀ ÒGÚN".  In this case, if you offer food or other material offerings to Òrìṣà Ògún through the Ògún icon in your shrine, it means you recognize his divine essence and you want him to possess you fully so that you can start to express COURAGE in every aspect of your life. The courage to Eat right, the courage to do the Will of ORÍ all the time, the courage to live above a false nature and so on... 

Offering food or other material rituals to Ògún when you don't have the desire to express the very essence of ÒGÚN is a pure waste of Money and Time.  Use your money for something else.

No matter how much ideas you have within you, if you lack the courage to take the right actions they can not become a reality.


Message: Efe Mena Aletor


° Area of ​​Africa = 30.37 million km2

° Area of ​​China = 9.6 million km2

° US area = 9.8 million km2

° Area of ​​Europe = 10.18 million km2

● Africa is bigger than all of Europe, China and the United States of America combined.

● But on most world maps, Africa is represented in a small size.

This is done deliberately to create the visual effect of a small Africa to manipulate, brainwash and deceive Africans wherever they are.

- Africa has 60% of arable land;

- Africa has 90% of the raw material reserve;

- Africa has 40% of the global gold reserve;

- Africa has 33% of the diamond reserve;

-Africa has 80% of the global reserve of Coltan (mineral for the production of telephones and electronics), mainly in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

-Africa owns 60% of the global reserve of cobalt (mineral for the manufacture of automotive batteries)

-Africa is rich in oil and natural gases.

-Africa (Namibia) has the most fish-rich coastline in the world.

- Africa is rich in manganese, iron and wood.

- Africa is three times the area of ​​China, three times the area of ​​Europe, three times the area of ​​the United States of America.

- Africa has thirty and a half million km² (30 415 875 km²);

- Africa has 1.3 billion inhabitants (China has 1.4 billion inhabitants in 9.6 million km²).

Which means that Africa is unprotected.

- The arable land in the Democratic Republic of Congo is capable of feeding all of Africa.

“And all of Africa's arable land is a cable to feed the entire world.

-The Democratic Republic of Congo has important rivers that can light up Africa.

The problem is that the CIA, Western companies and some African puppets have destabilized the DRC for decades.

- Africa is a culturally diverse continent in terms of dance, music, architecture, sculpture, etc.

- Africa accommodates 30,000 recipes for medicines and herbs that the West modifies in its laboratories.

- Africa has a young global population that is expected to reach 2.5 billion by the year 2050.



On the 21st of August during the coronation of HRM Olu Atuwatse III, the king Of Warri took the mic and sang a lovely Christian song that was well applauded by the audience. 

Shortly afterwards lot of Nigerians who saw Christianity as the religion of the captor / colonialist took to social media wrongly  accusing the Olu of promoting the religion of the colonial masters over the African traditional religion and culture of the people.

The word culture is defined by Colins Dictionary as “the total of the inherited ideas, beliefs, values, and knowledge, which constitute the shared bases of social action.  Culture is the way things are done in a place.

Those accusing the King of Warri are definitely not knowledgeable enough about the culture of the Itsekiri people as it relates to Christianity. I am sure they are not aware that Warri Kingdom was built on the foundation of Christianity. 

Christianity is part of the culture of the Itsekiri people. Needless to say that of the 21 Olu that have ruled Warri Kingdom more than half of them were Baptised Christians. This records goes back as far back as the 16th century.

Apart from the fact that Warri Kingdom has always been a Christian nation our cultural and traditional practice are interwoven with Christian traditions.

The founding  of Warri Kingdom by our ancestor Olu Ginuwa around 1480 coincides with the visits of the first set of Portuguese to the Kingdom, these Portuguese came mainly for trade. They brought with them the Christian faith. 

The first recorded case of evangelism was in 1515 when there was issues between the Portuguese traders / missionaries and some Itsekiri locals.

Let’s take a look at some historic records regarding Christianity in Warri Kingdom.

1. 1571-4 mission to Warri

1620 Pedro da Cunho: Ad limina report

Besides these three islands, there is a town of Christians on the continent in the kingdom of Warri, called St. Augustine, because its people first received the Faith from religious of the Hermits of St. Augustine. One of them, called Brother Franciscus a Matre Dei, baptized the present king at the time he was still a prince and successor designate.

2. 27-9-1584 Diogo da Encarnação: Appeal for priests

There is another king in Rio Forcado [= Warri] who is already Christian, but is calling for priests, because he has none in his kingdom.

3. 14-12-1584 Diogo do SS. mo Sacramento: The same

There is another king of what is called Rio Forcado, which is in alliance with the Priester John and Congo, who is already Christian. He also calls for priests so that they can do baptisms in his kingdom.

Olu Dom Domingo (Ogiame Atuwatse I) was a member of The Knight Temple. 

Read Mesa da Consciencia letter below on how he was admitted into the Order of Christ ( Knight Templar -  https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_Order_of_Christ).

9-3-1609 Mesa da Consciencia e Ordens: admits Domingos to Order of Christ.

Dom Domingos, son of the king of Warri, presented in this Council a message of Count Almirante that your Majesty should grant him and his brother and the king, his father, the habit of the Order of our Lord Jesus Christ, and he asks that they should have the provisions sent so that he can be vested in the said habit. That the said provisions may take effect, you should have the required provisions made, according to the Statutes of the Order.

We recommend that, in view of the quality of the petitioners and to that their petition may be granted quickly as befits the favour your Majesty is granting him, and because there is no presumption or suspicion of any kind of obstacle, your Majesty should be pleased to have made in this city the said provisions and the investiture according to the Statutes.

In the Council, 9 March 1609.�aa) A.o Furtado de M.a P./ J. Ferás/ Dom Ant.o Mãz/ Domingos Rib.o C./ B.or dias P.to/ Dõ J.o Coutinho.

The first recorded  church in Warri Kingdom was a monastery called St. Anthony’s Monastery which was later corrupted by the Itsekiris to "Satoni” . It was designed by a monk Rev.Fr. Pattazio and built between 1620 -1692. The extract below from early visitors to Warri in the 17th century confirms this.

"There is a church in the city , with an altar and on it a picture of Christ on the Cross with Mary and the Apostles, and beside it two candlesticks. And the negroes enter this church with paternosters in their hands all the while, like true Portuguese people, and they read these as well as other Popish prayers. They appear to be most godly, and can also read and write and are eager for Portuguese books  pens, ink, and paper".

The Portuguese did not came to our land  with the intent of colonising the Itsekiri people, they never colonised us. They came for trade and commerce. 

We also had free trade agreement with Portugal as recorded below;

23-11-1607 King Philip: Free trade allowed with Warri

I, the King, inform those who see this letter that, considering how much it will serve God and myself by opening the ports and commerce and trade with the kingdom of Warri, on the coast of Guinea, as well as to have divine worship celebrated there and our holy Catholic Faith preached there and to promote a true knowledge of the Faith among the indigenous of the same kingdom and the unbelieving idolators of those territories, as well as for the profit and usefulness which can result from it to my realms and to the indigenous themselves of that kingdom, I commanded my Financial Council to discuss the matter and to gather information about the persons who reside in or sail to that territory. Being in agreement with what the said Council recommended and with the great care they took in this matter, I am pleased with every aspect and, since Dom Domingos, son of the king of Warri, also asked me on behalf of his King, I grant him that all the ports of his kingdom be opened for commerce with all my vassals of these realms and the realms of Portugal, to trade there from now onwards, in the same manner as is done in our realms of the Congo. This decree shall be carried out entirely and exactly as it provides, without any delay or impediment. May this hold firm etc.

Francisco de Brito composed this in Lixboa, on 23 Novermber 1607. Juan Aluarez was the scribe.

Around the 1700s the French, the Dutch, the Germans came to our kingdom for trade. These people where Christians and their stay help Christianity flourished in our land. They did not came to colonise us. They never colonised us. 

Two Frenchmen built French Colony in Warri Kingdom. They had very large farm and a research facilities where Ambroise Marie François Joseph Palisot, Baron de Beauvois (1752–1820)world most renounced botanist assemble most of his collection for his book Flore d'Oware et de Benin, en Afrique (Flora of The Kingdom of Warri and Benin) published in 1804

The french colony was later burnt down when the British attack Warri kingdom in 1792 (https://peoplepill.com/people/palisot-de-beauvois/ ) 

At this stage it’s right to talk about the British. 

The first encounter we had with the British was around 1789 when they sponsored a set of our neighbours to invade Ugborodo. The Itsekiri got wind of the plan for this attack on time and got prepared. From the account of Jean-François Landolphe (1765–1825) we where told how Captain Okro (Iyatsere Okorodudu) lead a gallant contingent and captured most of the attackers and the Itsekiri where victorious.

The 2nd British attack lead to the complete burnt down of the French colony in 1792. The British came to Africa for conquest and colonisation. They brought Christianity for the first time around the 1800s to most part of Nigeria and lot of  Africans resent their religion because of their barbaric act of conquest and colonisation as the religion was seen as a tool of enslavement.

To those of us that our ancestors have been Christians and dealt happily with Christian nations for over 300 years before the British atrocities, our Christianity is not a symbol of colonisation it is the faith and culture of our people.

HRH Ogiame Atuwatse III The Olu Of Warri did what lot of his ancestors (the past Kings) would have done in the past. Those criticising him should get their fact right and understand that Christianity is our way of life in Warri Kingdom.


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By Oritsẹgbubẹmi Adrian Ẹdẹma 25/08/2021

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