Tuesday 18 January 2022


Ogbe Alara: Ori omo sunwon baba kogbo, Ori omo sunwon iya komo, adifa fun Jegbe ti nsawo roko ode, nje Jegbe puro-puro iro dola niran wa.

Story-jegbe was the son of Alaafin of Oyo, he was a very poor hunter. He wanted to go for hunting this was why he went for divination. He was told to do sacrifices with his clothe, he was told to fire his clothes inside the bush while naked and he only had a cloth which he was wearing. He said if he used his only cloth do sacrifices, there would be no clothes for him to wear to back home. He said when he coming from hunting, he would do sacrifices. While hunting, he killed an elephant in the bush, and he could not carry it. He came to the palace to inform his father about it and his father sent some slaves to follow him for assistance in carrying the elephant home. When they got to the bush, they did not see the elephant and they were all surprised. The second time Jegbe still summoned the courage and went for hunting again. This time around he killed a buffalo, when the slaves of the king went with him to the scene, they found bush there again. He still summoned courage for the third time hunting but this time he killed a leopard. They came and still found bush. His father the king thought and felt Jegbe had been telling them lies because they did not believe him anymore. Jegbe went back still for divination, he was told to do that same  sacrifices that he had been refusing to do. So, he did it. As he was burning his only cloth while carrying out the sacrifices, many people from other town came, and they said they wanted Jegbe to become their king. He went back home to inform his father about it and his father supported him to become king. And the king says wherever the horse falls should be called Oyo, that is how the name Oyo started from that time.

Jegbe gbesin dudu, jegbe, jegbe gbesin pupa, jegbe, jegbe gbesin funfun ijegbe, awon ori omo sunwon yeye omo nio mo, dia fun Jegbe ti nroko ode......

ifa says whoever this Odu comes out for should go and receive prayers from his or her parents. He or she came with a good destiny and will manifest after several trials and tribulations, failure and disappointment. 

"Ogbe tu ile ara ka" .....this person should offer sacrifice so his properties and family will not scatter, nje ogbe tu ile ara ka adifa funwon lode ara, won ni kiwon o rubo ki ile won ma ba tuka, People of Ara did not offer sacrifice, not quite long internal revolt started in the family of Ara to the point that everyone moved away into their different respective positions, Aramoko was founded, Ilaramokin, Ara Ekiti founded, Araromi Obo was founded etc that is how Ode Ara scattered across the landmass. Aboru boye.


  1. Mr. Lekan i apprecite ur intint about the ogbe tua, but my problem is meet a good baba ifa dat can put me through or guide me well on dis odu ifa, ogbe alara, can you help?

  2. How do you want me to assist you? If you specify it, I definitely can in as much as it is connected with the subject matter. Thank you.

  3. Yes can you just explain more better about Ogbe Alara and what exactly we need to be doing to make life easier and have a lovely home sir..

  4. My son akose Jaiye is ogbe alara I birthed him on the first of January and since then we have been spending money on him cos he’s seriously sick what can we do

    1. Elegbe Omo nii๐Ÿ™‚
      Go and propitiate Egbe for him.

  5. It is this ogbe alara that named my son Aikulola

  6. I need your number pls BABA on this subject matter:Ogbe Alara....,it's my birth Odu too☺️

  7. Abแปru Abแปye Bร bรก, I am also a son of Ogbรจ ร’tรบrรก......thanks for more informations.

  8. Good morning I also have obetuanilara in IFร would like more info

  9. Sir I am also ogbe otura and I have face so many challenges in this life what are the things that i can do to make things easier for me

  10. Pls sir can you explain about ogunda meji


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