Tuesday 11 January 2022

The Spiritual Technology of Àwọn Agbára Mẹ́rin: The Four Powers

One of the beauties of Ifá African Spiritual Technology is how it allows us to understand and use energy and matter for our own and communal purposes. In my quest to study and understand this energy, I have delved into how this energy manifests in the physical world and spiritual world through the use of the elements. There are various numeric models to use when studying Ifá energy dynamics. The numeric models are all different ways to look at energy.   One is not right and the other is not wrong.  They are just different ways to see energy starting from the source  (1) all the way down to 256+ energies.

The One Energetic model reflects Olódùmarè as the one and only source of existence and the only true reality.  (Osa Otura and Osa Gunleja) .(Ejiogbe)

The Two Energetic model reflects the Binary principle: Male and Female Principle which interact to create more energy.  This represents positive and negative energy.  Light and dark energy.  Visible light and matter representative of 5% of the known universe. 95% of everything else is known as dark matter and energy energy and is basically a big mystery..

The Three Energetic Model represents the result of the copulation of Male and Female Principle giving birth to a child. This child represents bridge between male and female energy, the creation of potent raw energy.  Also associated with the three types of creations. Ogbon, Imo, Oye and the three types of Iyaami, Red, Black and White. This Model has to do with the directions and the crossroads.   Èṣù and Iyaami are associated with this Energetic Model.

The Four Energetic Model represents the basic building blocks for physical and spiritual reality. This is the Energetic Modality we are most concerned with in this article. The Four Energies of the Foyr Energetic Model correlate to energy, space, time, and matter. They are first described in Ifá and I call them collectively, Àwọn Agbára Mẹ́rin: The Four Creative Powers of the Universe.

These four powers as taken from one of Ifa's creation story are: 




Oro-The Word

These four powers further correlate with the 4 calabashes of Existence from Ose Oyeku. 

Oro-The Word-Efun-


Oye-Understanding Charcoal- 


These four calabashes of Existence correlate to the 4 Òrìşà Powers from Ose Oyeku. 





These four Òrìşà  Powers correlate to the four elements.



Ògún Water

Obaluaye Fire

These four elements correlate to the first 4 Odu Ifá. 




Earth Odi

These four elements also correlate to the 4 manifestations of Orí

Air-Orí Isese

Water-Orí Ode

Fire -Orí Inu

Earth-Orí Iponri

These four elements also correlate to the 4 components of Personhood- Eniyan.

Air-Emi-Spirit/Animating Principal

Water-Ori Ode-Physical Head

Fire-Ori Inu/Okan-Heart

Earth- Ese-Feet

These four creative elements or primordial energy particles ultimately become the 4 tools with which Orí masters in order to create and destroy.  They correlate to the 4 pieces of the Obi Ase, the Kola Nut of authority which was split by Ori in primordial times giving ori dominion over all the orisa. They further correlate to the four directions and the four types of universal energy in science. The secret of manifestation and transforming energy has to do with the manipulation of these four powers. This is the heart of Ifá African Spiritual Technology.

By Baba Faseye Sangobukunmi

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