Wednesday 12 January 2022

On Chief Ernest Sonekan, History Speaks!

Shonekan had option to reject IBB's illegal contraption called Interim Government aka "Ijoba Fidi E" in Yoruba language. The old man marred all his outstanding corporate image by accepting to be a voluntary traitor and assisted the military bandits in power to frustrate the democratic rights of Nigerians to freely choose their president on June election which MKO Abiola won.

Judge Dolapo Akinsanya ruled that the head of state, Ernest Shonekan, was sworn in illegally by General Babangida because his appointment was signed after the general had resigned.

That despite this judgment by a brave  female judge,, a judgement that was never appealed before Gen. Bandit Abacha sent the IBB's contraption, interim government, away, Chief Sonekan still continued to parade himself as "Head of State" and attended the Council of State meeting, shows his love for opportunism and illegality which is typical of Nigerian rogue power desperate political elite.

Despite Sonekan's acceptance of that illegal, ridiculous position of Head of Interim Government with Abacha as his military master at gunpoint, no serious Nigerian took the old man seriously. This was because we knew he was just a useless, rootless floating leaf that would soon be swept away by flood in a deliberate evil machination to allow Abacha to take over.

For the 82 odd days he pretended to be Head of State, Sonekan was just ruling himself and his family alone. We (Nigerians) continued our protests on the streets peacefully for the deannulment of June 12 election while the Abacha led violent military bandits continued to kill protesting  Nigerians on the streets.

At that point Sonekan should have voluntarily resigned to save himself from further  embarrassment and dishonor. His Abobakus including Obasanjo  continued to deceive him that he's sacrificing for his fatherland. He stayed put until he was ordered to resign at "koboko point". (he's too weak for any military gunpoint but Koboko)

Abacha seized power and the nation was put on total reverse gear, further tortured, misgoverned and looted dry while his own Abobakus including Buhari, Arisekola, Adedibu and Daniel Kanu were deceiving him as the messiah because of ethnic, partisan or pecuniary interest. Nigerian ruling class is a very unprincipled, useless and indolent, dirty, unpatriotic criminal class that can do anything to get power or stay in the corridor of power.

Notwithstanding their kurukere kurukere to churches and mosques, Mecca and Jerusalem, members of ruling have no scruple when power and looting is at stake. If not, how can a good natured man who didn't involve himself in rascality, narcotic, identity crime, looting like Awon Arabi, a giant intellectual with enviable service record, find himself in such mess of power absurdity?

Flag at half mast?

Buhari never ordered that Nigeria's flag should fly at half mast despite the multiple daily  killings of thousands of innocent Nigerians by terrorists and millions displaced. . Recently, 47 citizens including pregnant women and children were roasted alive  in their vehicle by terrorists, no half mast, 200 were massacred in Zamfara few days ago, no half mast, but Seriki Integrity has ordered  the flag to be hoisted at half mast when an old man, Sonekan, 83, died. The same man that a competent court of law declared his headship of the interim government illegal. What a lawless, heartless stoneage tyrant!

By acts of omission or commission, good and bad, Chief Sonekan had written his tributes in the corporate world and his illegal public office, while alive. While wishing him to rest in peace, history will continue to speak on his inglorious role as an unprincipled man who aided and abetted military criminality against democracy and good governance in Nigeria.

On this occasion of Sonekan's exit, we should also wish the souls of hundreds of Nigerians who were killed during June 12 struggle including those that were slaughtered during Sonekan's 82 days of illegal Ijoba  Fidi E, to rest in peace.

By Adeola Soetan

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