Wednesday 26 January 2022

The Origin of Agbor and the Obi of Agbor

Agbor is an Ancient Kingdom. It is originally called Ogwugwunagbor - it means "The Heart of the Fertile  Earth" in Igbo. It can also mean a deep crevice or ravine. There are  also  shrines of Ogwugwu all over Igboland where the Igbo god of the Earth called Ali or Ani is worshipped. Other places referred to as Ogwugwu include Ogwugwunsugbe for Nsugbe at Anambra State. Some of the villages of Agbor are named after the Earth goddess eg Alishimi, Aliobume Alifekede etc.

Agbor is from Local history, thousands of years old and came into being at the same time as Bini Kingdom of the Ogiso Dynasty.

The King of Agbor is a First Class Eze. He is referred to as Obi,  the title of Kings in West Igbo territories. His fellow Obis include the Obi of Aboh,  Obi of Ubulu -  Ukwu,  Obi of Issele-Ukwu,  Obi of Owa to name a few. 

Like all Kings of Igbo land,  the Obi of Agbor holds an OFO - EZE. Ofo is a Staff of office  for Kings and the eldest Male of any Igbo community. It distinguishes the Igbo people from anyother people on Earth. 

The Obiship of Agbor like that of Oba of Benin is from father to first son. This leadership by primogeniture can be traced to Igboland were the OKPARA /OKPALA being the first son inherits his fathers OBI and leadership of the homestead. In parts of Ndokwa land and Ikaland the leadership by gerontocracy is evolved to mean OKPARA - UKWU where the eldest Male in the community is King. Primogeniture is when gerontocracy is limited to the Royal Lineage of the particular ruling King. 

In the West - Igbo area and beyond, the family of DEI (DEIN) is related to royalty. It is true of Ogwashi - Ukwu, Onitsha, Oguta, Agbor and others. 

The language of and culture of Agbor is Igbo and with garnishings of Bini as Agbor is in the fringes of Igbo land and shares boundary with Bini. . THE Agbor belong to the larger tribe called IKA of the Igbo Ethnic Group.

The Obis of Agbor come from the Royal Village of AGBOR - OBI and specifically of the  lineage of (Umudei)  UMU - DEIN. "Umu " in Igbo means Children therefore Umudei means the Village of the Children of DEIN. In West Igbo areas and beyond Umudei are related to royalty. This is true of Ogwashi -  Ukwu,  Onitsha,  Oguta,  Agbor etc.

The immediate past OBI of Agbor is Obi James Obika Ikechukwu,  he is the father of the Present King and DEIN of Agbor  Obi Benjamin Kiagborekwuzi Ikechukwu. 

By Victor Wilberforce

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