Monday 24 January 2022

Just Reflect On This

Olu is a house boy who drinks his boss' wine and then adds water for cover up.​ ​His boss became suspicious and decided to buy pasties (A french wine that change colour if water added)​.

​As usual, Olu drank the pasties and topped it up with water. ​Unfortunately for him, the pasties changed colour. When the boss came back home and notice the colour change, he told his wife about it.​ ​

Olu knew he was in trouble and decided to stay in the kitchen.

​The boss shouted, "Olu!!!"

​Olu answered.."Yes, Sir!"

​Boss.. "Who drank the pasties?"​ 

​Olu didn't respond.

​The boss ask again, still no answer. Then the boss went to the kitchen to confront him.​ "Are you insane or what? When I called you, you said 'Yes Sir', but when I asked you a question, you didn't answer me!

​Hmmm Oga, when you are in the kitchen you don't hear anything except your name,"​ Olu answered.

"Let's try it. Okay go to the bar and stand beside madam, while I will stay in the kitchen. Then call me and then ask me any question,"​ The Boss suggested.

Olu shouted, "Boss!"​

​Boss answered, "Yes!"

​Olu asked, "Who goes into the maid's bedroom when madam isn't around?"

​Boss didn't answer​.

​Olu asked again, the Boss kept quiet.

​The boss came out from the kitchen shouting, "Wonders shall never end!!!

Olu it's true. When one is in the kitchen, one doesn't hear anything except one's name"​.

​The wife interrupted, "That's not true. It's a lie".​

​Without argument olu ask if she'd like to enter the kitchen to be tested and she agreed.

​Olu called, "Madam!

​Madam answered, "Yes!"

​Olu asked, "Who is Junior's biological father? Me or boss?"​

​Madam rushed out of the kitchen saying, "This kitchen needs to be checked, I can't hear anything!"​

Don't just laugh about it but reflect on it as well.

Sin is a very shameful thing, it makes you lose your right, dignity, reputation, authority, conscience, boldness, gut and stand. Keep away from it

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