Wednesday 26 January 2022

Ifรก is not a divinatory tool... IFA divination is just one aspect of the gigantic cosmos umbrella called IFA!

Picture Portrait "Orunmila" Credit: Artist Erik Olivera

Under the umbrella!

We have many aspects of it like Science, Technology, Herbalism, Exotericism, Mathematics, Ethnomathematical, Music, just name it...

The IFA divination aspect was what gave birth to the religious aspect of it, which is normal but one aspect of IFA cannot define IFA, it is never possible. This is why IFA is not a religion but have religion in it.

IFA is not just mathematics but have mathematical calculations in it.

I have been preaching this all these while. We can't afford to be calling IFA a religion and make sense! IFA is more than all that.

This is why I have been calling on brilliant minds of all fields to come near and seek the authentic content of IFA corpus, this is very important to me. This is what I teach. We want folks of different professions on it. We must all come together and look into what IFA really is.

It is true that our fathers had been researching on the divinatory and herbal aspect of IFA for years, this is why alot of people think IFA is just a divinatory phallus...but no, IFA is beyond that.

Medicine, Poetry, Chemistry etc are all aspects of IFA!

I am using this medium to call on all brilliant men and women to come and seek the wisdom of IFA, this is where our civilization is! Without it, we can't go no where.

We must be able to move IFA from cultural level of information to technological level of information.

By Olusegun Daramola

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