Wednesday 26 January 2022


The coups that have happened in Mali, Guinea, Burkina faso, the terrorists that have been crossing from the middle east into Africa through Libya and all the way to Mozambique after the removal of Col. Gaddafi by imperialists with the negligence of the majority of African rulers and the whole neocolonial project being perpetrated by the current African ruling class and oligarchs that have brought nothing but abysmal economic growth are the triple threat facing the African people,  how to approach this problem and what is the solution to it?

It is only a Union government of African States that will put an almost eternal brake to the weakness of the Continent, external bullying of the African people plus the internal weaknesses of the many insignificantly disconnected African rulers. An African High Command should immediately be called for to address the problem of terrorist incursions and other external aggression.

How to transfer power from the current rulers is not a singular process, negotiable, coercive and forceful methods have to be employed by the critical mass of the African people organized by the Pan African body which already has the solutions to and for a new political and social political system to be ushered into the whole African Continent.

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