Monday 17 January 2022

What the Ifa Says About the Rainbow

One foot in water, 

Another foot in the marsh 

These were the Awos 

Who cast Ifá  

For Òṣùmàrè ẹ̀gọ̀ - Rainbow, 

The offspring of Irórò......

He was asked 

To offer ẹbọ

To forestall being mowed 

At his prime

And prevent his shinning glory 

From being engulfed 

By sudden darkness.....

Òṣùmàrè ẹ̀gọ̀ 

Turned his deaf ears

To a solemn cry for ẹbọ 

Saying his radiant glory 

Is a creation of the heavens 

And as such 

Not preventable.....

For his refusal 

To make ẹbọ

For being obstinate

With sacrificial offerings

Èṣù let lose 

A heavy rain from the sky

Wrapped the Rainbow

And his beautiful colours 

With a sudden cloud 

Of darkness.....


You need to constantly hone your skills and reinvent yourself. Over reliance on your past glory is suicidal. Be willing and ready to pay the price. Environmental forces will not permit you to sit on a coveted seat for too long. You must device a means to remain seated against all odds. 

Lionel Messi had used this to his own advantage, winning his seventh trophy as the world best. 

Ifá admonishes us to never joke with the admonition to make ẹbọ. No matter what your gifts and talents are, no matter the height you have been placed by your divine gifting, you must never underestimate or ignore the voice of Olódùmarè when it calls on you to make ẹbọ. 

Your sacrifices may take any form at different times. Paying due attention to it, you are guaranteed to fully express your heavenly endowments here on earth.

May we all manifest on earth our heavenly ordained glory. Àṣẹ.

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