Thursday 13 January 2022


In July 12 2020, 6-year old Bridger Walker stepped in front of his 4-year old sister to save her from being attacked by a 1-year old German Shepherd dog.

When asked, the little boy said: "If someone had to die, I thought it should be me."

The incident happened when the little boy and his sister visited a friend's house in the US. The children went out into the yard and the friend pointed to a dog and said "that is the nice dog," then the friend pointed to another dog in the yard and said "that is the mean one."

In a moment, the "mean one" ran at them. Bridger stepped to the side, in front of his sister so that the dog wouldn't get her, and after the dog bit him, Bridger yelled for his sister to run. When the dog released him, he promptly ran to his sister and led her to a more secure part of the yard where he thought they would be safe.

Afterwards, Bridger underwent 2 hours surgery that required about 90 stitches.

The brave act elicited reactions from celebrities, including Chris Evans, the Captain America actor, who sent him an authentic Captain America shield.

The best part: Young Bridger was named by the World Boxing Council as the Honorary Champion for his extraordinary brave actions, risking his own life  to protect his younger sister.

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