Monday 27 June 2022


Whosoever has this Odu has to be careful with the witchcraft from the people who want to destroy him, throwing him out of the door and windows of his house.

Ifa warns that if such a person has possession of so much wealth, he/she should not despise the poor so that his/her luck will not go away. Which means the witches told Olodumare that his children mustn't display his or her wealth in public.

Ifa warns that such person has to be careful when navigating the rivers, because he or she can lose his or her life in it. You will have to sacrifice so that nothing happens to you because you have phobia for the river and be careful so that you won't go back to Orun (die) through the river.

Ifa warns the person to be very careful with his or her health.

Ifa warns the person against bad or shameful deeds. He or she has to be careful of an embarrassment that can cost him or her his or her life.

Be careful not to get hit in the face or in the eyes with badly placed sticks in the house.

It is commanded not to fight with your spouse so as not to lose luck.

All promises made must be granted. And never ever make the promises you will never fulfill.


  1. Yourba language

  2. Where is you Oduntan root sir?

  3. I’m also Oduntan but I’m from ibadan. I’m interested in knowing if we’re from the same family tree, both the ogun state and oyo state Oduntan

  4. My genealogy is from Awumaro compound in Oyo state. Oduntan is one of the children of Late Alafin Atiba in Oyo state.

  5. Is there a corpuscle of IWORI OWO? What does it says?
    Thank you sir


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