Monday 27 June 2022

Odu Iwori Otura

(1) This Odu advises the client that he or she should seek advice in everything that is to be undertaken, so as not to have losses.

(2) Ifa says the elders should be respected and heard. Always listen to the advice of your parents most especially your mother in order to avoid being destroy.

(3) Ifa sees health and economic situation i.e health or economy challenges.

(4) Ifa says go and feed OLOKUN to achieve happiness and prosperity.

(5) Ifa talks about meeting a woman who has experienced with many adversities in her life, and that you will be her happiness.

(6) Perform ebo (sacrifice) to avoid accidents at home and on the street and most especially not to suffer from injury in the left leg.

(7) Ifa warns against being violent because you can lose your mind and destroy your home (happiness). 

(8) Ifa says that you should know that you belong to Sango, never get married to a fellow devotee of Sango or Egungun. You should wear kele (Sango necklace always). Don't  marry more than one wife, you can only have a single commitment, because more than one harms your destiny.

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