Monday 20 June 2022


Ibadan, the capital city of Oyo State back in the days, is known to be a camp of notable war soldiers mostly from Egba, Ife, Oyo and some other parts of Yorubaland.

One of these warlords whose name must be mentioned whenever the creation and survival of the city are being discussed however is Ibasorun Oluyole. After Lagelu’s first and second Eba Odan, as it used to be called, being an abandoned settlement, was discarded by raging wars across the Yoruba land back in the 16th century, Iba Oluyole ruled over what is today referred to as Ibadan land. He was said to have commanded enormous respect among warlords back then. Having been born into the house of a warrior; his grandfather, Yamba Bi Ekun, was Basorun in Oyo during the reign of Alaafin Ojigi. His father’s name was Olukuoye Ajala.

His mother, Agbonrin was the daughter of Alaafin Abiodun 1. Though Oluyole’s age couldn’t be ascertained, he was said to be born around 1740-1750A.D. At the initial stage, Oluyole learned the trade of Blacksmith and thereafter specialised in modelling weapons of war. But he was later to become a fearless warrior. Probably because of his background, as a grandchild of Basorun, Oluyole was said to be very vast in charms. The source or logic behind this is his diabolical powers nobody knew.

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