Monday 20 June 2022

NIGERIA – British Incorporated (3)

When I stated last week that H.E. Tinubu’s visit to PMB was to assure the UK government of his unalloyed loyalty. UK government wanted an assent attestation from PMB of his support for Tinubu’s ambition to be Nigeria president come 2023. Such assurance attestation will be tabled before Her Majesty and British government officials for further scrutiny. We are all aware that Tinubu started his electoral campaign from the UK, but he was asked to go home and obtain a concrete evidence of his loyalty to Britain as PMB did. In that closed-door meeting between PMB and Tinubu, there was a written document in a questionnaire format. Tinubu must answer those questions and signed the letter attached therein. He did and hence he boasted of being the next president of Nigeria. He wanted Britain to understand his loyalty attestation when he said that he will continue from where PMB stopped. A mere mortal won’t understand the true meaning of that simple phrase of continuity. It’s not about PMB policies directions continuity, but a pre-planned British Incorporated company objective continuity.

As I was still musing about Tinubu’s body language on his convinced mien about being our next president, he jetted out of the country to UK last weekend, and according to his aide, his principal (Tinubu) travelled to UK to rest before the electoral campaigns kickstart. And many of us believed without asking questions about how there’s no other place in Nigeria where Tinubu could rest.

Are we having a Nigerian president or a UK envoy?

The truth is that Tinubu has gone to the UK to submit his answer sheet to the questionnaire format to the Her Majesty and Boris Johnson government officials to verify if PMB’s signature specimen was properly assented. He will then have a one-on-one interview by the Nigeria Board of Directors composed of all British Oil companies Management officials. Once his candidacy has been approved by UK government, we should forget about our voting rights and privileges.

Lensen Ibekwe’s comment to my earlier series to this article was a vindication of the present pathetic state of Nigeria leadership enthronement. Hear him: “Dear DSM, this article scored the bull’s eyes. Like every lamentation, Nigeria’s seemingly irredeemable woes are transparent but everyone who have crookedly ascended leadership positions have viewed them with opaque eyes…..As for the contraption called Nigeria, everything possible must be done by the Engineer (Britain) to keep massaging the lie. Our today’s so-called leaders are mere District Heads as applied during the indirect rule of our Colonial Masters. And whose loyalty are secured through coercion and blackmail”.

As I am writing this piece, there are many Nigeria top government officials who are in UK, and their main objective is to be part of the emissaries that will lead Tinubu in defense of his manifesto in UK. Tinubu didn’t go to UK to rest, but to get approval for his presidential ambition. Yes, he may be resting as per his unstable medical health conditions, but I’m assuring all Nigerians that even if Tinubu is on a wheelchair, he will be the president of Nigeria in 2023 if UK approves.

Have we forgotten the late President Yar’Adua’s case? He was in a German hospital while OBJ was making a phone call on his sickbed.

Who’s not aware of the health conditions of President Yar’Adua when UK, in collaboration with OBJ hoisted a sick president on Nigerians?

“Nigeria is a country where abnormalities reign with impunity and the people rave about their hardships as zombies that are senseless”. DSM.

Atiku should not make the mistake of 2019 by going to USA, but should equally queue in, and do everything possible to ensure that he has the backing of UK government. He must try to give UK government his loyalty and put to table, what Britain stands to gain if he becomes the president. Let there be comparisons between Tinubu and Atiku, otherwise, Tinubu will be hoisted on us by fire by force, and by UK government, Nigeria crook billionaires and PMB’s signature attestation.

This week, we saw many Northern APC Governors, Senators and leaders paying a courtesy visit to Atiku, an ambitious PDP presidential aspirant, in his home. These are the same shameless leaders that were hailing Tinubu as their incoming president in UK a few months ago.

The outcome of such a meeting should be a clear indication of the North still reneging on the unsigned mutual agreement of zoning the presidential candidate based on the North and South formula.

*Where’s The Igbos?*

The sad truth is that the Igbos have become a beggar zone that has forgotten the power of her economic buoyancy and scattered population coverage. In a decent society, Igbos should be lured to lead this country, and the reason being that the country needs the economic ingenuity of the Igbos.

In 2021, Igbos in diaspora remittance was in the neighbourhood of $5billion. Traders and manufacturers in Alaba, Nnewi, Onitsha, Abuja, Aba, Kano, Ladipo, Trade fair, and Diobu generated another estimated revenue of about $5billion. This is estimated at about N6 trillion. The entire Nigeria budget provisions: Estimated Revenue N7.99 trillion, Actual Revenue N8.13 trillion and we ended up with a budget deficit of N6.45 trillion as against the approved N5.6 trillion.

From the above, Igbos generated more than 75% of the entire country’s revenue.

The only remaining enemies to the Igbos becoming the president of Nigeria is not necessarily the population vaunting of the North, or the trickery of the West and South, but their coming together as one entity. Igbos have all it takes to be the president of Nigeria even if UK becomes the permanent abode of the would-be contestant. Enough of playing second fiddle, and drumming a myopic idea of marginalisation. London is where Nigeria president is being decided on and not running around like chickens looking for the devouring hawks within the vicinity of Nigeria soil.

This is my free feasibility study for anyone who is interested to becoming Nigeria president. Don’t waste your time and money to campaign if you’ve not been given a provisional approval rating by UK government. All that you need to do is to go to London with your crooked documents on what UK government stands to gain if you are a president. It’s all about whose beneficial document benefits UK government and oil companies that will be considered.

Nigeria is a corporate entity of UK, and only the person whose interests are going to benefit the Chief Executive gets the promotion of becoming a president.

The sad truth about Igbos ascension to the Nigeria presidency is that Igbos are not trusted especially with the new wave of agitations for independence. UK government will never allow any person with any inclination to restructure the pathetic arrangements of Nigeria. That’s the biggest problem that the Igbos must fight against. 

If you can read the first part of this article, you’ll understand why it’s going to be very difficult for an Igbo president to emerge in Nigeria. 

As at now, most notable UK, European and American universities are studying the traits of an average Igbo person. Igbos are special species because they are not only intelligent, but they are rare breeds in terms of migration resilience and insightful economic pace setters. They’re never afraid of situational changes because they are born strategists. UK government doesn’t want such genetic inference as a leader in Nigeria.

Back To the Basics:

Who would have ever believed that PMB will be voted for the second term in office after all known dismissal stewardship in his first term?

I won’t even delve into his WASC attestation ‘wahala.’ It’s in the public domains, but who dares challenge the top management (Britain) decisions on who manages a branch of their estate or company (Nigeria)?

It’s ALL ABOUT who gets the approval from the Chief Executive Officer of Nigeria and Nigerians British incorporated venture.

Stop being ignorant of why Nigeria has remained unprecedented a miserable state right from the past, today and probably, in the future.

Nigeria to foreigners does not exist, because we have not found out why and how Nigeria was incorporated by Britain. Until we delve deeper into the motives of why British government has remained dumbfounded to the freedom agitations in Nigeria while she’s enjoying such from European Union freedom PHILOSOPHY, we will keep feeding the Nigeria incorporation headquarters that’s based in London.

Let’s wake up from our mental enslavement and get it deep into our skulls that Nigeria is the most viable British government’s business venture and not an equal partner in the committee of nations.

Did you think that GEJ just handed power to PMB on a platter?

Wake up. He didn’t. Forget his most quoted phrase of, ‘My ambition is not worth spilling the blood of any Nigerian’. The intrigue was that there were secret phone calls from different dimensions and countries. It was when the British government aligned with PMB, and which was communicated to GEJ that he knew that the game was up. In order to give him a soft landing, certain promises were made to GEJ. Such promises include: 1. He will not be probed despite all the reckless approvals that depleted our foreign account reserve. 2. He will be made a statesman in terms of leading certain government envoys presentations as a way to launder his image and the corruption escalation mess in his regime. 3. He may be reconsidered to contest in 2023. 4. None of his assets will be touched or be investigated.

While we’re sleeping, dreaming of an ideal country, some foreign countries together with our saboteurs in leadership are planning on how to use our lives as cheese games.

If we miss it in 2023, we will live to regret our actions even in the graves.

(Stay tuned till next week for continuation)

By Dr. Sunny Oby Maduka.

Independent Newspaper.

Saturday February 05, 2022.

"Dr. Sunny Oby Maduka (DSM)", is an Author, Resource Personality, Management Consultant/ Trainer, Chartered/Certified – Au d i t o r / A c c o u n t a n t , Financial Compliance Expert, Economic/Political Analyst Strategist, Marine Expert and Motivationist).

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