Friday 24 June 2022


The popular History about the origin of Yoruba people is that their ancestor fell from sky. But the confusion is how they learnt Igala language or ancient Egyptian language. Below are some comparisons.

1. Snake in English. Edjo in Egypt. Ejo in Igala. Ejo in Yoruba

2. Die in English. Khu in ancient Egypt. Ku in Igala. Ku in Yoruba

3. Water in English. Omi in Egypt. Omi in Igala. Omi in Yoruba.

4. Black in English. Dudu in Egypt. Edudu in Igala. Dudu in Yoruba.

5. Hill in English. Ke in Egypt. Oke in Igala. Oke in Yoruba.

6. Sell in English. Ta in Egypt. Ta in Igala. Ta in Yoruba.

7. Boat/canoe in English. Ko(t) in Egypt. Oko in Igala. Oko in Yoruba.

8. Moon in English. Khonsu in Egypt. Ochu in Igala. Osu in Yoruba.

9. Foot in English. Ren in Egypt. Ere in Igala. Ere in Yoruba.

10. Evil in English. Hika/Ubi in Egypt. Ubi in Igala. Ubi in Yoruba.

11. Mother in English. Tiye in Egypt. Iye in Igala. Iya in Yoruba.

12. Fire in English. Unas in Egypt. Una in Igala. Ina in Yoruba.

13. Buy in English. Ra in Egypt. La in Igala. Ra in Yoruba.

And so on.

With this few ancient Egypt vocabularies which were brought from Egypt by Igala to the present day Nigeria and now used by Yoruba people, it is clear that Yoruba people have Igala or Egypt origin. And since migration is from North to South, it is clear that Yoruba people are formed by Igala and other related tribes from middle belt including Nupe people who are in Tapa Ibarapa Oyo State, and who's daughter was the mother of Alaafin Sango and Ajaka.

Noting that Yoruba normeclature was used for only Oyo people in 1850s, it is clear that all other tribes in West keyed in into the newly introduced tribe for economic purpose and to feel amongism, a situation in the east where all tribes including Igala/Olu/Benin had to adopt Igbo tribe, and in the North where many tribes now claim Hausa including fulani in order to fall under the 3 major tribes of Nigeria.

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