Saturday 18 June 2022

A Brief History Of Orile In Egbaland

Do you know before Abeokuta became the Capital of Egba in 1830, they were made of 143 Oriles? Do you also know each Orile had over 30 to 50 villages as a unit?

Then Orile in Egba history was  the meeting point of all  villagers  under the group to sort out their problems, they were farmers and all decisions taken from their Orile were binding on each town of Egba.

Orile according to Egba history should be taken as the source of the 143 towns of the people that became all the areas you have now in Abeokuta today.

If you are from Abeokuta and you can identify your area in Abeokuta, like Igbein, Igbore, itori, Itoko, Keesi, Ilugun, etc you must be connected to one Orile outside Abeokuta, like Orile Igbein, Orile Imo, Orile Igbore Orile Ilugun about 143 of them in all.

Each of Egba Orile contains the hidden and untold history of the Egba and it is of interest to this writer, with the hope in future, the Egba will create one day or two for them to celebrate their history and connect with the people in their Orile for development.

Our Orile are still rural in outlook with little or no infrastructure and they are untapped future of new cities for the Egba to expand and progress. 

May God bless Egbaland, and Nigeria indeed Africa.

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