Saturday 25 June 2022

Did You Know?

Did you know that the Bini word “Ọghẹnẹ” was actually borrowed from the Yoruba title “Ọɣọ̀nẹ” (modern spelling:“Ọọ̀ni”)?

Historians and Linguists are aware of this fact. The Dictionary of Bini Language also exposes this fact.

Check out the 2nd screenshot below from Hans Melzian’s “Dictionary of Bini Language of Southern Nigeria”. The relevant line says:

“ɔɣɛnɛ [ọghẹnẹ] … cf. Yor. ɔɔni [Ọọni]”.

In everyday English, this line simply says that:

“The Bini word ‘Ọghẹnẹ’ was originally borrowed from the Yoruba title ‘Ọọni’ [of Ifẹ]”.

For clarity, see the 1st screenshot for the abbreviations “cf.” and “Yor.”

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This word has long spread into the larger Edoid lexicon via Bini from the Yoruba.

In the Bini lexicon particularly, it has later acquired two other additional layers of meanings, viz. “Osa” himself and a piece from a 5-pieces kola.

Source: Odionwere Gift Imafidon

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