Thursday 9 June 2022

Mambwe People of Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania

Mambwe People can be found in the Rukwa region of Tanzania, northwestern Zambia and Mozambique. They are related to the Namanga People and Other regional ethnic groups, It is believed Mambwe migrated from what is now North East Africa, they are part of the Bantu people. 

The Mambwe language and the Lungu language are distinguished by minor dialect differences. In Mambwe Culture, Impali known as Polygamy is common among them, Mambwe families, If the parents of a man have not prearranged a marriage for him, he will seek a wife himself. The Interesting part is that marriage can also be formed when two Individuals are attracted to each other. The man uses  his or her friend which is known as  love messenger who goes to the girl’s and tries to arrange the marriage but the decision cant be Immediately made. The parents must discuss it with uncles and aunts, for the families thrive together as a larger extended unit. It is said Mambwe People have a system of distinguishing males and females by their surnames. Males have last names starting with the letter “Si” and females starting with the letter “Na'' they are into Agricultural and their diet consists mainly of corn or maize, millet, sorghum, sweet potatoes, bananas, coffee, cotton and sugarcane. Mambwe People keep or also use sheep, goats, chickens, cattles for bride price they have a staple food which is Ugal which is eaten several times a day it is made up of maize, It is typically consume with Okro another staple food is the millet which is also made for Porridge.

Mambwe women use millet to grind it into flour and then, It is eat hot with sugar, bread with butter and also with traditional tea. According to Indigenous World Groups account, The history of the Mambwe had long lasting disputes and wars with the Bemba People, It is believed the Bemba have raided started wars. Mambwe considered Lungu, who share their  western border an ally against the Bemba. In fact, Mambwe and Lungu People share common ancestors, language, although their are many dialects spoken. Their language is commonly referred to by geographical location, If spoken by Mambwe  and Lungu People It’s called Mambwe -Lungu  likewise If spoken by Fipa it is known as Fipa- Mambwe.

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