Monday 28 February 2022

Larry Williams (MFR) - Adieu to one of a kind!

Actor, poet, lecturer, playwright Chief Larry Williams passed on Sunday, February 27, 2022.

He had Olu Jacobs, Taiwo Ajai-Lycett, Dele Jegede amongst others in his play "Colanut Junction". He had several poems and plays to his credit, taught arts at the National Theatre and was well-loved for his roles in soaps like Village Headmaster, Ripples and Mirror In The Sun.

His column in Vanguard Newspapers called "Stage & Screens" ran for more than 28 years.

Chief Larry Williams was the first president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria and a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Chief Larry Williams lectured in 3 Nigerian Universities - the University of Lagos, Lagos State University and the University of Calabar.

He was very active in training young people and passionate about theatre arts.

Condolences on passage of the septuagenarian titan.

God Rules!


Events in Ukraine are moving fast and faster. Dangers of economic paralysis in Ukraine and of wider war with Russia are very real. This essay will argue that we all need to notice our historical biases in perceiving and misperceiving events. My own bias is anti-war. Now is not the time in human history for geopolitical power plays and military alliances. Now is the time for coordinated international actions on climate and economy.

I am a Professor of Social and Community Psychology at the University of Tromsø in Arctic Norway, near the Russian border. I have no special knowledge of Russia other than conventional sources (Google Scholar, Wikipedia, JSTOR). My surname is Lithuanian, from my grandfather’s emigration in 1897 when Lithuania was controlled by Russia.

James Joyce’s famous statement that “history is a nightmare” from which we should try to awake, aptly describes current events in the Ukraine. All nations involved in these events are biased by the remembered, misremembered, forgotten, and mythologized history they carry in their heads. Chaos in Maidan Square, neo-fascists in positions of power in Kiev, Russia annexing Crimea, these are inkblots that everyone sees differently depending on the historical visions that dominate their minds.

Our national memories have the passion and power to drive us blindly to hatred and to war. The histories we believe set us up for easy manipulations and disastrous actions.

Hillary Clinton, on March 5, said that Putin’s concern for Russians in Ukraine is like Hitler’s concern for Germans in Poland and Czechoslovakia. It is also like Ronald Reagan’s concern for US medical students in Grenada by which he justified his 1983 invasion of that small island nation. Clinton said, “We can learn from this tactic that has been used before.” That is good advice if we consider this tactic of:

a) personifying a nation by its leader’s personal name, and

b) then labelling that leader “Hitler.”

This is a sure way to activate a demon in the American national memory, and to mobilize the United States to again fight evil personified by the new Hitler. John Kerry said Assad is Hitler. John McCain said Castro is Hitler. George Bush said Saddam was Hitler. Donald Rumsfeld said Chavez was Hitler. The list of leaders the US has targeted as Hitler includes Allende (Chile), Noriega (Panama), Ortega (Nicaragua), Milosevic (Serbia), Arafat (Palestine), Gaddafi (Libya), Ahmadinejad (Iran), and Kim (North Korea).

Hitler, in fact, was defeated by the USSR more than by the USA. After the Battle of Stalingrad in February 1943 and the Battle of Kursk in August 1943, Germany had effectively lost WWII. D-Day was a year later, in June 1944. Soviet armies caused more than 90% of total German casualties. Nevertheless, Americans remember that it was they who defeated Hitler.

Americans also “Remember the Alamo”. In 1835, American settlers in the Mexican territory of Texas felt threatened by the government of Santa Anna in Mexico City, which had come to power by coup. In1836, the American settlers in Texas declared independence, and later negotiated annexation by the United States. Thus, Americans can, if they wish, appreciate that Crimeans felt threatened by the government in Kiev, which came to power by a coup d'etat, and that Crimeans also declared independence, and also then negotiated annexation by the nation of their origin. However, unlike Texas, Crimea had previously been part of Russia for 170 years.

Just as the Alamo is an iconic historic site for Americans, so, too, is the Crimean fortress of Sevastopol, an iconic historic site for Russians. Both symbolize steadfast courage and sacrifice in the face of overwhelming force.

The Siege of the Alamo in 1836 lasted 13 days, with 1,500 Mexican soldiers overwhelming 250 Americans who died heroically defending liberty and independence. The first Siege of Sevastopol in 1854, lasted two years, with 175,000 British, French, Turkish, German, Italian, Polish and Swiss soldiers overwhelming 35,000 Russian soldiers heroically defending Russian Crimea.

Americans should remember that they own Alaska only because Russia sold it, in large part, to pay debts incurred defending Crimea from the attacking European alliance. The second Siege of Sevastopol in 1941 lasted one year, with more than 200,000 German, Romanian, Italian and Bulgarian forces overwhelming 106,000 Soviet soldiers heroically defending Russian Crimea.

When, and if, Americans feel emotional remembering the Alamo, they can then begin to imagine the depth of emotion Russians must feel remembering Sevastopol.

America experienced invading foreign forces during its War of Independence in the 1770s, and again on a small scale during the War of 1812. But only two foreign attacks are seared into the American psyche with historic force. One is the Dec 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor which lasted less than 2 hours and killed 2,400 Americans. The other is the Sept 11, 2001 attack on NY City and Washington, DC which lasted less than 3 hours and killed 3,000 victims. Americans’ anger to avenge those attacks is deep and enduring, allowing no limits of cost, no limits of law, to prevent such attacks happening again. Thus, Americans can, if they wish, appreciate Russia’s reactions to being attacked by foreign armies, and can understand why Russia also will allow no limits of cost, no limits of law, to prevent such attacks happening again.

The USA has not suffered invasions because it is bounded by large oceans east and west, and by powerless, peaceful nations north and south. Russia has no protective natural barriers, and has had aggressive neighbors on three sides. Although they may forget or deny this history, Turks, Poles, Swedes, French, Germans, British, Italians, Romanians and Japanese have each invaded Russia more than once. For example, in the early 1600s, Poland twice invaded Russia when its government was in disarray. Russians of all social classes united in popular uprising and saved the nation.

In 1613, the Romanov Tsar instituted a holiday called “Day of Moscow’s Liberation from Polish Invaders” which is now celebrated every November 4 as “Unity Day”. In the early 1700s, Sweden invaded Russia with 40,000 troops but was defeated by Peter The Great’s use of scorched-earth retreat across vast distances. Although only the Swedish king and 543 soldiers survived, he immediately raised another army of Turks to attack Russia. It is not something unique in the personalities of Tsar Peter or President Putin that drives Russia to require non-threatening neighbors. It is the collective Russian memory of invasion.

Each era of history has had its military super-power, and each super-power in turn attacked Russia:

The Mongol Super Power:

The Mongol Empire was the largest in history, conquering the Chinese Empire and Persian Empire. In 1238, the Mongols crossed the Volga River with 35,000 mounted archers backed by 70,000 Turks including Chinese siege equipment for attacking walled cities. They conquered most Russian regions as well as Crimea. In 1240, the Mongols captured Kiev and killed most of its 50,000 inhabitants. An estimated 500,000 Kievan Rus (Russians, Ukrainians and Byelorussians) died during the Mongol invasion. For several centuries afterwards, regional Khans continued attacking Russia. For example, in 1382, the Golden Horde sieged Moscow, slaughtered 24,000 Muscovites, and took thousands of captives.

The Ottoman Super Power:

At the height of its power in the 1600s, the Ottoman Empire controlled half of the Mediterranean world and all of the Black Sea and Red Sea regions. The Crimean Tatars supplied the Ottoman slave trade by “harvesting the steppe”, taking an estimated 2 million captives between 1500 and 1700. For example, in 1571, a combined Crimean and Ottoman force of 120,000 invaded Russia, burned Moscow, killed an estimated 80,000 Russians, and took 150,000 captives to slave markets in the Crimea. Historians count more than 50 Tatar attacks. The last “harvest” of Russians was in 1769. In the 7th Russo-Turkish War, Russians conquered Crimea and finally freed themselves from Tatar attacks and slavery. In 1783, Russia annexed Crimea. This is the same time in history that the American colonies finally freed themselves from oppressive British taxation.

The Napoleonic Super Power:

Napoleon harnessed the passionate ideals of the French Revolution to coercive diplomacy and to new military tactics of massed armies and mobile artillery and was thus invincible in conquering Continental Europe in only 9 years. In 1812, Napoleon assembled the largest army Europe had ever seen, comprised of an estimated 600,000 troops, including 98,000 from Poland. Although Napoleon won battles at Vilnius, Smolensk and Borodino, the Russian strategy of scorched-earth retreat across vast distances, including the evacuation and burning of Moscow, starved and demoralized the invading army. Relatively few survived the winter retreat from Moscow. Russian deaths are estimated to have been 150,000 - 400,000 soldiers and as many civilian.

The Nazi Super Power:

Hitler harnessed the passionate ideals of fascism to coercive diplomacy and to new military tactics of blitzkrieg and was thus invincible in conquering Continental Europe in only 2 years. In 1941, Hitler assembled the largest army Europe had ever seen, comprised of an estimated 3.2 million German soldiers and about 500,000 from Italy and Romania. Although Hitler conquered vast stretches of territory, he failed to capture Moscow, Leningrad, Stalingrad or the Caspian Oil Fields. Soviet deaths were an estimated 8 - 13 million soldiers and as many as 20 million civilians. For example, 200,000 soldiers and 1.2 million civilians died in the Siege of Leningrad. In contrast, total US deaths during WWII were 418,000 military and fewer than 2,000 civilians.

The US Super Power:

The US has harnessed the passionate ideals of democracy to coercive diplomacy and to new tactics of covert operations, advanced weapons technology and economic warfare to achieve what it calls, “full spectrum dominance”. Considering its own immense military resources and those of the other 27 NATO nations it controls, plus the resources of its Asian allies of Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea, the US commands the greatest military might the world has ever seen. As with past super-powers, the US and its NATO allies seem to be setting their sights on Russia. Perhaps Cold War history causes them to confuse Russia with the USSR and its many atrocities under the dictatorships of Stalin (native Georgian) and Khrushchev (native Ukrainian). Or perhaps racist perceptions of Russians as “untermensch” (a person considered racially or socially inferior) are still active in Western minds. Or maybe the vast resources of Russia are too attractive to leave untaken. 

President Gorbachev allowed the re-unification of Germany based on promises from President Bush and Chancellor Kohl that NATO would not expand eastwards, and then NATO did exactly that, even inviting Ukraine and Georgia to prepare for NATO membership. Georgia is closer to India than it is to the North Atlantic; all the while the US has been determined to install anti-missile systems in Poland, purportedly to shoot down non-existent Iranian ICBMs, but suspiciously capable of nullifying Russia’s nuclear deterrence.

Recent telephone intercepts show that US State Department officials (Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt) selected an anti-Russian replacement government for the Ukraine when the elected, constitutional government was still in power. Then chaos in Kiev caused by unidentified snipers resulted in the elected Ukrainian government collapsing. As per US planning, the selected anti-Russian replacement government took power in Kiev and was quickly declared legitimate by NATO nations. 

It is easy to see why Russia would perceive these events as another super-power preparing to attack Russia. It is perfectly predictable that Russia would react in ways to defends itself, no matter what the costs. It is mental manipulation by historical trigger-words to claim that Putin is “Hitler”, or that Stalin’s “Red Army” again threatens Europe. Because Americans know nothing of Russian history and have no national experience of foreign invasion, they cannot escape the confines of their own Cold War rhetoric. They cannot imagine history seen from a Russian perspective. Europeans, however, know the horror of war on their own territory, and well remember their own history of attacking Russia. European nations know how many times they've teamed up to attack Russia, and know it never worked out well; and probably will not this time either. In this crisis, it is the European nations who need to stand up and shake the super-power awake before an incident turns into a conventional war, turns into a missile war and then turns into a nuclear war. Those transitions could take 30 minutes. At this moment in human history, the world community has more pressing priorities than re-enacting our historical nightmares.

By Floyd Rudmin


Floyd Rudmin is a Professor of Social and Community Psychology at the University of Tromsø in Arctic Norway.


Ifewara is a town located some kilometers away from Ile-Ife where human race is believed to have emanated according to the Yoruba mythology. Ifewara is between Ijesha and Ile-ife. History has it that the village has been in existence since 1500AD.

It is noteworthy that the village duplicate the culture, festivals and chieftaincy titles of Ile-Ife. The duplication comes as a result of migration of some royal members from Ile-Ife to the present place called Ifewara.

This people migrated due to conflict between two royal members that were vying for the throne of Ile-Ife. The elder between the two conflicting royal brothers ought to become the king as custom demands but his younger brother outsmarted him to emerged as the Ooni of Ife.

The incident led to the break away of the elder brother, his sympathizers and some king-makers from Ile-Ife to re-established the culture, styles and chieftaincy positions in Ile-Ife at Ifewara. Chieftaincy titles like Obalufe, Obaloran, Obajio, and so on are vivid examples of titles in Ile-Ife that are also in Ifewara till date. 

In addition, festivals like: Odun Orungbin, Odun Edi, Odun Olojo, Odun Obatala, Odun Obalufe, Oran Ife, Odun Oro, Odun Eegun and so on, are replication of festivals in Ile-Ife.

The town is known for its local food called 'Iyan Gbere' which is known as breadfruit. It is very healthy for consumption. The food is gotten from a fruit and it flesh can be eaten. It can also be pounded as its name described: 'Iyan Gbere' - Iyan Gbere means pounded breadfruit- The food is believed to be good for diabetics cure and it easily digest.

Although, the village is not prominent, but produce great people in society and the nation at large. Among notable persons are Pastor E.A Adeboye, general overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God, present DG of NAFDAC, Prof. Modupe Adeyeye, Olu Fajemirokun, juju musician; Bolaji Akinyemi, former foreign affairs minister; Bishop Fatunase, Founder of Salem Church; Bisi Adeyemo, former Union Bank manager; Agoade Adetoba, former National Bank manager; Babatunde Komolafe, currently representing Atakumosa West in Osun State House of Assembly and Justice Olagbaju, among several other notable personalities.

With other modern infrastructures like a private polythenic called Southern Nigeria Institute of Innovative Technology (SNIIT), Redeemed prayer city, Mount Camel, police college and so on, the town is highly competing with other bigger towns. Ifewara is a great town with rich culture and loving people. I am a proud indigene of Ifewara!

An Indigenous Original African civilizational perspective on NATO/Russian War

For clarity sake, I support neither the West/US/NATO slaving nations nor East/China/Russia non slaving nations. As usual when discussing with Africans who are majorly modernists and universalists, one tends to get drawn into either being Muslim or Christian, Pro-West or Pro-East, neglecting a definitive Original African civilizational perspective and agenda - the 3rd force.

Like the English and French battled themselves into bankruptcy in their 7yr War in the Americas that gave way to the rise of USA and Haiti end of slavery, followed by the world wars that destroyed European productive capacities and bankrupted them, enabling USA to become a world power and decolonization of Africa, so am I hoping at this point in history that USA/NATO and Russia/China battle themselves into bankruptcy to enable the rise of the Black Race from its Southern Nigerian origins.

There can be no winner when nuclear nations fight, so the hope is bankruptcy. Russia won't back down to being surrounded and taken out by American led NATO, and China/India know that if the Anglo Saxon take Russia, their civilizations would be vulnerable to being taken out from the North, so China especially will put everything to support Russia that liberated it through Chairman Mao. Russia can't win this war on its own, but with Chinas economic prosperity and ability to support North Korea to attack Western bases on North Korea and Japan, we have a game on our hands.

However, I am not in this to clap and cheer on other civilizational teams. The only other reason I have advanced arguments that Russia is not immoral, using examples of Russia being the main supporter of African liberation, is to prevent Africans being drawn into a world War and used as slave armies once again. The West only won the 1st and 2nd World wars against non-slaving nations by using millions of Blacks as crash dummies. The USA used I million African Americans, while the British used several million Africans including my maternal grandfather, at the end of which the Black soldiers were literally stoned at the Western victory parades.

Therefore I advocate an African siddon look approach devoid of any emotional or moral support to the countries of the Northern hemisphere. While the Northern hemisphere self destructs, Yoruba, Igbo and rest of South and Middlebelt Original African civilization should be working to crystalize and strengthen their own civilization. It would get to a point whereby the warring Northern hemisphere factions will spread their fight to West Africa and continue proxy wars that will contribute to their bankruptcy. The problem is the Northern Afroasiatic hegemony is fairly articulated and would be at an advantage  like it was during colonization, while we of the Original African civilization across South and Middlebelt, at this stage will fight as tribes, divided and exploited. We must position ourselves as a unified Original African civilization to be able to maximize our benefits in the new unfolding world order.

So, let Russia/China and US/NATO continue to fight. The prophecy of a new world order that departs from one or two superpowers to multi regional continental powers can't happen until the two superpowers bankrupt themselves, otherwise they will continue to arrest our Original African civilizational economic and political development. So therefore if their own no spoil small, our own no fit good.


Sunday 27 February 2022

Chronicle of War Foretold

I was in Eastern Europe in 1989 reporting on the revolutions that overthrew the ossified communist dictatorships that led to the collapse of the Soviet Union. It was a time of hope. NATO, with the breakup of the Soviet empire, became obsolete. President Mikhail Gorbachev reached out to Washington and Europe to build a new security pact that would include Russia. Secretary of State James Baker in the Reagan administration, along with the West German Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher, assured the Soviet leader that if Germany was unified NATO would not be extended beyond the new borders. The commitment not to expand NATO, also made by Great Britain and France, appeared to herald a new global order. We saw the peace dividend dangled before us, the promise that the massive expenditures on weapons that characterized the Cold War would be converted into expenditures on social programs and infrastructures that had long been neglected to feed the insatiable appetite of the military.

There was a near universal understanding among diplomats and political leaders at the time that any attempt to expand NATO was foolish, an unwarranted provocation against Russia that would obliterate the ties and bonds that happily emerged at the end of the Cold War.

How naive we were. The war industry did not intend to shrink its power or its profits. It set out almost immediately to recruit the former Communist Bloc countries into the European Union and NATO. Countries that joined NATO, which now include Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, and North Macedonia were forced to reconfigure their militaries, often through hefty loans, to become compatible with NATO military hardware.

There would be no peace dividend. The expansion of NATO swiftly became a multi-billion-dollar bonanza for the corporations that had profited from the Cold War. Poland, for example, just agreed to spend $ 6 billion on M1 Abrams tanks and other U.S. military equipment. If Russia would not acquiesce to again being the enemy, then Russia would be pressured into becoming the enemy. And here we are. On the brink of another Cold War, one from which only the war industry will profit while, as W. H. Auden wrote, the little children die in the streets.

The consequences of pushing NATO up to the borders with Russia — there is now a NATO missile base in Poland 100 miles from the Russian border — were well known to policy makers. Yet they did it anyway. It made no geopolitical sense. But it made commercial sense. War, after all, is a business, a very lucrative one. It is why we spent two decades in Afghanistan although there was near universal consensus after a few years of fruitless fighting that we had waded into a quagmire we could never win.

In a classified diplomatic cable obtained and released by WikiLeaks dated February 1, 2008, written from Moscow, and addressed to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, NATO-European Union Cooperative, National Security Council, Russia Moscow Political Collective, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State there was an unequivocal understanding that expanding NATO risked an eventual conflict with Russia, especially over the Ukraine.

“Not only does Russia perceive encirclement [by NATO], and efforts to undermine Russia’s influence in the region, but it also fears unpredictable and uncontrolled consequences which would seriously affect Russian security interests,” the cable reads. “Experts tell us that Russia is particularly worried that the strong divisions in Ukraine over NATO membership, with much of the ethnic-Russian community against membership, could lead to a major split, involving violence or at worst, civil war. In that eventuality, Russia would have to decide whether to intervene; a decision Russia does not want to have to face. . . . Dmitri Trenin, Deputy Director of the Carnegie Moscow Center, expressed concern that Ukraine was, in the long-term, the most potentially destabilizing factor in U.S.-Russian relations, given the level of emotion and neuralgia triggered by its quest for NATO membership . . . Because membership remained divisive in Ukrainian domestic politics, it created an opening for Russian intervention. Trenin expressed concern that elements within the Russian establishment would be encouraged to meddle, stimulating U.S. overt encouragement of opposing political forces, and leaving the U.S. and Russia in a classic confrontational posture.”

The Obama administration, not wanting to further inflame tensions with Russia, blocked arms sales to Kiev. But this act of prudence was abandoned by the Trump and Biden administrations. Weapons from the U.S. and Great Britain are pouring into the Ukraine, part of the $1.5 billion in promised military aid. The equipment includes hundreds of sophisticated Javelins and NLAW anti-tank weapons despite repeated protests by Moscow.

The United States and its NATO allies have no intention of sending troops to the Ukraine. Rather, they will flood the country with weapons, which is what it did in the 2008 conflict between Russia and Georgia.

The conflict in the Ukraine echoes the novel “Chronicle of a Death Foretold” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.  In the novel it is acknowledged by the narrator that “there had never been a death more foretold” and yet no one was able or willing to stop it. All of us who reported from the Eastern Europe in 1989 knew the consequences of provoking Russia, and yet few have raised their voices to halt the madness.  The methodical steps towards war took on a life of their own, moving us like sleepwalkers towards disaster.

Once NATO expanded into Eastern Europe the Clinton administration promised Moscow that NATO combat troops would not be stationed in Eastern Europe, the defining issue of the NATO-Russia Founding Act on Mutual Relations. This promise again turned out to be a lie. Then in 2014 the U.S. backed a coup against the Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych who sought to build an economic alliance with Russia rather than the European Union. Of course, once integrated into the European Union, as seen in the rest of Eastern Europe, the next step is integration into NATO.  Russia, spooked by the coup, alarmed at the overtures by the EU and NATO, then annexed Crimea, largely populated by Russian speakers. And the death spiral that led us to the conflict currently underway in the Ukraine became unstoppable.

The war state needs enemies to sustain itself. When an enemy can’t be found an enemy is manufactured. Putin has become, in the words of Senator Angus King, the new Hitler, out to grab the Ukraine and the rest of Eastern Europe. The full-throated cries for war, echoed shamelessly by the press, are justified by draining the conflict of historical context, by elevating ourselves as the saviors and whoever we oppose, from Saddam Hussein to Putin, as the new Nazi leader.

I don’t know where this will end up. We must remember, as Putin reminded us, that Russia is a nuclear power. We must remember that once you open the Pandora’s box of war it unleashes dark and murderous forces no one can control. I know this from personal experience. The match has been lit. The tragedy is that there was never any dispute about how the conflagration would start.

This first appeared on ScheerPost.

By Chris Hedges

Chris Hedges is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who was a foreign correspondent for fifteen years for The New York Times, where he served as the Middle East Bureau Chief and Balkan Bureau Chief for the paper. His books include American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America, Death of the Liberal Class, and War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning and Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt, a collaboration with comics artist and journalist Joe Sacco.

Saturday 26 February 2022

Still on Russia vs Ukraine

For those confused about the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, and by extension NATO.

— Russia represents a polygamous husband with many wives like Ukraine, Moldova, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belorussia, and the other Ex-Soviet Republics.

— In 1991, Ukraine being the most beautiful wife, demanded a divorce from her draconian husband.

— Russia grudgingly allowed her, but due to his toxicity and ego, he would rather see her remain single, subservient, and dependent.

— As a dynamic lady, Ukraine rapidly developed herself into one of the most beautiful women after the divorce.

— To the chagrin of Russia, Ukraine, his ex-wife, becomes a center of attraction wanted by other men, including his foe, NATO.

—Ukraine’s pulchritude and natural endowment earn her recognition from NATO—a counterpart to Russia.

—The relationship between NATO and Ukraine started growing at an alarming pace, unsettling the nerves of the ex-husband, Russia.

— As expected of a toxic narcissist, Russia went berserk. He insisted that a relationship between Ukraine and NATO will breed conspiratorial connivance, which poses a more significant threat to the masculinity and ego of Russia.

— NATO, a polygamist like Russia, is a liberal. His wives include the U.K., U.S., Greece, Germany, Spain, and many more.

— To NATO, the addition of Ukraine to his fleet of wives makes him more powerful and gives him an upper hand ahead of Russia.

— To Russia, NATO, and Ukraine’s marriage poses a grandiose threat to his territory. Therefore, he is committed to ensuring the relationship never happens.

— In his quest to truncate this relationship, Russia wants to reconstitute his past relationship; he is a nationalist, a fascist in the mould of Adolf Hitler.

— As a result of this, he abruptly barged into his unsuspecting ex-wife’s house a few days ago.

— The unwanted guest is currently holding her hostage, surrounding her house with hundreds of _dongaris_.

— NATO, at the moment, is scrambling for how best to rescue his new wife from her abusive ex.

— Russia had warned that anyone who interferes as he gobbles Ukraine would suffer consequences that they did not dream possible; that is, he has nuclear weapons to eviscerate even those who know nothing about his strained relationship with his ex.

—Right now, Ukraine is stuck between an abusive ex-husband and a new lover who has promised her the most exquisite things in the world.

— The world is perturbed as they watch this dispute in awe and fear.

— The rescue mission, if haphazardly planned, may likely boomerang into an all-out war between the two suitors and their friends.

— NATO, a businessman (Capitalist) and the controller of the G7, has threatened to impose severe sanctions against Russia if he fails to withdraw his _Dongaris_ from Ukraine's premises.

— The G7 are the big guys around. They include the U.S., U.K., Canada, EU, Italy, Japan, France, and Germany. An affiliation with these guys is lucrative, capable of catapulting any country to booming affluence.

— The essence of these sanctions is that these big guys will ghost Russia and cut every tie with him in an attempt to humble him “economically.”

How is Africa connected to this conflict?

— Africa should be worried about one thing, her economy.

— Economically, Africa and the rest of the world will be significantly affected should a war break out in Europe.

— The world is yet to recover fully from the aftermath of COVID-19.

— Asides from that, I see no reason why any African country/leader should take sides, at least, for now.

— Russia is the only European country that stood with Africa during the colonial period. Russia fought with Angola against the South African apartheid regime and defended Lumumba.

— Africa had better be spectators rather than a participant in this conflict.

— It is not on record that Russia had once colonized or invaded the African continent like Ukraine's new husband once did.

— There is an ongoing liberation in Mali. Russia is currently liberating Mali from French Imperialism.

— The embittered ex and the new husband are inconsolable at the moment.

— Although Olori Ebi (the United Nations) has attempted to mediate, Russia is deviant to his appeasement because the U.S. is the one feeding Olori Ebi the most. Understandably, he may not favor Russia.


Manuel Noriega was president of Panama from 1983 - 1989. He was an American ally & helped the United States to combat Cuban &  Soviet Union influence in the region. He acted as an intermediary with US-backed contra rebels fighting Daniel Ortega’s leftwing Sandinista government & with the Salvadoran government & rebels.

When Noriega demanded that the Panama Canal - an artificial 82 km waterway in Panama that connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean & divides North & South America be handed over to the government & people of Panama as agreed in an earlier document with United States, he was declared a dictator & drug trafficker by the Bush administration. America do not want to handover the canal which is a major strategic shipping, naval, economic & military asset to the US back to the rightful owners - the government & people of Panama on whose soil the canal was dug.

Instead, president H W Bush, after economic sanctions imposed on Panama failed, in December 1989, ordered Gen Colin Powell, then chairman of the US joint chiefs of staff, to launch "Operation Just Cause", sending 26,000 American invasion troops into Panama in a rehearsal of the Powell “doctrine of overwhelming force” that was next employed two years later in the first Gulf war.

As 26,000 American soldiers invaded Panama, Noriega took refuge in the Vatican embassy. American forces laid siege on the Vatican embassy where Noriega took refuge & used loudspeakers to blast high-decibel rock music into the compound. The Papal Nuncio could stand it no longer & surrendered Noriega to the US forces.

The number of civilian & military casualties in that 1989 American invasion of Panama is still disputed till today as American forces & the Western press covered up the atrocities.

America invaded a sovereign nation, captured the president of a sovereign nation in a sacrilegious violation of international law in the embassy of the Vatican in his country, took the president of a sovereign nation & imprisoned him in America.

Only America determines what is legal & illegal in the world. Let them go to Ukraine & tell Russia what is right & wrong. I only pity the Ukranianian civilians who America & the rogue regime they helped to install through a coup in Ukraine have decieved into inviting war & suffering upon themselves.

By Michael Ogueke


The Yoruba: A New History is the first transdisciplinary study of the two-thousand-year journey of the Yoruba people, from their origins in a small corner of the Niger-Benue Confluence in present-day Nigeria to becoming one of the most populous cultural groups on the African continent.

Weaving together archaeology with linguistics, environmental science with oral traditions, and material culture with mythology, Ogundiran examines the local, regional, and even global dimensions of Yoruba history.

The Yoruba: A New History offers an intriguing cultural, political, economic, intellectual, and social history from ca. 300 BC to 1840.

It accounts for the events, peoples, and practices, as well as the theories of knowledge, ways of being, and social valuations that shaped the Yoruba experience at different junctures of time. The result is a new framework for understanding the Yoruba past and present.

The deep-time history of the Yorùbá is the subject of this book. It is an account of (1) the experiences and events that shaped the long-term history of the ancestral Yorùbá people; (2) the generative actions that they used to translate their experiences into new practices or traditions; and (3) the principles and values that made life meaningful for them between ca. 300 BC and AD 1840.

Based on new questions, evidence, and conceptual frameworks, this book offers the opportunity to rethink Yorùbá history in new ways. In the following pages, I emphasize the cultural-historical approach in order to understand the “ways of being” of the Yorùbá as historical subjects (ontology); their “theories of knowledge” (epistemology); and the regimes of value and aspirational principles (axiology) that they created at different historical junctures. With these, I account for the cultural forms, practices, events, and ideas, as well as mentalities, imaginations, and meanings that constituted the Yorùbá experience for about two thousand years.

The book comprises ten chapters divided into five parts. The first chapter lays out the theoretical, conceptual, and methodological frameworks that shape the themes and contents of the volume. I make the case why it is necessary to bring empirical-, comparative-, and theoretical-minded habits to the study of Yorùbá history. In chapter 2, I provide a sketch of the historical groundwork that laid the foundation for the emergence of the Yorùbá world ca. 300 BC-AD 500. I also use a suite of archaeological, historical, and linguistic data to shed light on the four core principles that shaped the Yorùbá cultural identity in the second half of the first millennium AD. The first is the ilé (House), the building block of their sociopolitical organization. The second, the dyadicìlú-aládé (divine kingship/urban), served as the model of political culture and ideology of governance. The third is the complementarity of gendered duality as the epistemological framework for constructing and imagining social order.

And the fourth centres on the search for meaningful living through the quest for immortality. In chapter 3, I examine how these four principles and the knowledge capital associated with primary glass production and a universal cosmology/theogony were deployed to create the consciousness of a regional Yorùbá community of practice between the eleventh and the late 14th century.

In the next two chapters, I examine how turmoil beset the Yorùbá world between the 1420s and 1570s as a result of internal and external sources of stress that upturned the lives of several communities (chap. 4), and the processes of recovery that followed between 1570 and 1650 (chap. 5).

During the age of restoration that followed the crisis, new practices of political culture and power relations developed that necessitated the revision of the community’s theogony and many aspects of its epistemology. The aftermath of these processes, especially their culmination in the rise of new hegemonic states and the entanglement of the Yorùbá in the Atlantic commercial revolution, 1630–1840, is the subject of chapters 6–9.

In those four chapters, I examine the interlocking threads of the political, economic, social, ideological, and intellectual innovations that wove the Yorùbá world into the web of the early modern economy, and the impact on the development of a new regime of value. My emphasis in this section of the book is on the permeation of the Atlantic merchant capital into the different domains of everyday life, both in the intimate spaces of the household and at the macro-level of the state.

I explore two themes in chapter 6: (1) the inauguration of slave/merchant-capital exchange and the hegemonic power politics that sustained it; and (2) the use of the imports deriving from the Atlantic slave trade as merchant capital and their investment in the commercialization of the region’s economy.

In chapter 7, I focus on the regime of value—especially practices of taste, self-realization, aspiration, and social difference—created by the merchant-capital revolution. The chapter emphasizes the socialization of Atlantic imports into everyday life and the implications for the emergence of an object-centred Yorùbá world. Chapter 8 examines how the experiences of monetization, specialized production, a market economy, slave/merchant-capital exchange, and hegemonic power politics created new practices of labour relations and new avenues for highly pyramidal unequal accumulation.

As a result, gender and class inequalities widened; the relationships between the individual and corporate groups were redefined, and the vertical and horizontal boundaries of social differences hardened. All of these led to a cataclysmic breakdown of social order, the subject of chapter 9. I link this breakdown to the persistent demands for African labour in the Americas and the unsustainability of the merchant-capital revolution that underwrote hegemonic power and individual accumulation.

By Akinwunmi Ogundiran (Professor)

(Akinwumi Ogundiran is Chancellor’s Professor and Professor of Africana Studies, Anthropology & History at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He is coeditor of Materialities of Rituals in the Black Atlantic, named a Choice magazine 2015 outstanding book).

Russia in Ukraine: An Explainer

I see so many people reflexively proffer vituperative condemnation of Putin and Russia on this momentous occasion of Russian military incursion into Ukraine. On one hand I understand the urge but on another I see the ignorance and the huge unsaid assumptions behind this posture.

A little bit of history.

In international politics, we have what we call polarity or in layman's terms international power and politics. In short, a multipolar world is where we have multiple fairly matched global and regional powers. At the end of the second world war, the world was generally accepted to be a multipolar (some will say bi-polar) world where the USA and USSR (now Russia) were equitably matched. This allowed for the eastern block led by the USSR and the western block led by the USA. Vying and posturing for influence and new members in their block was what we ended up calling the Cold War. The USSR formed the Warsaw Pact while the Americans formed NATO. Surfice to say that the USA won that cold war and the USSR collapsed.

But before this collapse and after the collapse, there have been multiple treaties and agreements between the United States and Russia regarding expanding too close to each other's borders and causing a significant security threat. These overtures got into full swing after the world nearly saw a nuclear war after America threatened to bomb Cuba because Russia stationed nuclear weapons in Cuba. So the understanding between the USA and Russia has been that they will not militarily expand too close to each other and destroy the other's security blanket.

Unfortunately, most analysts in the 1990s believed that Russia was no longer a credible global power and was merely a regional power like China. So the world was now a unipolar world with America the sole hegimon. And it appears the Americans believed the same given their posturing with NATO expansion. They did have a great deal of reasons to believe so. After the Soviet Union collapsed, small states emerged from it and left the successor state to the union, Russia, barely a threat to the western alliance! It wasn't helped by successive weak and corrupt leadership in Moscow.

Things started  to change after Vladimir Putin, a KGB (Russia's version of the CIA) agent took over the country. Now, agreements between the USA and Russia stipulated that NATO will not expand into the Russians' backyard too much. But given weak leadership and economic troubles in Russia, NATO crept ever close to Moscow with multiple NATO member states now bordering Russia or one small country away from the Russian heartland.

Putin has always reminded the United States of their previous promises not to creep too close with NATO expansion. But the Americans always play the ground game where they ensure that realities change on the ground and then shift the parameters of the negotiations to reflect those new realities. They simply encourage countries to join behind the scenes and when these countries supposedly independently vote to join NATO, the Americans tell Russia that they can't compel countries (wanting to ensure their security) not to join NATO of their own volition. But as Putin put it, you cannot get your security at the expense of another, especially not a world power armed with nuclear weapons. It seems like the Americans forget or act oblivious to this fact regarding Russian worries about NATO expansion.

Now, Putin always said that the Americans don't take Russian red lines seriously because the Russians always held back and have not acted with the hysteria America acted with when Russia placed nuclear weapons in Cuba. So Putin has been warning America to stop the expansion but all the warnings to the deaf ears. So he had to act or be continually encircled. That is suicide.

This is a do or die situation for Russia as a super power. You and I may buy the American line of "every country has freedom to choose NATO" but that is not how geopolitics work in the great power play. America is still punishing Cuba for daring to allow Russia to station nuclear weapons near its borders. No world power comes anywhere near North or Central America. The Americans call it their backyard and no one dares encroach. But of course they do not think that Russia, who they consider a regional power, deserves the same.

Russia is extremely vulnerable right now. Why? Over 80% of the Russian population lives near Moscow in the south western part of Russia. The terrain or environment is what we call an open plain. It will be easy to attack Moscow with conventional weapons like the Nazis did in World War two. That was part of the reason the Soviets occupied much of Eastern Europe all the way to Germany to prevent their homeland being so open for easy attack again.

Now NATO has all but taken over much of the open plans making it easy to cripple Russia militarily if they so choose. No super power will allow that. And Ukraine poses an even bigger threat than that. The current Ukrainian border is less than 600km to Moscow. Allowing it to join NATO means that NATO will be within a few minutes striking distance from Russia's capital. No super power can accept that. America will never accept that. Heck, they threatened nuclear war if Russia didn't remove the nuclear weapons in Cuba. And Putin thinks Russia cannot accept that either.

Obviously, I am biased towards the Americans. America is like a second country to me. All my friends and some family are there. So I instinctively hope America gets its way but getting its way doesn't always mean that they are right. In fact, Putin has stretched his hand too long. If America was in his shoes, it would do more. Because in a multipolar world (at least if Russia perceives it that way), nothing is more important to a global power than ensuring its security.

As for the shouts, screeching, and feigned outrage about international law, any serious minded person will throw it into the rubbish dump where it deserves to be. Super powers don't respect international law. Russia doesn't. China doesn't. And the USA certainly has never respected international law in their multiple military escapades abroad!

The Law of Cause and Effect

What goes around comes around. Your good works and sacrifices will never go to waste, and will never be in vain.

/!!!\ Never fear your enemies. The importance of good works and sacrifice. Your good works and sacrifice will protect and safeguard you. /!!!\

The mystery-religions and many spiritual-religious associations of today have changed the sense of religious brotherhood to wickedness. Today’s devotees of orisa are interested mostly in the self-serving philosophy of what benefit they will personally get from any association. They don’t care any more about the philosophy of spiritual works for the benefit and upliftment of the whole human race. They don’t care about the philosophy of truly serving and uplifting others.

It is so funny [and by funny I actually mean disheartening] to see how many of the mysterious associations, their so called leaders and sometimes even the people of today’s society turning against good people and praising the bad ones.

In Odu-Ifá Oyeku Meji, Ifá divination was performed for Mojola who was a good man dedicated to helping many people, who despite being dedicated to selflessly helping people Mojola was still hated by many people.

The [jealous, mean-spirited and envious] enemies of Mojola went to Olódùmarè to report him that Mojola was a wicked man. The enemies of Mojola persuaded Olódùmarè to send messengers of death to him. Olódùmarè agreed to send the messengers of death to go and bring Mojola forth.

Oyeku Meji:

Mojola fi eeji kun eeta

O lo si  odo Babalawo 

Ki o fi owo kan ibo ye ohun wo 

Òrúnmìlà ni ko o ru ebo 

Ki o fi eye Etu kan

Abe kan 

Ati Aba owu ru ebo 

Mojola rubo

Ni Esu ba gbe ebo re lo si odo Olódùmarè 

Olódùmarè si ti ran Iko iku si Mojola ni aye 

Ki won loo mu mojola wa

Sugbon Awon iko iku yii ko i ti lo 

Nigbati Esu gbe ebo de odo Olódùmarè 

Olódùmarè bi Esu wipe tani o ni ebo 

Esu dahun wipe Mojola ni 

Olódùmarè so fun Esu wipe ohun ti ran ise iku si Mojola ni ile aye

Olódùmarè ni, beere awon iko iku to ran nise si ile aye

Won ni won ti lo

Esu ni Abe yi ni Mojola ni fun iwo Olódùmarè 

Ma fi ge gbogbo nkan gege bi Ase re 

Mojola ni Aba owu yi ni ki iwo Olódùmarè ma fi tele sun nigbati o ba di arugbo 

Mojola ni Etu yi ni ki iwo Olódùmarè ma fi Petu si gbogbo nkan 

Ni Olódùmarè ba pe Awon oniko iku ti Oran ni ise pada 

Olódùmarè ni ki won ka iye ami Tototo ti o wa lara eye etu na 

Awon oniko iku kaakaa won ko mo iye re 

Olódùmarè ni nigbati won ko ti mo iye re 

Won ko le ri ogbon ti won fi ma a mu mojola

Mojola ko ku mo 

Ogun odun loni emi o ku mo o

Igba odun loni  emi o ku mo o

Laye laye emi o ku mo o...

Translation of Oyeku-Meji:

Mojola went to Olódùmarè for guidance [via Ifá].

He was asked to sacrifice Guinea Fowl, A Knife

and Cotton Wool. He offered the sacrifice.

Esu helped him to carry the sacrifice to Olódùmarè.

Olódùmarè had [previously based on the complaints of Mojola’s enemies] already sent messengers of death to Mojola on earth [or had given the order] but the messengers of death hadn’t yet arrived on earth, they were still on their way. After Mojola consulted Olódùmarè via Ifá, and Mojola had already offered the ebo to Esu. Esu had taken that sacrifice up to Olódùmarè.

Olódùmarè asked Esu whose sacrifice was it that Esu was presenting to Olódùmarè. Esu replied that it was Mojola’s sacrifice. Esu told Olódùmarè what the items were that were used for the sacrifice. After getting the reply from Esu, Olódùmarè called back the messengers of death. Olódùmarè asked them [the messengers of death] to count the black spots on the feathers of the Guinea Fowl. The messengers of the death could not know [could not accurately ascertain] how many spots there were on the feathers of the GUINEA FOWL.

Olódùmarè therefore told them that they failed to ascertain how many black spots there were on the feathers of a GUINEA FOWL that neither would they know and that they could not know the time of Mojola’s death.

Therefore even in twenty-years time Mojola will not die. [Mojola would still be alive, safe, prosperous and happy even beyond twenty years of time because Mojola was an honest, unselfish and pure hearted man who had no black spots, stains or blemishes and who only lived to benefit and help others as best as he could].

The enemies of Mojola were punished in just measure for their false accusations born of out envy, arrogance and jealousy. The enemies of Mojola were also punished in just measure because they wanted to obstruct and deprive many people from receiving the good help, encouragement and services that Mojola was giving to them.

Oyeku Meji :

Oloto ti nbe laye ko pe ogun

Sikasika ibe won ko mo niwon egbefa 

Ojo esan o lo titi ko je ki oran ki odun ni 

A difa fun orangbogbo ti ndun Akapo

Be ni nwon ko dun ifa 

Nje ohun gbogbo to ba ndun ni 

Ni ka ma a ro fun ori 

Ori eni ni alagboran dun 

Ori mi la mi 

Iwo ni alagboran dun mi 

Translation of Oyeku Meji:

Honest people are not up to twenty on earth. 

The wicked people are as many as a thousand and twenty. [The honest ones are few and the dishonest are many. The time of revenge [payback] is very close by therefore one needs not to be disappointed.

Ifá divination was performed for Orangbogbo [all problems] of Akapo [babalawo].

Whatever concerns the akapo [awo] concerns Ifá.

I shall discuss with my ori.

One’s ori is one’s best confidant...

The reason for giving these two verses of ODU IFÁ  Oyeku meji is because some people believe that if they don’t offend people that no one can attack them. While  some will say or think that Olódùmarè will not follow up on, or investigate the complaints of bad or evil people.

With the example of the above Odu-Ifá one will clearly see [know] the importance and the usefulness of making ebo [sacrifice].

In the case of Mojola he was doing good but his enemies went to report him to Olódùmarè. [APPARENTLY] Olódùmarè didn’t bother to confirm if the reports were true or false. [Olodumare knows all and he knew what the truth of things are but He decided to play along with the false complaints of the enemies of Mojola to teach us a wonderful lesson]. He decided to send the message of death to Mojola but through consulting a babalawo and performing  sacrifice Mojola was able to escape death. The good works and spiritual sacrifices of Mojola protected and safeguarded him in his time of need and when he needed it most. The merits of our good works and sacrifice will manifest in our lives when we need them most. Our good works and sacrifices will never go unrewarded.

Today some people refuse or fail to perform sacrifice. Why not give Esu his food and let Esu go to present the sacrifice to Olódùmarè so that we can receive divine blessings like Mojola?

Odu-Ifá Owonrin-Sogbe says:

Ki Esu gba Ebo ati Etutu ko ma lo 

Translation of this verse of Owonrin-Sogbe: 

Esu take your food and leave. [Which means: Esu receive the offering and sacrifice, and present it to Olódùmarè for approval, so that the quick-acting and quick-manifesting power of Ifá-Olódùmarè manifests itself in my life, family and community].

Olódùmarè oversees the entire creation including our earth. Olódùmarè has given the assignment to Esu and all other irunmole-orisa to protect the earth and to guide the inhabitants of the earth. Esu is also in charge of promoting our all around wellbeing, happiness, safety and peace. Esu ensures that we receive the àse, guidance and divine endowments that we need to be happy, prosperous and successful. It’s important that when we offer our offerings and sacrifices that they are directed to Esu because he is the one who receives the offerings, sacrifice and request and takes it to Olódùmarè for approval.

This is why we see in many ese-ifá that Olódùmarè will always ask Esu who performs and who doesn’t perform sacrifice. Or who offers the sacrifice and what is his or her request. Whoever performs sacrifice will be blessed and will be protected from the envious, jealous and evil activities of others. Whoever doesn’t perform sacrifice will or can become vulnerable to the attacks and devious actions of others.

My friendly suggestion is always perform sacrifice because it will never fail, sacrifice WILL ALWAYS help you in one way or another. Sacrifice is always attended by immediate spiritual and temporal blessings. Even if you have not yet seen the effect of the sacrifice, do not ever think that you have wasted your resources in offering the sacrifice. You must know and believe that your your sacrifice has been taken to Olódùmarè. The blessings of the sacrifice will manifest! Never forget that honest people who serve other's values and truthfulness often become the targets of the ill-intent or corrupt and hypocritical people so we have to be mindful of this and protect and safeguard ourselves. There is an adage that says that good and upright people are often taken away from the earth before their time.

There is a Yoruba adage that says:

Igi to dara ki i pe ni igbo. A useful tree won’t stay long in the bush!

Our good works and our ebo will protect us from these malicious people and will bring these people to justice. Our good works and ebo will make our life's condition better. The life's condition that will sustain, nourish and empower our lives. Our good works and ebo will make our circumstances favorable. Ebo is a spiritual shield. Ebo can also be considered a form of spiritual currency that we can use to procure things from Olódùmarè’s divine storehouse of marvelous gifts, endowments and treasures.

Thanks for readings.

By Olu-Awo Ifanla Ogbeate Temple

Friday 25 February 2022

Epistemicide of Epistemic Èṣù

Here is the greatest colonial 

Epistemicide in history,

Shrouded in a recalcitrant 

Theological conspiracy,

All for an imperial 

Euro-American epistemology.....

Coloniality of being,

Coloniality of knowledge,

Coloniality of power.....

When a symbol of 

"Epistemology" became Satan. 

The de-ontologized 

Being became a non-being.

And then Èṣù laughs when we 

Sacrifice our Being for being......

Coloniality of being,

Coloniality of knowledge,

Coloniality of power.....

By Olusegun Babalola


How come we say that Yoruba did not have a history of writing before Europeans came?

I find that hard to swallow.

Does it mean that everything that the ancient Yoruba ancestors knew for thousands of years were strictly in their brain and on no piece of writing material whatsoever? 

If that is true, then what an enormous brain the Yoruba ancestors have. 

What is modern medicine's/sciences' explanation for the possession of such unique ability? 

Again, how can we comfortably agree that the pre-european Yoruba, whose existence can be traced to as far back as the origin of modern human history, has never come in contact with writing in any form when Moses, the greatest prophet in Judaism who was said to exist according to Rabbinical Judaism between 1391–1271 BCE; (Wikipedia), was said to have given the Jews the ten commandments that HE WROTE on tablets of stones. 

I know you and I don't think that he acquired the writing skills in the forty days he spent with "G-d" on the mountain. 

Guess where he grew up and where he likely (pun intended) learned the skill of Writing? In Egypt. This is in the Bible.

The distance between Ifẹ̀ and Egypt is 3,504Km, this is not an impossible movement route for the majestic Odùduwà Dynasty of the Yoruba kingdom that existed long before Europeans had the thought of coming to Yoruba land.

Also, the distance between Ifẹ̀ and Mecca in Saudi Arabia is given as 7,760km. That's more than two times the distance between Ifẹ̀ and Egypt. 

In the Odu Ifá Otura Méjì, Ọ̀rúnmìlà is recorded to have traveled to Mecca on Ifá practice but had to return to Ilé Ifẹ̀ after some time because of the harsh weather condition of the place. 

This is a clear evidence that the ancient ancestors of the Yoruba people would have come in contact with writing skills in Egypt.

Another proof that the ancient Africans had a system of writing which wouldn't have been strange to any well established kingdom in the whole of the African continent is the fact that Archimedes and  Euclid (who is an African by the way), who both made important contributions to the western knowledge of science were all reported in documented history as having studied in Alexandria - a city in Egypt, so named or "founded" by the Greek conqueror, Alexander the Great after he conquered Egypt in 332 BC, before it was later conquered and taken from Greek domination by the Romans in 30BC. 

The Library in Alexandria, Egypt, containing the knowledge of science as known by Africans was completely raided and the information therein carted away to Rome and they are today in the Vatican Bank in the Vatican city, the head of the Catholic Church, under heavy security - Watch Angels and Demons. 

So I don't believe that Yoruba ancestors didn't have any form of writing. It would have been stolen and wiped out by a brutal people whose version of history began only from when their own scientists "discovered" everything. 

Can we start by declassifying the information in the Vatican Bank or does the Roman head consider that humanity is not intelligent enough to "handle" the truth and so they need to be fed with half-truths while a few who control the many have exclusive access to full truths? 

The answer my friend is blowing in the wind.

By Ayobami Ogedengbe 

Thursday 24 February 2022

The Yoruba teachings and the 5 elements

Many outside of the tradition are unaware of the fact that the Yoruba teachings also recognize the five elements found in Western Occult teachings. These five elements are Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Ether/Spirit. We will see in this verse of Eji Ogbe all 5 elements are addressed by Orunmila himself when speaking on Alignment with “ORI” (head/destiny/consciousness)…

Orunmila said Align

I repeated, Alignment! Bara Agbonmiregun

Orunmila said, The Sun aligned with its Ase and its authenticity blossomed therefore it became the light of the world and the source of energy.

Orunmila said Align

I repeated, Alignment! Bara Agbonmiregun

Orunmila said, the water aligned with her Ase and her authenticity blossomed. Therefore she became what everyone needs in order to survive.

Orunmila said Align

I repeated, Alignment! Bara Agbonmiregun 

Orunmila said, the wind aligned with its Ase and its authenticity blossomed. Therefore it became what humanity needs in order to remain alive.

Orunmila said Align

I repeated, Alignment! Bara Agbonmiregun

Orunmila said, the Earth aligned with her Ase and her authenticity blossomed. 

Therefore she became the one who provides food, medicines, clothing, and shelters for humanity.

I repeated, Alignment Bara Agbonmiregun Orunmila said, Èdá (Spiritual beings) must align with their Ase in order for their Authenticity to blossom, So that they can impact the world successfully. The Ase that lives within All spiritual beings is the name we call “ORI”. 

It is Ori that makes one blossom. 

It is Ori that assist one in fulfilling their true purpose. 

Every Èdá should Align with their Ori.

Eji Ogbe

Here's a summary of what's happening in Ukraine/Russia

In 2010, Ukraine elected Viktor Yakunovych elected as president. The West (US & EU) were not happy with these events as they saw the new president as too aligned to Russia.

Before Yakunovych's election, Ukraine had a free trade deal in the pipeline with the EU. But in 2013, Yakunovych did a 180° and refused to sign the deal, favouring closer ties with Russia.

In November 2013, led by Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Victoria Nuland, the US fomented a Colour Revolution (called Euromaidan) which led to a coup in Ukraine. Yakunovych was overthrown.

Leaders in eastern Ukraine declared allegiance to Yakunovych. This led to anti-government protests in February in 2014 and a referendum in Crimea where 97% of respondents voted to Return Crimea to Russia. Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine in March 2014.

Meanwhile, the new post-coup Ukrainian government proposed a Bill to remove Russian as an official language. Russian speakers in East Ukraine were angered about this saying ethnic Russians were in imminent danger.

In early 2014, Russia started sending support to Russians in the eastern regions of Ukraine (Donetsk, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia, and Odessa) who now demanded independence from Ukraine.

In April 2014, the mainly Russian-speaking regions of Donetsk and Luhansk broke away from Ukraine and proclaimed themselves as separate Republics.

Also in early 2014, Russia started performing military exercises on the eastern Ukrainian border just as NATO was doing the same in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, who share borders with Russia.

In September 2014, Ukraine and Russia signed ceasefire agreements in Minsk, Belarus, to end hostilities in east Ukraine.

Despite the Minsk agreements, from 2014 to date, continuous battles have been waged between Ukrainian forces and Luhansk and Donetsk separatists over territory in the Donbas region in violation of the agreements.

Along with the armed conflict, the EU and US imposed International sanctions against Russia. The sanctions led to the collapse of the Russian currency and caused economic damage to EU countries. By 2016, Russia had lost an estimated $600 billion.

In 2017, the UN published a report stating that the EU countries were losing about "3.2 billion dollars a month" due to the Russian sanctions.

In March 2021, President Putin ordered the Russian military to mobilise troops near its border with Ukraine and in Crimea. In November, Russia deployed vessels to the Black Sea to "observe" US warships. Putin said the US ships were "a serious challenge".

In November 2021, the Russian Ministry of Defence said "The real goal behind the US activities in the Black Sea region is exploring the theater of operations in case Kyiv attempts to settle the conflict in the southeast by force".

From mid-January, 2022, the US started announcing that Russia would invade Ukraine, stating that an attack could begin before the conclusion of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing in February.

In January 2022, NATO began providing weapons including anti-armor missiles and other US-made weapons to Ukraine. On 22 January, the US delivered 90 000 kg of lethal weapons to Ukraine. The Netherlands and Spain also deployed forces to the region in support of NATO.

In February, the US sent soldiers to Germany and Poland to boost NATO's presence in Europe, along with F-15 fighter jets to Romania. Britain also deployed soldiers, warships and jets to eastern Europe.

On 21 February, the leaders of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics, requested Putin yo officially recognize the republics' independence. Putin agreed and signed Russia's recognition of the republics and ordered troops to be sent there.

On 22 February, Boris Johnson announced sanctions on Russian banks and individuals. Germany announced suspending the certification process of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. EU foreign ministers blacklisted all Russians who voted in favour of the recognition of the breakaway regions.

On 24 February 2022, President Putin announced the beginning of a "special military operation" in the Donbass region. Thus is where we are now.

By Sizwe Sikamusi

Wednesday 23 February 2022

Strange but True Learn from This

..... But this one broke me. As l walked out of the Female Section of the Nigerian Prison, Kirkiri, Lagos State, l knew l had finished my mission set for me by God"s Commission in that facility. I knew l will never visit the Female Section of the Prisons again, l was torn apart by the emotions connected to this release and for about 5 years now, l have not gone back to the Female Prison, but l miss my friends there! Call me a coward if you like - Officers of Stephen Solomon Foundation go there till date to assist but without me......

..... this one was the case of one lyabo. She was charged to court for arson. Her mother, Anike, lives in the United States and has been there for 25 years. From the sweat of her brow, hard work and God's favour, she built 2 blocks of 6 flats of 4 bedrooms each at llupeju, Lagos. All were rented out and good money was coming in. She was a widow. Iyabo was her only child and daughter. She was her world and heiress. Then trouble started- 

Anike was informed, by her brother, Pa Kunle, 77 years old , that her daughter was hooked on drugs, and was misbehaving and had attempted to burn down her houses.. Anike had issues with her residency in the United States and could not rush back to Nigeria. She begged her brother to take charge. She sent money home to Nigeria for that. Iyabo was the Sole Agent of her mother's estate. She gave proper account of all the money received and remitted some to her mother and spent some on the mother's express written instructions. She was a Mother's delight.  She was a graduate of University of Lagos. But complaints kept on going to her mother, Anike, some from anonymous callers. Her daughter had gone crazy..Her daughters on drugs.... She begged her brother to take her for  treatment..... she was told her daughter was insane! 

Pa kunle and his sons, arranged with a police friend, arrested lyabo, had her charged to court for arson and left her in Prison for 2 years. was so swift that there was no form of communication even to her lover... 

....again in line with our assignment for Stephen Solomon Foundation, her case was referred to us. I visited her . She was calm . Not particularly striking in beauty. But highly intelligent . Her eyes were bright and not trusting  . I asked her if she needed our services... she was direct ".... my account has been emptied by those who promised to help me out of this place... l gave them my ATM and they withdrew the money there, and appeared for me 4 times and never came again after they returned my ATM Card and left me here, luckily l did not give them my Mother's ATM....."..

l repeated my question if she wanted us to defend her... she shrugged as if it doesn't matter. Or who cares? I asked for her story and she told me - Her Uncle and his sons set her up when she had a dispute with her mother and both of them were not on speaking terms... they alleged she was using drugs, which is not true and arson when she was no where near their ancestral home in llaje Bariga when the place was gutted by fire... infact she was in lkoga Zebe near Badagry with her boyfriend for that weekend -  I took notes and left, vowing to take the matter as nothing special,  but events that later took place angered and spurred me to take this case as priority! 

In August of 2011, an old man with 2 men he called "sons" came into my office. I defer to the elderly.  So l asked that he be brought in immediately. He dropped into the visitor chair and told me in Yoruba," ....l will not waste both our time. I will go straight to the point . You're Chief Giwa-amu? You see that girl in Prison, lyabo? Dont take that job... she is my sister's daughter and her case has been settled... leave her there..."

l was surprised! l opened my mouth to reply the old man but he waved his left hand at me implying  "... l will not accommodate any refusal of my request from you" . He simply got up and said in Yoruba  ".... if you like heed to my request,  when a child insults the lroko tree,  he must always look back for the repercussions..." 

l was shocked and angry...... so l turned to his sons and told them to translate from English to Yoruba for me,  l said " ... tell your father that the pot used to steam or dry pepper must suffer the heat of fire in it"s bottom... "...The sons did not,  but the old man said in English...".... l heard you clearly and your message is taken..."...

He walked away slowly then turned back to ask me if he could use the toilet in the office , he needed to "urinate", he claimed. ... I refused and asked my Guards to bring my pets ,2 Snakes - 2 African pythons into the office. Pa kunle and his children ran for their lives, and l threw the old man's walking stick after him. Some officer in the female prison had told them of my visit and given them my address.  

I went to work on lyabo"s case immediately the next morning, l went back to the Prison to see her. I needed to get in touch with her mother or a family friend... I needed to contact a friend of hers who had her Mother's contact- phone etc.. after 1 month of search we got one, Bisi and l told her the whole story.. she  screamed and followed me the next day to see lyabo in the Prison.  

I still cannot explain the shock and excitement in her face .. the joy was incredible!! She agreed to stand surety for lyabo and her husband would too... l begged her not to inform her friend, lyabo"s mother yet... she agreed... She told me Anike, lyabo"s mother, had told her that her daughter was in a hospital not Prison and her brother was taking good care of her... l applied for her bail in writing which was granted by the court... with surety approved , lyabo was released on bail... the truth came out - lyabo"s uncle wanted her out of the way, because his sons had forged title documents of her mother Anike"s house to sell same....The case went on to trial- She was discharged and acquitted  !! 

It was time for my style of justice or call it vengeance.  Revenge is a dish best served cold... l caused a petition to issue against Pa Kunle and his sons. They were arrested and charged to court for giving false information and malicious prosecution...Bail was refused. Pa kunle and his sons were remanded in ikoyi Prison for 1 year.  Anike called me to beg me to associate with their release. She even briefed another law firm to do that. I blocked or prevented their release both by judicial and extra judicial means... 

In life, l have learnt that you " dont show mercy to your adversaries who refuse to repent.." I dont even know what repentance means.  And God said to Saul ..."... go and totally destroy the Amalikites, show them no mercy..." yet the same God is a merciful God. Where my enemies are concerned, l prefer the part of God's commission to King Saul against the Amalikites. .. Pa kunle died in Prison.  His sons ? I dont know......  hehehehehe.... 

This case broke me because, then in all my years of legal practice,  l had never seen such injustice.  Again it  broke me because after the release of lyabo, she was never the same again emotionally in every material particular. She said to me "...why was l so punished over property that is not even mine. My mother could give her property to anyone she pleases..." 

When Anike heard all that her daughter went through she got Estate valuers to sell the property and all her other properties in Nigeria. Funds were remitted to her and she got her daughter out of Nigeria to the United States ... with her residency matters sorted out , she vowed NEVER to invest in Nigeria... she has 3 houses in America and one in  Canada.  My darling lyabo  is married to an American and has 2 children.... She calls me "GrandPa" , and l call her " My Cuddles".... 

Lesson 1... be careful who you trust.... l want to advise my friends abroad- trust but verify... your family members you left behind in Nigeria may not  be the  same "Childhood friends" you knew back in those days...most of us are high on drugs and can kill.. some have become very rapacious in greed... 

Lesson 2....ensure that your movements in Nigeria is well accounted for.


THE ENERGY JESUS USED as, Tachionic energy, is neutral. It moves 27 times more than the speed of light and it is the energy of thought when it vibrates at the high frequency of love. It was the energy Jesus used to perform the extraordinary events we call miracles. He showed, that vibrating, at the highest frequency of love, the mind can direct the tachionic energy, the energy of thought, to raise the vital energy of the patients, performing extraordinary healings, and still lifting them from death. Love is neutral, has no polarity, vibrates at a high frequency; its energy that has no mass, belongs to the spiritual and mental plan, where it exists according to the will of the observer. What is Taquionic Energy? Taquions are subatomic particles that travel faster than light. They are particles that infuse the physical matter with spiritual light. Taquionization is a technological process that impregnates the physical matter with an increased amount of taquionization and therefore permanently changes the quantum properties of the atomic nukes that make up that matter. Chemical composition is not changed, change occurs at a subatomic level. Taquionica technology greatly increases the efficiency of natural creams, food supplements and vitalized water. Because it reduces entropia of physical matter reverses the aging process and strengthens the immune system. It also harmonizes the chaotic electromagnetic fields in the environment of human life. Since taquians equally influence our physical body and our higher energy bodies, they drastically accelerate our spiritual growth. For all the reasons mentioned above, taquion energy has a very positive effect on our health and well-being. The matter of this universe is a product of a dynamic tension between the Absolute and the force of contingency. The force of contingency expresses itself through the basic physical forces that sustain the matter together so that it does not dissolve back to the Absolute: strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force, electromagnetism and gravity. All these forces are subject to the law of entropia which is the basic force of resistance against the will of the Absolute. The opposite of the law of entropy is the law of synthropy that originates from the Absolute and frees consciousness and the matter of control of the basic physical forces. Centropy is a force that harmonizes the fields of chaotic energy into a unified complexion and allows the transcendence of time and space limitations as defined by the basic physical constants of the entropic universe: the speed of light, a con Planck stand, the fine constant of structure etc. The Energy of Unity originates from the Absolute and deepens through the various dimensions of the Universe. When the Energy of Unity reaches the dimension of the Soul, it creates a harmonious field of energy that the physicists call zero point energy. This energy is then densified through energy fields of the mental, astral and ethereal plan and can be utilized in the physical plan with special devices, the so-called free energy cameras. Physicists know that the vacuum is not actually empty, but it is full of potential energy states from which particles are born. The hidden energy in the vacuum is almost infinite and can be used at no cost. Therefore, it is expected that he will become the main source of energy for humanity in the future. When the Energy of Oneness is densified through dimensions and from infinity enters time and space, it begins to manifest as particles.

The first particles that were created are the taquions.

(SunLaris Blue De Sirius)

Abba Kyari is worse than Evans, but has backing in high places – Lawyer, Akingbolu

A lawyer, Kabir Akingbolu, released a video months before the suspended Deputy Police Commissioner, Abba Kyari, was enmeshed in his current alleged scandal involving some drug traffickers. In this interview with VICTOR AYENI, he explains how authorities have been shielding Kyari.

According to a video made available in August 2021, you said you filed a petition against the embattled Deputy Police Commissioner, Abba Kyari, after the #EndSARS protests. What was this petition about?

The petition was filed against Abba Kyari in respect of his criminality committed against my client, Hafeez Mojeed. With some of his cohorts, he arrested my client in a commando style. They got to Mojeed’s house around 9:30pm; the wife was five months old pregnant. They laid them on the ground, collected all their belongings, including the golden wedding rings of both the wife and husband, their travelling and title documents, wristwatch and his 2012 model Honda Accord. They collected 32 items from them which we listed.

After collecting all these things, they took my client to custody. Mojeed said he did not know what he did and he was held in custody for 14 days. They took his ATM and collected its password. There was N840,000 in the account; Kyari and his men used this money to buy things in Shoprite, Chicken Republic until the balance left in that account was minus N200.

Not only that, after beating Mojeed to a pulp to the point where he was dripping with blood, he confessed to them that he had a fixed deposit of N41,800,000 in an account. They took him to a bank and brought a guy with them, one Mr Obi, who was one of their agents used to commit such criminality. There, they ordered my client to unfix the money and transfer all of it to Mr Obi, claiming that he was the rightful owner of the money.

But Mojeed said he did not know and had never met Mr Obi before, so they left the bank, went to a boutique, removed Mojeed’s clothes stained with blood and bought him another one. Then they took him back to the bank and made him unfix the account and transferred the money to Obi and that was the end of it.

There was another money in another bank which was N15m. On getting to this bank, the woman said they should apply but they would have to wait till Monday to get the money and that day was Friday, so they did not unfreeze that one.

Later, I went to Kyari’s office and challenged him on why he withdrew my client’s money and Kyari, in the presence of three of my lawyers and Mojeed’s wife, said “Yes we took his money.” When I reminded him that he had no court order, he then took me to an inner room in his office and when we got there, he said, “Your client is a Yahoo-Yahoo boy, he is not the owner of the money, and there is another N15m with him, so if you allow us to collect it, we will give you N5m and we will take N10m and will  release all the properties we seized from him. But if you say you are a human rights lawyer and you shout, you will not get any of those properties.”

I refused to partake in that deal and then he asked me what I wanted and I told him to take my client to court and I will take the bail. He took Mojeed to court, charged him for N97m fraud but he did not show up in court for the case and at the end of the day, the matter proceeded and lasted for 14 months. Kyari and his boys never showed up for one day. Eventually, this matter and another one they filed at the Federal High Court, were struck out.

Was the petition you submitted ever taken up by the police or was a panel ever set up to look into these numerous allegations made against Kyari?

Up till today, my client has become a pauper due to all the properties collected from him. We wrote a petition to the National Human Rights Commission, they contacted Kyari but he did not come. They called us that they were going to write their report, up till today they did not write it. We wrote to Independent Corrupt Practices Commission, they said they would look into it, but did not reply. We wrote another one to them, no response; we have copies of all these letters.

We wrote a letter to Deputy Inspector General of Police Zone II, he did not do anything. We wrote to the Commissioner of Police, Lagos State, he did not do anything. We wrote to the Assistant Inspector General, he did not do anything. We wrote to Police Service Commission, nothing was done. So we now went to court attaching all these exhibits detailing all the affidavits and the bad things that were done to my client.

Justice (Hadiza) Shagari gave us a judgment and said they should release all the properties that were seized from him and she released to him the sum of N41,800,000 collected from his account and the one taken from his ATM and awarded him extra N5m damages against the police, but these properties were not released.

We then wrote a petition to the #EndSARS panel. At this panel, the lawyer to Kyari confessed before the court that they indeed took the car of the petitioner but did not take his company documents, and I made a plea that an order should be made to produce all that was taken from my client but they failed to do this till date.

That panel also tried to shield Kyari. I have publicly stated that Kyari is a criminal worse than Evans because he also kidnap people, take them to the bush, collects their money and kills them, and I challenged him to sue me for defamation or libel if he is truly a ‘super cop.’ He has never done so till today.

In 2019, the Intelligence Response Team and two human rights organisations accused Kyari of fraudulently taking over the multi-billion worth of property owned by one suspected kidnapper, Collins Ezenwa, who was killed by the police. Within the ambit of the Law, do the Police have the right to confiscate the property of citizens?

No, under the law there is no such thing. In fact, the president of a country cannot even confiscate property neither can a governor of a state do that. That is why when a governor wants to take over your land, he will do a gazette and give you a notice that this land will be used for public interest, he cannot even give it out. But to confiscate and use it for his own advantage is what Kyari does. There is no law that gives police officers that right to raid people and take their property.

Aside from that, Kyari does anything he likes and kills people in detention. I handled another case in 2013 in which four accused persons were killed in his custody and when I took the matter up and filed a petition, he threatened the families involved and they came to me to beg me to hand off from the case because they did not want to die.

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If you take a look at all the allegations against Kyari, they take one form: he always acts for somebody, like in the case of Mojeed, he said he was acting for one man in Malaysia. When my client was in detention, he was also forced to issue a cheque of N150,000 to one Nureni Alabi on three occasions. This is what he does everywhere.

There was a case in Jos where he killed a suspect in custody and the suspect’s people went to court, and the Federal High Court gave an order that Kyari should produce the person either alive or dead. He went to file an appeal and a stay of execution, if he was really a ‘super cop,’ he should have explained what happened instead of resorting to an appeal, which more or less indicts him.

How did Kyari become a ‘super cop’ in the Nigerian consciousness; a school of thought has pointed at the mediocrity entrenched in the system, some have blamed the media. What do you think was responsible for it?

I can tell you that he used the media. He is an empty fellow and several of us have been shouting that this man is not who he professed to be, but because he knows how to use the press, our voices were not heard. In the Special Anti-Robbery Squad office in Ikeja, you will find a plaque erected there close to Kyari. Where did he get the money to build that edifice in the first place? That structure is a murder den; they torture people to death there.

My client made gory revelations at the #EndSARS panel that when he was in custody, they killed a lot of people at night and he helped them to pack three dead bodies which they disposed of. These things happened under Kyari’s supervision and I have my evidence and even court judgments against him.

Abba Kyari is an overrated cop. He is a super fraud. What he does is that, when he arrests 10 criminals, he will settle and collect money from eight or nine of them, he will now use one of them to make a noise in the media. He knows how to use the press effectively. If every policeman in Nigeria has to be making videos and granting press interviews in respect of the criminals he has arrested, I do not think our airspace will be free of such things.

With the unfolding of the Hushpuppi scandal, I have been vindicated and I can tell you, if not for his recent offence, the police authority might not have done anything to him. Because they said somebody is on suspension and he was still actively involved in arrests, it means it was a paper suspension. In a good country, the investigation should not take more than a week or two for such a heinous allegation as that. But up till today, we do not see the report of the committee of the PSC on the matter.

It has been argued that the recent unearthing of Kyari’s drug trafficking offences was created as a justifiable legal and administrative means to prevent his extradition to the United States. Is this true?

No, in fact, I marvel at the way we reason in this country. We should actually be grateful to God that this man did what he did, because he was undone by his own follies. If not for the drug offence he committed, he would have probably become the Inspector General of Police. This man was still collecting his salary, was still going to work and we did not know until he was caught. In a serious system, such an officer should not have lasted up to a month before his fate was determined.

Drug offence is more criminal than any offence I know. If Kyari had gone to the US, they would probably give him three or four years and if he is of good behaviour, they can let him go after a few years on parole, but in Nigeria, drug offence carries about 21 years imprisonment and with the kind of person he is, the sentencing will be horrible.

Under the law, he must first of all answer this drug charge, whether he will be convicted or not. So if he is convicted or not he must serve his term before he can be extradited to America. But I am telling you, his extradition offence is lesser than the drug offence.

For a person of his repute, a senior officer, to be able to sell 20kg of cocaine within few hours shows that he is a member of a very powerful cartel and the discussion shows that that was not his first time so people should look deep down to track his allies and know those behind him working with him in this criminality.

Looking at the degree of influence wielded by the acclaimed ‘super cop’ in the drug cartel case, the Hushpuppi and the case of your client, can we deduce that Kyari had the backing of powerful figures in the system who have enabled him to get away with his misdeeds all these years?

Yes, he has serious backing from the powers that be, from all sectors – from politicians and hierarchies in the Nigeria Police. They will say he is ‘the most decorated Nigerian officer’ in the country, but we are calling on Nigerian government to prosecute him immediately and all the laurels and awards that he was honoured with should be jettisoned because he is not worthy of them.

By Victor Ayeni 


Monday 21 February 2022

Àyájọ́ Èdè Abínibí Lágbàáyé

Akalamagbo ki pa odun je. Eku orikadun ọ. Ire gbogbo lamudun.

Gbogbo ọjọ́ kọkànlélógún oṣù kejì ọdún ni Àjọ UNESCO yà sọ́tọ̀ láti ṣe ayẹyẹ Àyájọ́ Èdè Abínibí Lágbàáyé tí gbogbo ayé sì mọ ọjọ́ yìí sí ọjọ́ pàtàkì.

Bí a bá ní kí á wò ó, èdè abínibí (L1) gẹ́gẹ́ bi orúkọ rẹ̀, ni èdè tí a bí ọmọ pẹ̀lú rẹ̀. Ìyẹn ni à ń pè ní èdè àdáyébá àwọn òbí ọmọ.

Ọ̀nà tó rọrùn jù láti mọ èdè abínibí ẹni, ní ṣíṣe àkíyèsí èdè tí a bá fi ro inú kí a tó gbé ǹkan náà síta, irúfé èdè tí à lò láti ro àròjinlẹ̀ yìí ni èdè abínibí ẹni nítorí pé n ò réni tó fèdè elédè ronú rí.

E wo gbogbo àwon ìlú ńlá ńlá, àwọn ìlú kàǹkà-kàǹkà ní gbogb ayé yíká kódà tée délẹ̀ẹ Kùsà. 

Irú èdè wo ni wón fi ń kómo?

Èdèè-bílẹ̀ẹ wón tíí ṣe èdè abínibí wọn ni wọ́n ń lò, èyí gan-an ló sì sọ wọ́n di igi osè, wón ti dàràbà típá èdè míì kò le ká. 

Ẹ wo Amẹ́ríkà , ẹ wo Rósíà, kẹ́ ẹ wáá wòlú Èèbó, ẹ ó ri pédèe wọn ni wọ́n ń ṣe àmúlò.

Kò sí ẹ̀kọ́ tí ọmọ lè fẹ́ kó ni orílèdè Ṣáínà èdè abínibí yó fi kọ, ẹ ó rí àwọn ọmọ wọn bí wọ́n ṣe ń ta bi elégbé lágbàáyé, ọlá àbàtà èdè abínibí ni.

Àmọ́, o jẹ́ ohun tó ń bani lọ́kàn jẹ́ pé a ti gbé èdè àkọ́kúntẹni (L2) lé èdè abínibí wa lórí tí kò sì yẹ bẹ́ẹ̀. Èyí gan-an ló sì ń ṣe àkóbá fún ìdàgbàsókè ìran Yorùbá.

A ti jẹ́ kí wọn ó fi júuùju bò wá lójú tí àwa náà kò sì ṣe tán láti sí i.

Èdè Abínibí wa ti wá di ẹ̀gbin lójú wa, ó ti di èdè ẹni tí ò lajú, ojú ara oko ni wọ́n fi ń wo ẹni bá ń sọ kìkìdá Yorùbá láwùjọ wa. A ti wá rí àìlè sọ èdè gẹ̀ẹ́sì bi orí burúkú tí kò sì yẹ bẹ́ẹ̀.

Ìdí sì nìyí tó fi jẹ́ pé bí ọmọ Yorùbá méjì, kódà tí wọ́n tún kọ ilà sí ẹ̀rẹ̀kẹ́ bá pàdé, àgàgà ní ọ́fíìsì, Èèbó ni wọn ó ma rán, ẹ bi mi pé ṣe wọ́n gbọ́ èdè òyìnbó ọ̀hún, ìbọn ni wọ́n ta kùrà.

Èyí kò ní ṣe aláìrí bẹ́ẹ̀, torí pé wọn kò gbọ́ èdè abínibí wọn yanjú, eléyìí tí ìwádìí sì fi yéni pé ẹnikẹ́ni tí kò bá ti gbọ́ èdè abínibí rẹ̀ yanjú kò lè ṣe àṣeyọrí lórí èdè elédè bẹ́ẹ̀ irúfẹ́ ọmọ bẹ́ẹ̀ kò lè gbọ́ Àgbọ́yé ẹ̀kọ́ tó bá ń kọ́.

Irú wọn ló má ń jẹ́ kìkìdá àlákọ̀ọ́sórí tí o n tí wọ́n gbé sórí kò sì yé wọn dénú. 

Ipò wo ni èdè abínibí tìrẹ wà?

Ó tọ́ kí tèmi tìrẹ mójútó èdè abínibí wa kí ìran wa má baà di ohun ìgbàgbé torí pé ìran tó bá ti lajú sílẹ̀ tí èdè abínibí rẹ̀ fi parun irú àwọn ènìyàn bẹ́ẹ̀ ti sọ ara wọn sí oko ẹrú ìgbàlódé nù un bẹ́ẹ̀ irú ìran bẹ́ẹ̀ sì lè gba ibẹ̀ dé oko ìparun.

Ó ṣe pàtàkì kí á mójú tó èdè abínibí wa.

Àti èdè àti ìran Yorùbá, Èdùmàrè kò ní jẹ́ ọ̀kankan parun láéláé lọ́lá Olúwa Ọba Aláṣẹ.

A kú Àyájọ́ Èdè Abínibí Lágbàáyé!

Ojú wa á máa rí ọdún o.

Àṣẹ Èdùmàrè.

By Olayinka Akorede MrAyedun

Sunday 20 February 2022

Agberos have seized textbook writing and publishing

𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐓𝐞𝐱𝐭𝐛𝐨𝐨𝐤𝐬 𝐀𝐛𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐚𝐝𝐚𝐛𝐫𝐚

𝔅𝔶 𝔇𝔯 𝔘𝔤𝔬𝔧𝔦 𝔈𝔤𝔟𝔲𝔧𝔬

In those days, siblings shared books. Older siblings wrapped their textbooks with brown paper and powdered the pages so that the books could remain clean and fresh, preserved for younger siblings. But that has changed.

These woke days, textbooks expire like vegetables. A particular conspiracy makes sure siblings can’t share books. In most schools, the cost of textbooks has been made part of the school fees.

When schools were schools and not business outfits, parents bought textbooks children brought them to school for teachers to inspect. But now, schools have acquired commercial instincts. They insist on buying books for students. So they force parents to pay for textbooks they already have. And these school fees must be paid in full before resumption.

So three siblings born one year between them can be in the same school, and by the time the oldest finishes primary one, the second can’t use his maths textbook. Wait for it. By the time the three finish primary one, the family might have three primary one textbooks. It’s comical.

The schools work hand in hand with publishers to reap off parents, to fill homes with useless textbooks. While this happens, the schools’ boards and supervising ministries stay aloof. Or do they?

It’s a huge scandal. Here is how it works. A man masquerading as an author writes a book. He approaches the ministry of education through friends and family. A sizeable politician is indispensable.

The book is assessed. Most times, private financial negotiations take place. Most times, the publishers orchestrate the manoeuvre. The book is recommended to be used as a textbook in schools in the state. Once listed, the author and publisher organize a thanksgiving for men and God.

After barely one year, the author, in collusion with the publisher, rearranges some words and pages and baptizes its second edition. Effectively, they classify the edition of the previous year as technically obsolete.

They are not bothered by the fact that at the lower levels of school education, facts don’t change that fast. In agriculture, economics, biology, chemistry, at the primary and secondary school levels, fundamental epistemological changes happen slowly. But the authors and publishers aren’t bothered about knowledge.

Their motivation is money. So once they switch around the words and pages, they prevent students from using the copies which have already been sold. They sit in their offices and make them expire, so they can sell tons of the same books as new books.

The schools know the truth. The teachers read the books. They could have resisted the perfidy. But it’s a grand conspiracy. So despite knowing that no fundamental changes came with the new farcical editions, the schools insist on the new and discard the old. Some parents know but feel helpless. Most parent’s don’t know; they are too busy to read the children’s books. So they don’t resist the schools.

But the schools have to make sure they are not denied their share of the heist. So the schools become buyers of books for their students. So they get their slice of the bounty from the publishers without stories but paying for the books at an arranged discount.

The ministries of education aren’t aloof. They are neck-deep in the game. The publishers lobby to have their books on the list. Then they birth new editions every year. If the books are literature books, then new editions won’t help much. The ministries of education juggle the books. They feature them for one or two years, take them out of the syllabus and bring them back later.

Perhaps our biggest national challenge is how to improve the quality of education and make quality education accessible. That is why it’s heart-rending that the government can sit and watch this perfidy that raises the cost of education for poor families to go unchecked. How can the system allow these sophisticated tapeworms to burrow into the bowels?

So even the noble field of book writing and publishing has become an agbero turf too.

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