Friday 11 February 2022


In South Africa, the biggest religious centers are owned by Nigerians.

In Nigeria, the biggest Businesses are owned by South Africans.

In South Africa, Nigeria's biggest export includes Christ Embassy Church and Redeemed Church.

In Nigeria, South Africa's presence is announced through MTN, Dstv and Shoprite etc.

So while Nigeria is busy exporting religion, South Africa is busy placing an economic presence in the continent of Africa.

In America, Europe etc, Nigerians are building big congregations while those countries are going to Nigeria to build big corporations and collect big contracts.

This is why I feel ashamed of any Nigerian papa who is busy praying for his spiritual sons and daughters to get employed - who will employ them when the people who should build corporate organizations are busy building religious cathedrals?

Nigeria should formally declare that religion is our major product so that the world will stop expecting us to export something else besides religion.

Think about this.

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