Friday 25 February 2022


How come we say that Yoruba did not have a history of writing before Europeans came?

I find that hard to swallow.

Does it mean that everything that the ancient Yoruba ancestors knew for thousands of years were strictly in their brain and on no piece of writing material whatsoever? 

If that is true, then what an enormous brain the Yoruba ancestors have. 

What is modern medicine's/sciences' explanation for the possession of such unique ability? 

Again, how can we comfortably agree that the pre-european Yoruba, whose existence can be traced to as far back as the origin of modern human history, has never come in contact with writing in any form when Moses, the greatest prophet in Judaism who was said to exist according to Rabbinical Judaism between 1391–1271 BCE; (Wikipedia), was said to have given the Jews the ten commandments that HE WROTE on tablets of stones. 

I know you and I don't think that he acquired the writing skills in the forty days he spent with "G-d" on the mountain. 

Guess where he grew up and where he likely (pun intended) learned the skill of Writing? In Egypt. This is in the Bible.

The distance between Ifẹ̀ and Egypt is 3,504Km, this is not an impossible movement route for the majestic Odùduwà Dynasty of the Yoruba kingdom that existed long before Europeans had the thought of coming to Yoruba land.

Also, the distance between Ifẹ̀ and Mecca in Saudi Arabia is given as 7,760km. That's more than two times the distance between Ifẹ̀ and Egypt. 

In the Odu Ifá Otura Méjì, Ọ̀rúnmìlà is recorded to have traveled to Mecca on Ifá practice but had to return to Ilé Ifẹ̀ after some time because of the harsh weather condition of the place. 

This is a clear evidence that the ancient ancestors of the Yoruba people would have come in contact with writing skills in Egypt.

Another proof that the ancient Africans had a system of writing which wouldn't have been strange to any well established kingdom in the whole of the African continent is the fact that Archimedes and  Euclid (who is an African by the way), who both made important contributions to the western knowledge of science were all reported in documented history as having studied in Alexandria - a city in Egypt, so named or "founded" by the Greek conqueror, Alexander the Great after he conquered Egypt in 332 BC, before it was later conquered and taken from Greek domination by the Romans in 30BC. 

The Library in Alexandria, Egypt, containing the knowledge of science as known by Africans was completely raided and the information therein carted away to Rome and they are today in the Vatican Bank in the Vatican city, the head of the Catholic Church, under heavy security - Watch Angels and Demons. 

So I don't believe that Yoruba ancestors didn't have any form of writing. It would have been stolen and wiped out by a brutal people whose version of history began only from when their own scientists "discovered" everything. 

Can we start by declassifying the information in the Vatican Bank or does the Roman head consider that humanity is not intelligent enough to "handle" the truth and so they need to be fed with half-truths while a few who control the many have exclusive access to full truths? 

The answer my friend is blowing in the wind.

By Ayobami Ogedengbe 

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