Sunday 13 February 2022

Odu-Ifá Otura-Ogbe

Iba se mi

Iba se wo

Ee je ki won su si oko alai roju

Won ma su si oko alairoju

Idi ni won gbodo duro nu ni be

Adifafun Orunmila Ajana

Ni Ojo ti ori e ko ire

Ti Aya re gba ibi

Ohun se ori mi ko ibi oo

Kohunko (2x)

Aya mi gba ire ooo



If could be me

If could be you

Doesn’t allow any one to excrete in a forbidden land

We can excrete in a forbidden land

Only ones Must wait to clean his/her anus there

Ifa divination was performed for Orunmila Ajana

On the day his head(destiny) rejected goodness

And his destiny was accepting bad luck

Orunmila started singing that his head have started to reject bad luck

And his destiny have accepted good luck....


This odu ifa talks about life as competition among everyone living on earth and also the challenges we put ourselves into by comparing ourselves to other people, forgetting  we all choose different destiny, most death today, bad things happening, criminal case, killing one another, all such of atrocity committed  is as a result of people wanting to be like other people by all means and at all cost. The message of this ifa says never compare yourself with anybody, either the people you are trying to compare yourself with are wealthy or rich, if things are going well for you never use them to oppress or push other people to do what they might not have wanted to do and if things are not yet good for you, be patient, keep to your Ori and wait for your time. Always believe that soon it will get to your turn and never loose hope.

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