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Before ÒYÓ became what we know today as Oyo Town and Oyo State, it was known as ÒYÓ-ILÉ which Historians referred to as OLD OYO EMPIRE.

That was the Era when the ALÁÀFIN had the autonomous power and referred as;

"Alaşę Ikeji Orişa" (the 2nd in command to the gods). There was an absolute Power endowed to the Alaafin all over Yoruba Kingdom. The powers can only be checked by the OYOMESI, for the purpose of CHECK and BALANCE.

Infact, there was one Alaafin who ordered for the head of his father in-law, simply because the wife indirectly challenged his Authority while bathing the Alaafin in the bathroom. (You can grab a copy of BASHORUN GAA to see full story).

Thus, the trio phrase of; 'IKÚ BÀBÁ YÈYÉ" which is translated as; " THE DEATH, THE PATERNAL and THE MATERNAL" might not mean anything to us in this modern Democratic Era but in the ancient Yoruba Days, it meant a great deal.

Behind the Alaafin Oyo's Palace in the Ancient days were rows of stalls where wood and calabash carvers known as ONÍRÈSÉ engaged in their craft work. ONÍRÈSÉ as earlier said literally means CALABASH CARVERS but among these carvers, one was nicknamed ONÍRÈSÉ. He was a Divinely gifted Carver.

During his birth, an IFA priest who was consulted by his parent, informed that the new born baby will be a great leader and one day, he will find himself in a strange land across the ocean amongst the white people. But he must not engage in any work than the Carving business.

His kinsmen were not surprised with the calibre of people that were patronising ONÍRÈSÉ as he was growing in the carving business. The Alaafin, his chiefs, Kings from neighbouring towns and all idol worshippers were all customers to this young man. His work was second to none in the entire Yoruba Region.

One day, some European who had come to Oyo for tourism and to study the Monarchical system of the Oyo Empire stumbled on the stall of ONÍRÈSÉ and they were completely amazed by the excellent craft works done by him. After said and done, ONÍRÈSÉ found himself in an exhibition in Switzerland where his work became the best amongst others. ONÍRÈSÉ spent 13 years touring different part of Europe with the help of an European lady who had become his close Associate.

After tying the knot with this lady after an Exhibition in a small town in Sweden, ONÍRÈSÉ decided to return home with his new bride for proper African traditional wedding.

The entire Oyo township and its environ were filled to the brim with people who had come to witness this very rare marriage. It was a showcase of pure African tradition and the Europeans that witnessed the occasion were fully entertained.

After the wedding rites, the Alaafin bestowed the title of BAALE ÌRÈSÉ to ONÍRÈSÉ for the great honour he brought to Oyo kingdom. With the new title and responsibility, the Alaafin believed that the white woman would not take the great man back to her strange land again.

At this period back home, ONÍRÈSÉ desisted from making calabash again rather he focused on other lucrative businesses and the governing of his little Area.

His old customers who were highly placed all over Yoruba Kingdom approached him to make Calabash for them but he refused bluntly, encouraging them to patronize his kinsmen who are still into the business. This attitude annoyed some prominent chiefs in Oyo and they reported him to the Alaafin, saying the man had become so arrogant and disrespectful. They wanted Alaafin to give him a marching order to continue with the carving skill.

The Alaafin in his wisdom replied thus;

Eyin Oyomesi, BÍ ONÍRÈSÉ BÁ KÒ TÓ LÓHUN Ò FÍN'GBÁ MÓ, ÈYÍ TÓ TI FÌN SÍLÈ KÒ LE PARUN LAELAE". This simply means; if ONÍRÈSÉ, the calabash carver desist from making calabash again, the ones he had made in the past can never perish.

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