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24 Topics about Oya / Iyasán

According to the sacred Òrìsà Dídá / Érìndínlógún

Oral history

By Late Sangodina Agbolori, Late Sangodele Ibuowo, Sangowale Ibuowo and Sangodiran Ibuowo.

1. The Mythical Ọya (Òrìsà ) came from Ìkòlé Òrun, known as Oya Òríirì, Oya Aràká and Oya Òkàrá.

2. The Historical Oya (Human) known as well as Iyasán Akanbí.

3. Ọya Òríirì (Òrìsà ) is her name in Òrun(heaven), due to her likeness to wear a lot of clothes.

4. Oya Aràká (Òrìsà) is another name in Òrun(heaven), due to her capacity to see the heaven and the earth at the same time.

5. Ọya Òríirì (Òrìsà ) in Òrun(heaven)  is very import among the divinities, due to her position in Egbé Òrun (celestial societies in Heaven).

6. Ọya Òríirì (Òrìsà ) had no the intention to leave the Òrun(heaven).

7. Ọya Òríirì (Òrìsà ) left the Òrun(heaven)  with  other divinities, due to her love for Ògún her husband in heaven, who left Òrun(heaven)  into the earth.

8. Ọya Òríirì (Òrìsà ) left the Òrun (heaven) into the earth, but always returned back to the Òrun(heaven)  to have meeting with her Egbé Òrun society.

9. The Historical Oya (Human) known as Iyasán Akanbí lived together on the earth with Ògún until they fought, because of the mysterious meetings in heaven, which made Oya to leave Ògún.

10. Oya Iyasán= Iyá Mésàn-án.

Oya (Human) is known as the mother of 9 children. She was always surrounded by children and was known to be sterile, because there is no awareness of children with ògún or with Sàngó. The other side of Oya's story is that she married an unknown hunter named Olúkòsi Èpé and had 9 children for him, so she's called Iyasán.

11. Olúkòsi Èpé was a hunter, who found the Oya Egungun cloth in the bush and took to it to his house, where he lived with his wife and children.

12. Agò Egungun Oya.

Oya received from her Egbé Òrun society in heaven one cloth with 2 eyes and 2 Buffalo horns to wear it in the earth every time she wished to join the society in heaven.

13. This cloth Agò Egungun was just for her to be able to go to heaven and come back; it was not attached with the worshipping of the ancestors.

14. Oya (Human) used to hide her cloth in the ants house (òbobò).

15. Oya (Human) by returning from Òrun (Heaven) into the earth, she could not find her Egungun cloth anymore and the rain falling that day allowed her to see and followed the footsteps reaching Olúkòsi Èpé house, with whom she married and had 9 children.

16. Oya (Human) one day fights with the other wife of Olúkòsi Èpé, and got furious due to her egungun outfit that was hidden, turning into buffalo and ending up killing his wife with the children.

17. Oya (Human) left the 2 buffalo horns for her own children for them to remember her, left them with her father and disappeared back into the forest.

18. Sàngó her beloved husband.

One day in the forest Sàngó sighted a buffalo, which he wished to hunt, but it turned to a beautiful woman and Sàngó felled in love.

19. Oya married Sàngó, she was his most beloved wife and gave her the access to handle his thunder stone. (Edùn àrá) .

20. After Sàngó disappear into the ground, she summed up the courage to follow his example and hid among a sheep flock, helping her not to be found and to disappear. Due to the support is given to her by the sheep, her followers are forbidden to eat mutton (adult sheep).

21. Oya  entered into the ground at a place called Igbo-Oya in Irá and she became a river called Odò Oya  or River Niger. Dividing it into 9 arms.

22. Oya loves to eat a vegetable called ìsápá.

23. Oya  eats ègbo – (boiled white corn).

24. Mutton or Ram are a taboo for Oya.

Àsà Òrìsà Alàáfin Òyó

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