Thursday 3 February 2022


The hand sprouts 

Like the cutlass 

Kokondo sprouts 

Looking like Òrìṣà's matchet.......

These Priests cast Ifá for

The mouth

The hands

The legs, and 

The entire body system

When they were in contest 

To determine the most superior 

Among them......

All were asked 

To offer sacrifice

Only the mouth complied

With sacrificial demands.......

In the beginning of time, the different parts of the body were coming from Ìkọ̀lé Ọ̀run to Ìkọ̀lé Ayé. They got to the earth and a competition for superiority ensued among them.

Due to the Ẹbọ that the mouth had made, Èṣù instructed it to rest. The other parts of the body would work and all that the mouth does is to eat.

At a point the other parts of the body conspired to stop giving food to the mouth since it doesn't participate in any form of work. 

After a few days, the eyes began to sink into its socket, the hands and the legs found it difficult to move and the entire body became weak.

Èṣù told them that the cause of their weakness was due to their refusal to give food to the mouth. He instructed them to start giving food to the mouth and they will regain their strength. 

They complied only to regain their strength and vitality.

Thus, through Ẹbọ, the mouth asserted its seniority over all parts of the body.


If you are the mallet, learn how to strike. If you are the anvil, you are made to bear. Everyone of us has a unique function within the system, which cannot be replicated by another. 

Strive to do your part and stop envying others. Go ye to the ants and learn. Be content with where you fit in.

Once there is a conspiracy against any part of an establishment, the entire establishment suffers the consequence of such conspiracy.

Abọru abọye.

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