Monday 28 February 2022

An Indigenous Original African civilizational perspective on NATO/Russian War

For clarity sake, I support neither the West/US/NATO slaving nations nor East/China/Russia non slaving nations. As usual when discussing with Africans who are majorly modernists and universalists, one tends to get drawn into either being Muslim or Christian, Pro-West or Pro-East, neglecting a definitive Original African civilizational perspective and agenda - the 3rd force.

Like the English and French battled themselves into bankruptcy in their 7yr War in the Americas that gave way to the rise of USA and Haiti end of slavery, followed by the world wars that destroyed European productive capacities and bankrupted them, enabling USA to become a world power and decolonization of Africa, so am I hoping at this point in history that USA/NATO and Russia/China battle themselves into bankruptcy to enable the rise of the Black Race from its Southern Nigerian origins.

There can be no winner when nuclear nations fight, so the hope is bankruptcy. Russia won't back down to being surrounded and taken out by American led NATO, and China/India know that if the Anglo Saxon take Russia, their civilizations would be vulnerable to being taken out from the North, so China especially will put everything to support Russia that liberated it through Chairman Mao. Russia can't win this war on its own, but with Chinas economic prosperity and ability to support North Korea to attack Western bases on North Korea and Japan, we have a game on our hands.

However, I am not in this to clap and cheer on other civilizational teams. The only other reason I have advanced arguments that Russia is not immoral, using examples of Russia being the main supporter of African liberation, is to prevent Africans being drawn into a world War and used as slave armies once again. The West only won the 1st and 2nd World wars against non-slaving nations by using millions of Blacks as crash dummies. The USA used I million African Americans, while the British used several million Africans including my maternal grandfather, at the end of which the Black soldiers were literally stoned at the Western victory parades.

Therefore I advocate an African siddon look approach devoid of any emotional or moral support to the countries of the Northern hemisphere. While the Northern hemisphere self destructs, Yoruba, Igbo and rest of South and Middlebelt Original African civilization should be working to crystalize and strengthen their own civilization. It would get to a point whereby the warring Northern hemisphere factions will spread their fight to West Africa and continue proxy wars that will contribute to their bankruptcy. The problem is the Northern Afroasiatic hegemony is fairly articulated and would be at an advantage  like it was during colonization, while we of the Original African civilization across South and Middlebelt, at this stage will fight as tribes, divided and exploited. We must position ourselves as a unified Original African civilization to be able to maximize our benefits in the new unfolding world order.

So, let Russia/China and US/NATO continue to fight. The prophecy of a new world order that departs from one or two superpowers to multi regional continental powers can't happen until the two superpowers bankrupt themselves, otherwise they will continue to arrest our Original African civilizational economic and political development. So therefore if their own no spoil small, our own no fit good.


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