Sunday 6 February 2022


Ẹbọ (sacrifice) is law of give and return. It is a known as natural respect. And when it is given out, it is given back. So, sacrifice is based on give and take. Remember you cannot give what you don't have. Sacrifice is about giving what you have to someone or something that needs it. So, he/it can give you what he/it has to you in return. That is why you need to know what you need and where exactly to get it.

Also, if things are naturally offered to you, taking it is a natural acceptance which is equivalent transfer of blessing. However, that you have this access doesn't mean you should misuse people's good will.

Read below to know other opportunities for natural sacrifices.

If you need to give sacrifice to Sàngó, give it to cookers (food sellers), àtùpà makers, bread bakers, electricians and Sàngó (fire) masters or devotees.

If you need to give sacrifice to Ọya, give it to driver, pilot and others in that line, widows, divorced, land cleaners, hair cutters, broom sellers, hand fans sellers, birds and wind masters or devotees.

If you need to give sacrifice to Ọ̀ṣun, give it to wash men, cleaners, water sellers, Fishermen, Fishes or other water creatures and water spiritual devotees.

If you need to give sacrifice to Èṣù, give it to molders (potters), hole diggers, bricklayers, rockbrokers, tree cutters, animals, farmers, soil and rocks itselves, soil and rock masters or devotees and oil makers.

If you need to give sacrifice to ogún, give it to ironsmith, drivers, hunters, farmers, tribal mark makers, nurses and doctors, iron pot makers, welders, tailors and other iron masters or devotees.

If you need to give sacrifice to Ọbàtálá, give it to chulkmakers, dyers (Aláró), carvers, molders, artists, anybody that give us varieties of form, magicians, pregnants, disabled, hair designers, painters, Awos of Odù and others in whitenessand colors and those other Àlà masters or Ọbàtálá devotees.

If you need to give sacrifice to Ọ̀rúnmìlà, give it to Awo Ifá, the drummers in varieties, bell's players, musicians, traditional praisers, educational speakers, meditators, writers, students and so on and so forth.

If you need to give sacrifice to Olódùmarè, give it to yourself. Whatever you give yourself is for Orí and whatever that is given to Orí is given to Olódùmarè. Therefore, what is given to other Orí is directly and indirectly for Olódùmarè.

There are many other people or things that are not mentioned.

This will help you in understanding the purpose of sacrifice.

Don't forget, you are also a point of sacrifice. Take care of yourself. When you give good things to your soul, it will give back good things to your body.

By: Oríadé Ìpọ̀sọ́lá Ajétẹ̀lú

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