Wednesday 2 February 2022

Casimir Zeglen was a Polish priest who invented the first silk bulletproof vest in 1893

He was so sure of his invention that when he presented it to the authorities, he allowed them to test it on him. Live rounds were used to test the effectiveness of his bulletproof vest. 


That's how it's done. If you have any thing that is special that will help or assist humans solve their problems, bring it out and show the world,  use yourself as an example and prove it. All this talk of come to my village and see the power of bulletproof juju is all a hogwash. If you have bullet proof juju why don't you go and use yourself as a specimen let the Nigerian military or police use their guns to test it on you, if you succeed then you can sell it to them and earn billions of naira for a start.

Zeglen's descendants are swimming in Millions  of dollars today, but the Herbalist or voodoo man in your Village you claim has bullet proof juju power is still a poor wretched man, and his children are even poorer...

Maybe you saw someone shot at with a Blank Bullet, or the bullet missed him...then you come on social media to exhibit your ignorance by claiming "I Saw It With My Eyes"...

I don't know how many times I have to say this .." A Personal CLAIM Is Not Universally Acceptable". You have to prove it over and over and over again...that's why Science discoveries go through Peer Reviews.

By Ajibola M Salami

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