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What is indigenous knowledge? Indigenous knowledge refers to the age old traditions and beliefs of the peoples before the rise of organised religion. It cannot be doubted that in all societies, there existed a vast body of knowledge which these people had acquired over thousands of years of observing their environments.

They were close to nature. They understood their environments. They believed in gods and goddesses, life after death, reincarnation and so on. These beliefs did not just arise out of nothing but through experiences acquired over thousands of years.

All societies strangely enough had the same beliefs, no matter what the race. This is indeed baffling. All peoples of all continents, of whatever colour believed in the same thing: gods and goddesses, reincarnation, life after death and so on. Unless we assume that they all somehow colluded and contrived to believe in the same thing then this fact alone must be taken as proof that what they believed in was true. The universal nature of their beliefs is proof that they were not liars and that their observations in nature were correct.

Then came the various religious missionaries who in their zeal to spread the Word, told these peoples that they were liars and that this vast body of knowledge which they believed in was false and non-existent. The presumption in this alone is self-evident.

These missionaries then were solely responsible for suppressing this knowledge among the people and wherever possible they used force to do so threatening and killing where there was resistance. History gives proof of this. The methods they used in suppressing this knowledge, however, showed that it was not love for the people that made them behave in this way nor was it the fear that perhaps the people were going astray. It was nothing but the desire to dominate and control that guided these missionaries’ actions.

They therefore left the people with no foundation whatsoever since the knowledge that should have formed the basis of this foundation had been removed. Through this, they thereby introduced a dangerous imbalance into the people’s lives. They removed all trust. They also removed the basis for the further expansion of knowledge for all peoples. The most important knowledge of the purpose of man’s life, reincarnation and so on which the people already knew about were removed, thereby throwing the people back thousands of years in their spiritual development.

The missionaries therefore, instead of becoming agents for progress became agents of retrogression. They threw humanity back thousands of years with their presumption and evil volition of wanting to dominate at all costs.

Over succeeding generations it thereby happened that this knowledge was completely lost because it was no longer taught. Generations of human beings who came later therefore lacked the knowledge that was most important for them: the knowledge of the Laws of Creation as evidenced through nature.

We were therefore left floating in the air. We then lived our lives from then on as if we were on stilts. There was no conviction whatsoever and therefore man could not really have a firm foothold on earth. He therefore walked around blindfolded and was bound to bump against the Laws of God as a blind man does on a road that he does not know. He thereby hurts himself through this since being ignorant he became his own worst enemy. Since he did not know how to adjust himself in this Creation because the knowledge of it had been deprived him, he became dangerous to himself and his environment. Disaster welled up and that we see before us today.

Organised religion cleverly removed the knowledge that was to set man free just in order to bring him under its control so that it would flourish and become powerful. That was the sole aim. Lacking the knowledge that was to set him free, man thereby had to depend on the representatives of these religions to interpret things for him. They could tell him whatever they wanted. After all how was he to prove them wrong? Any attempt to do this was met with the threat of death.

It is this knowledge that has been removed that must be absolutely retrieved by each individual for himself today. There can be no progress for him until he does this. It is absolutely impossible for him to progress further in his spiritual upward striving until he comes to terms with this and retrieve what he has lost.

Now he stands in Creation with no support whatsoever. He must start from where he left off. It is that very knowledge that was eliminated that he now needs for his progress. He will never be able to answer the questions that arise within him without taking this knowledge into consideration as this belongs to the whole.

Organised religion did mankind a great injustice when it suppressed just that which mankind needed and still needs for his advancement. It is really a great pity. Out of fear and also out of wanting to dominate and control they removed the very foundation of human existence.

They should have acknowledged the indigenous knowledge of the peoples and then gradually guide them further into higher knowledge. This was, however, not their main aim, which was in most cases as mentioned above to become powerful and influential.

Organised religion, however, will not be spared its own share of fate. Nothing goes unaccounted for in this Creation. They will one day have to face up to the Truth. Meanwhile, the individual will do well to begin to examine matters for himself and stop leaving things for the leaders of the organised religions to sort out. He is responsible for himself and he will not be able to call on or blame organised religion on the Day of Judgment.

By Nicholas Winter

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