Monday 10 January 2022

REMEMBERING SHANAHAN- The Man Who Catholicized Igbo Land

1. Bishop Joseph Shanahan is a name that would be remembered forever in this part of the World.

2. When he arrived Onitsha in 1902  ,there were only 2000 catholics in the south east region . 1n 1932, the year of his retirement the number has grown to 100,000 catholics and over 120,000 cathucumens.

3. The Vicariate of Southern Nigeria which he headed has grown into 11 dioceses with some 2 million Catholics as members.

4. He founded the first seminary in igboland and laid the foundation of catholicism by reducing the number of foreign missionaries and increasing the number of indigenous igbo priests and missionaries.

5. He was an irish missionary and a spiritan who spent more than 30 years of his life in igbo land. When he died in 1943 his bones were brought back to Onitsha and were buried close to the altar at the Basilica.

There are many schools, Hospitals and institutions named after his memory.


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