Friday 21 January 2022

How Africans Underdeveloped Africa: A Forgotten Truth in History

We are tired of the mono-dimensional analysis of colonial issues in African history. This book is a balance-sheet debate on the development-and-underdevelopment question. The book is bold and unafraid. It is, therefore, a joy to read and everybody will long for this like a dry land longing for water in the desert. (Anonymous) For more than 400 years after the liquidation of colonialism in Africa, the empire has been writing to Europe, blaming it for the empire’s underdevelopment. But the truth about this book is that, the empire is no longer writing to Europe rather, the empire is writing back to itself. Because of this, the fundamentalists of Rodney may regard the author of this book as an apologist of the West. However, Joshua Agbo, has simply told the world the revealing truth which makes the book a new living bible of development and underdevelopment studies with a fresh insight. We have no option rather than to accept this truth. (Anais Nin)

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