Tuesday 31 August 2021


Last week I had spoken about the cosmetic approach of king making in the present. I had barrages of attacks through my inbox and WhatsApp messages and read posts that catalysed my spirit to explain on the old ways which I boldly stood for. I will explain myself in clearer terms so my antagonists may understand better…..if only they can throw out their bias….

For starters, the old ways was centred on naturalness and the activities of the four building elements of creation which are fire, water, earth and air. What we see of the four elements with our physical senses are the last precipitates of their heaviest forms.

In ancient times when men walked in full naturalness of their being and when the connection of the elementals (entitials) had not been broken, Kings and Queen mothers were chosen rightly in the purest initiation rites anchored in the Light.

If we observe the races of the world, we can discern that each race was fashioned in sync with their religions. For example, the Tao as preached by Laotse to the Chinese, The Vedas and the Indian consciousness also the teachings of Krishna, Moses and Judaism for the Jews and the peaceful prophet of Arabia in the emergence of Islam, Abdrushin and Sudan/Egypt Africa etc. Most of these religions in the primordial era was pure and synced with the naturalness of creation. These religions are no longer in their pure state and the biggest culprits in the adulteration of their texts are from their followers themselves. Christianity has not fared better. Africa was given the heaviest blow of confusion even though it was first anchored by the Cross of Truth in Egypt and Sudan. Even at a point Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him ran to Africa when he was being persecuted by his people. Is it not heart wrenching that it is this same continent that the confusions of the confused have fused even greater amongst her people? 

Let us take the cross emblem of Christianity. Most Christians do not understand that the cross emblem was borrowed.

The cross is not a Christian sign per see. The Christian founders borrowed it from the original Egyptian/Sudan emblem called the Ankh which signified “the key of life”, £the cross of truth”. In the old ways of African kings and queens, their crowns depicted the sign of the cross. Hence any African king who signifies the sign of the cross on his crown is perfectly in order! 

When Christ was on earth, he spoke to the lords of entitials of the four elements. For example, there was an occasion he was at sea with his disciples who were gripped with fear at the raging storm and thought they were going to die at sea. Christ was fast asleep and when the disciples woke him up screaming: Master we are going to die, and you are sleeping? At that point Christ got up and told Poseidon to calm the storm. The moment the sea calmed down; the disciples who were stunned at the calmness of their master wandered amongst themselves that he spoke to the sea to recede wandering what sort of man he was? The second was when Mermaids lifted up Peter to walk on the sea to Christ and the moment Peter realised, he was walking on the sea and fear gripped him, the mermaids sensing the fear energy of Peter quickly dived deeper into the sea allowing Peter to sink.

Our ancestors did nothing wrong in walking alongside the forces of nature. Civilised man has over the incarnations, destroyed that bridge of connection to the entitials that presently, they have receded them to fictions, mythology and paganist rites.

Man will never get access to the higher realms if he does not approach the entitials presently. It is presumptuousness to think your rights were evil and throwing them away for cosmetics lifeless Pentecostal nonsense.

If there is going to be true liberation of the African self-consciousness, their kings and leaders must have to do a critical unlearning to relearn to begin to feed the followership the living bread instead of stones. Therefore, I am severe on them. To whom much is given, much is equally expected. Unfortunately, we have the wrong persons in this position of responsibilities because man has made it so and the sinking continues even faster in this judgement.

Written by Gavwaine Ak Gaw

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