Thursday 27 June 2024


Our ancestors had a profound way of dealing with P.T.S.D. It was believed that after a war when a man had returned from war, before he could be accepted back into society. He had to live with a shaman for 3 months to do some spiritual cleansing.

It was said that after war, the human spirit was off balance and required to undergo some ritual in order to restore it back in harmony with nature and the community. A horn was used to draw out stagnant and dsyfunctional blood to the surface.

This is one of the ritual that was performed on the worriors to cleanse them of any mental illness and trauma that they might experience later on in life after the war.

This process was carried out by Africans long ago before it was allegedly deemed a Chinese invention. It was called "African suction cup," by the colonizers. This is one of the many practices that have been lost due to African s.lavery and colonization.


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