Saturday 22 June 2024


Do you know that Kenyans have been protesting against the Proposed Finance Bill 2024, over the last 2 days? The protests have been led by the youth and a civic organisation called Occupy Parliament.

The proposed Bill intends to:

- Increase in Value-Added Tax (VAT) from 16% to 18%.

- Introduce taxes on previously exempt items like bread, milk, and medicines.

- Increase electricity and fuel prices.

- Increase in excise duty on alcoholic beverages and cigarettes.

- Reduce subsidies on essential items like maize flour and cooking gas.

- Introduce a 20% tax on gambling winnings.

These proposed changes have led to concerns about a significant increase in the cost of living, disproportionately affecting low- and middle-income households.

The protestors are calling for a total shutdown of the government should the government continue with this bill. 

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