Thursday 27 June 2024


This is a section of a Posuban (Fante Warrior Shrine) and there's a figurine of a mermaid as part of the elements making up this structure.

Asafo Flags was asking if this was just mythology or folklore and if anyone had actually seen this with their own eyes before.

Well, for most cases, what is seen is what is spoken or written about. If you talk to some of our fishermen, you would realize that the sea is a scary place especially at night. I think what they see the most is what we call mermaids and known as Maame Water in Fante.

Mame Wata as other West Africans like to call it comes from Maame (Fante/Akan word for a female) and Water (signifying their domain or residence). This mythical creature and its tales spread across West Africa and other coastal polities adopted this name. In other cultures outside Africa, mermaid figures are not absent and that leaves us to think that these creatures are really in existence.

God bless our brave and fearless fisherman!!!🔥🙏🏾

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