Friday 14 June 2024


Sirius the brightest star(s) in the sky, its name  comes from the Greek language and is translated as the glowing one or bright one. And what might appear as a single star is in fact a double or even possibly Triple Star System according to observations made in the 1920’s. A chunk of knowledge well known to the Dogon tribe in Africa.

According to the Dogon, the “instructor” gods descended from Sirius and brought knowledge and wisdom. What is interesting is that the Dogon knew about Sirius and its “Triple” Star System way before “modern” science found out its existence. According to studies, it is believed that Sirius C, the third system, is a red dwarf star a hundred times less massive than our own Sun, and a lot less bright making it hard to see with our equipment, thus the discovery is still awaiting confirmation from the astronomic community.

The Dogon are an extremely interesting tribe, their most sacred and most ancient traditions speak of a star that is accompanied by the planetary system Sirius. The Dogon believe the existence of a third star which they called “Emme Ya'.

So how did they do it? How is it possible that these incredibly intelligent people known as the Dogon tribe knew all these extensive astronomical details? How is it possible that the Dogon had all this astronomical knowledge without the tools to observe the sky properly? Apparently, we have to understand that there is a thin line between mythology and reality, it’s just a matter of interpretation.

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