Wednesday 26 June 2024


In 17th January 2022, The witches and wizards in Congo took their fellow country men & women by surprise after they organized a grand durbar to display their magical powers in front of the entire citizens.

Before the D-Day, the great people of Congo thought the witches and wizards were lying about the occasion because of the stigma attached to the possessing of demonic powers.

But these sorceresses and enchanters proved them wrong as they proudly showed up at the premises of the event dressed in red & yellow apparels to treat the people around with electrifying performances.

One can clearly see the witches and wizards happily flying in some of the pictures which has landed online from the event.

Social media users reacted differently to this news, whiles some applauded them for their braveness, others  bashing them to use their super natural powers for good purposes rather than always causing pain, misery and havoc.

Source: cbgist

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