Wednesday 26 June 2024


Over 314 years ago, [7/2/1706], Kimpa Vita was burned alive by Catholic missionaries. 

Kimpa Vita was killed for preaching the return to roots, African/Kongo traditions, the return to Mbanza-Kongo land of her ancestors that was abandoned after the death of the sovereign Vita-A-Nkanga in the famous Battle of Mbwila (Ambuila - 1665).  Kimpa Vita was killed because she advised the Kongo people to abandon foreign beliefs (Catholicism), and for conducting a spiritual struggle against the Portuguese.

She was baptized with the name of Ana Beatriz when she was a child.  But when he started her fight, she rejected the baptism name and adopted the name, "Kimpa Vita or Kimpa Kya Nvita" which means " NEW WAY TO MAKE WAR". A war that she considered spiritual.

Kimpa Vita was burned alive with her son on her back by Catholic missionaries.

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