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The Kandake warriors of Kush were one of the most, if not the most, powerful group of woman in the history of the world. Also known  as Queen Mothers, controlling and ruling over territory in Ethiopia, Sudan, and parts of Egypt. Kandake was often used as a royal title or dynastic name. It is translated into English as “Candace”.

The kandake Queens would sometimes rule on their own or with their husbands. The queen would share an equal role with the king, or reserve most of the decisions making for herself.

In many situation the Kandakes had absolute authority and were tasked with creating their sons as rulers. Similar to the Hatshepsut situation in the 18th dynasty of Kemet. Where she took on a leadership role after her husband  died, and made sure his son,Thutmose III, received adequate training to prepare him to be the next Nswt in Kemet.

These Queen Warriors also played a significant role in spirituality, having pillars,  pyramids, engravings, ect erected in their honor. Shanakdakhete’s was one of the most prolific Queens of Kush owning one of the largest pyramids built by the kings of Kush. The pyramid featuring a unique chapel has two rooms and two columns.  Landscapes in the chapel depicting military campaigns to the south show large numbers of livestock and prisoners.

Amanishakheto was the most powerful and wealthiest among the rulers of Kush. There are several monuments of her and she is mentioned in the Amun Temple of Kawa.  She built a considerable amount of pyramids and temples at Wad Naqaa, where she resided and where she was buried with valuable treasures of the Nehesu. #Africa

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