Sunday 16 June 2024

Happy Youth Day South Africa 🇿🇦

On this day in June 16 1976 Soweto students embarked on a student protest against the use of Afrikaans language as a medium of instruction in school. Mbuyisa Makhubu is a significant figure in South African history, especially known for his involvement in the Soweto Uprising of 1976. This event was a series of protests led by black school children in South Africa against the apartheid regime's policy of enforcing Afrikaans as the medium of instruction in schools. The protests became a crucial moment in the struggle against apartheid.

Makhubu became internationally recognized after being photographed carrying the body of Hector Pieterson, a 12-year-old boy who was one of the first casualties of the uprising. The photograph, taken by Sam Nzima, became an iconic image representing the brutality of the apartheid regime and the struggle for freedom in South Africa.

After the uprising, Makhubu faced persecution by the apartheid authorities. He fled South Africa and sought refuge in various countries, including Botswana and Nigeria. For many years, his whereabouts were unknown, and there were numerous rumors and reports about his fate. In 2013, it was reported that Makhubu might have been found in Canada, living under an assumed identity. However, definitive confirmation of his identity and circumstances remained elusive.

Mbuyisa Makhubu's legacy endures as a symbol of the courage and resilience of those who resisted apartheid in South Africa. His actions on June 16, 1976, and the image capturing his bravery continue to inspire and remind people of the sacrifices made in the fight for justice and equality. #Africa

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