Friday 21 June 2024

How the ancestors of the Ewe people of Ghana and Togo separated from their Yoruba cousin in Nigeria

It is said that the forebears of the Ewe, Aja, Fon and Ga Adangme lived together with the Yoruba in the Western Nigeria till the imperial expansion of the Oyo people which made the Ewe and the related people in the Gbe family migrate westward.

The Ewe people migrated initially from Oyo hinterland  first to kétu also called 'amedzofe', a Yoruba town now in modern Benin republic. The Yoruba had founded kétu in the fourteenth century through Soipasan who was a progeny of Odùduwà from Ilé-Ifè, cradle of Yoruba civilization.

Oyo on the other hand has its progenitor in Oranmiyan, another progeny of Odùduwà.

From kétu some left for Tado, a small town now in present day Togo near the Western Bank of the mono river of the Benin boarder. It was at Tado that the actual Gbe identity formed (initially as Aja) and from where they dispersed in two main direction. The ancestors of the founder of the Dahomey kingdom as well as those of the Gun, Hwla or Xwla, Hweda or Xweda which  Ouidah were the first group. They returned to East to settle at Allada where they founded the Aja kingdom of Allada, Ouidah, Popo and Jakin.

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