Saturday 15 June 2024


"The whîteman used to make our ancestors lose weight so they couldn't be strong enough to revolt before bringing them to America."~ Steve Harvey

"Every black person living should go to Ghana and see them slave castles, so you can see what they did to us. You've got to see what they did to us. You've got to see how they built these dungeons underground and they put these churches untop. And they dug holes in the ground to pump the music or what they call  their christianity into the holes. Let me explain something to you all, they walked our ancestors as far as they can first to make them lose weight. They put them in a room, they cut a door and after you've been in this room in two weeks, they walk you through this door. If you lose the right amount of weight, you fit through the door. If you don't fit through the door, you've to stay in the room. Then you go to a different room for another week and if you can't fit through the door, then you haven't lost enough weight. You've gotta go through four doors like this before you go through the door of no return where you become a slave."__American actor/TV host, Steve Harvey makes a shockîng revelatîon!!

Ghanaian slave castles include Elmina Castle and Fort Christiansborg. They were used to harbour enslaved Africans before they were loaded onto ships and sold in the Americas, especially the Caribbean. This "gate of no return" was the last stop before crossing the Atlantic Ocean.


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