Thursday 30 September 2021

Ofun Ose (Ofunse)

This odu talks about money making not like ofun osa (Ofunsa) that talks about when wealth, good things, good luck, riches, fortune etc refuse to come orunmila.

In odu ofun ose if positive is a good odu or if is someone birth odu, is also positive.

Ofun Ose ( Ofunse )

Awo aje 

Adifa fun aje 

Ohun ti ikole orun bo waiye 

Won ni ebo ni ko oru 

Ati ewe, Ati agba 

Ere Aje nla sa ki ri


The priest of Aje 

Cast divination for Aje 

When she was coming from heaven to earth

She was ask to perform ebo

Both youth and old will look after getting wealth.

By Ifanla Ogbeate Temple

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